Friday, 9 October 2015

The Vegetarian Story

There was this British survey of vegetarians, and a shocker.

What they generally say is that around one-third of British vegetarians admit that when they get drunk (at the pub or at home).....they eat meat.

You can imagine the shock as Nigel wakes up with a hangover in his living room.  He's a confirmed vegetarian....for a decade or more.  He had a few drinks too many last night.  He doesn't remember much after the pub.  And there on the floor of the this big pizza box.....there's two slices left.....and it's loaded with pork, beef, and chicken.  Nigel looks at the remains and realizes that he consumed a large pizza last night.....with meat products.

After a while, Nigel will start to get depressed and question himself.  This was the great 'walk' of his life.....his theme.....his quest to be different and pure.  He and the crowd that he hung around.....were dedicated vegetarians.  He starts to question his culture and diet.

Nigel will call his friend Monty and confess what he did.  Monty.....ever the stoic vegetarian listens to the story.  With silence and a long pause after Nigel has completed his story.....Monty confesses that he too.....has failed at pure vegetarianism.  He gets drunk two or three times a week and ends up with McDonalds burger wrappers on the floor the next morning.....maybe five or six wrappers.  Together, they weep over their confessions.

It becomes a burden that neither can really they meet that evening at a local pub and talk over their pains and suffering....while sipping a stout ale.  Three hours will pass and the two vegetarians have consumed a fair amount of ale, and are fairly drunk.  They wobble out....fall down a couple of times....and make their way to the local pizza shop where they order the meat-lovers XXL pizza.  This becomes a routine......week after week....every Friday night....the two vegetarians gather, confess their sins, consume a vast amount of ale, and eat a meat-lovers pizza.

Across all of the UK, it's the same story.  Across Europe, it's the same story.  Across the US, it's probably the same story. hindering society from being pure vegetarian.   Who would have guessed?

The House Speaker "Opera"

In a real opera (99-percent of people have never been to one) doesn't really end until the fat lady gets up at the end and does her piece, and then you can finally go home.

With the House of Representatives episode.....John Boehner.....and the angry Tea Party crowd....we've yet to see the fat lady sing.

What was supposed to happen?  Current Speaker Boehner was graciously going to leave the spot, and had his number one pick McCarthy assume the post with a simple vote.  With the best guess in place....McCarthy thought that he had enough Republican votes to assume the office.

McCarthy discovered that probably around thirty to forty percent of all Republicans felt that McCarthy would be Boehner II.  They were already unhappy with the last six years of Boehner, so why settle for another guy of the same variety.

Some people up until yesterday morning felt that enough votes could be found from the Tea Party-like Representatives, and it'd just slide by.  Well.....there was an edit of a Wikipedia note done, and someone noted that McCarthy had been having an affair (actually noted a year ago apparently by National Enquirer) with some other gal in the House.  Oddly, there's this mechanism with Wikepedia which notes your IP address as the edit is pressed into reality.

Someone read the update there....looked at the IP address and asked where it came from.  Well....Homeland Security.

Yeah.....some guy or gal at Homeland Security.....on their office PC....wrote the Wikipedia piece.  You can imagine how hostile and angry McCarthy is presently, along with some other folks asking stupid questions.  This promises to get interesting.

So, we are saying adios to the idea of McCarthy being the House Speaker.  Next up?  Some people think that Boehner is working on Paul Ryan and hoping he'll step up to the plate.  My guess is that Paul really doesn't want the heartache and might be looking at a senate run in the near future.

Someone noted yesterday that to be don't necessarily have to be elected already as a House member.  The House can go crazy and pick a non-House member....some guy off the street....some retired Senator.....or even go and ask Newt Gringrich to come back and sit in the chair.  The rules are written to allow that.  Has it ever been occupied by a non-House member?  No.  The odds of Newt being asked to come back?  This got brought up yesterday.  Newt even commented that he can't see how it'd ever occur, but didn't say no.  House numbers?  I'd wager that forty-percent of the Republicans would readily agree on Newt.  The Republican national committee?  No way that they'd accept Newt into the scenario.

What you've got is a very angry and hostile group of Republicans who aren't pretending they are Republican.....they actually see themselves in the light of Reagan.  Then you have roughly forty-percent of the House, who are products of the Republican national headquarters and simply wearing a veil to pretend on their status as a Republican.  They aren't Republican or Democrat....they simply honor lobbyists and special agendas.  I'm guessing that there are Democrats in the same veil of representation....they don't honor their party structure or the district they serve.....they honor lobbyists and agenda.

This is why people want Donald Trump. This is why Bernie Sanders has gained onto Hillary.  This is why Doc Carson is charming the public.  No one believes the DC structure anymore.

The 'fat lady'?  I don't think we are anywhere near the point of picking a new House speaker, and it might come to be a shock that we see people accept the idea of a non-House member serving out the next sixteen months as the Speaker.  As much as it sounds crazy.....bringing back Newt isn't that crazy.  Maybe he is the 'fat lady'.