Wednesday, 16 October 2019

A 'Brief' Story

It's basically a three-line story. 

There's this tourist type island in the Philippines called Boracay Island.  It's three miles long (north to south), and maybe at the thickest point, three-quarters of a mile.  It's where people go for a decent price, with cost savings involved. 

If you can imagine beautiful white sandy beaches, luxury hotels, palm trees, and coral reefs just yards away from the's almost paradise. 

So last week, some Taiwanese lady showed up on the island with her boyfriend.  She unpacked, and pulled out her beach gear....dressing for the boyfriend to admire, and then they strolled out on the beach. 

Her attire?  It was enough to worry the local Philippine folks, and they called the authorities. 

They show up....look at the attire, and then arrest/apprehend the her a fine for a string bikini that they called “inappropriate.”  2600 Pesos, which is around $50.

So I kinda wondered, with fashion such as it do you rate as inappropriate with a bikini?    Various news sources carried the story but left this to your imagination.  This is one of the things I hate about modern journalism....they leave you with more questions.

But finally, one Brit paper had the picture.  So in Alabama lingo, the critical part of this lady's bottom bikini would have been measured in three strips of hay twine.  Its safe to say there wasn't much left to imagine.  Luckily, she was a Taiwanese lady and of small build....had this been a regular Texas gal....the three strips of hay twine would not have been sufficient. (note for Alabama folks: we aren't talking about the part going horizontal, this was the vertical part of the bikini) (also note: Alabama folks are always clever for coming up with measurements for things which you typically never hear about)

But this brings to the topic of vacationing in foreign lands, the modesty or lack of modesty while on vacation, and how people tend to push the envelope. 

Having traveled around the world, and having sat on beaches in Greece, Australia, Denmark, Germany, and's to say that I've seen public acceptance pushed to the maximum.  Women get the idea that it's a vacation resort, and what is done there....isn't going to be seen by their friends or neighbors.  So they push things.

This Taiwanese gal is probably a bit embarrassed about the incident and will probably burn the bikini upon arriving back home.  But you have to wonder.....was this a yearly production item, and if 40,000 Taiwanese women bought the ultra-thin bikini, and this is just the beginning of a problem year on beaches. 

Last Night's Debate

After watching around 40 minutes of clips from the Democratic debate last night, I would offer four observations:

1.  Joe Biden's denial of anything 'wrong' with his son and the Ukraine business....probably was true.  On ethics of Joe in the deal-making, yeah....Joe's ethics are fairly tainted.  He did a decent job to explain his piece, but it's a one-star minute of chatter. 

2.  Warren's explanation on how money comes out of thin air for "Medicare for all"?  The wealthy and corporations will be the tax target, which she says in blunt language.  Will the wealthy and corporations simply pass this cost along to the regular consumer?  Yes.  She avoided that topic, but regular people will pay for the cost factor....whether they like that idea or not.

3.  The 'criminal in the White House' quote.....over and over?  What charges?  Surely by now.....almost three complete years in the White House, you could have forty Democratic lawyers-pretending-to-be-political figures rig up charges.  Yet, it's mostly just hot air and theatrical stuff. 

4.  Winner of the evening?  Probably Warren, with Beto and Mayor Pete clobbering each other over 'courage' being the real laugh of the evening. 

Personally, I'd prefer to halt the whole debate thing, and just end the torment on Democratic voters.  Admit Warren is the only potential candidate for the primary season (still 120-plus days away).  Get on with it. 

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

DNA Story

If you up a Pacific map, gazing at the northern coast of Australia....there above it are these islands....literally thousands of them, from Papa New Guinea to Tonga.  This region is referred to as 'Melansia'...which mostly means in the local of the black people (generally describing the darker color of the tribal groups).

So there's theory of how they came to be there, and the idea revolves around African people who somehow sailed eastward, across the Indian Ocean area, and later into this tropical paradise.  Time frame?  40,000 to 100,000 years ago. 

Some people suggest that if you go past the 12,900 year frame, the water levels were 300 feet less than they are today, and most of the islands existed as a land mass, rather than a island mass.

So why bring up this topic?

On my DNA business from two years ago, there's two groups at the bottom of the scale, which are a .1-percent each situation for me. 

One group was the Melansia group, and the other an Indian-Pakistan group.  So, you are start looking at 100,000 years ago, and ponder upon the idea that some ancestor didn't walk out of Africa....he probably floated out in something....making his way to what was India, and part of his group continued on....heading to Melansia, and the other main group settled in India.  And at some point, they migrated westward into Russia and the Nordic lands. 

It's an interesting travel story, and you have to wonder how well the guy planned for the trip, or if this were one of those 'lets see where this path leads us' situations. 

Sunday, 13 October 2019

The Worst Ethics and Correction to Bad Ethics That I Ever Witnessed

I could probably write a 300-page book over ethics and it's destructive capability, but I'll lay out this 50-line story which I think drives home the problem and the corrective mess it can trigger.

Three decades ago when the Berlin Wall came down....the city of Berlin decided that the three airports in use at the time....simply weren't up to the dynamics approaching.  So they decided that Tempelhof would immediately close, and they'd focus all efforts on building the 'mega-airport' (ready in roughly 12 years) and close the two remaining airports a year or two after that point.  On paper, it made sense.

So they opened up the bidding.  The city had the basic plan and they needed a company to build/operate it.  Two groups would come into play.

The two groups, using various corrupted means (probably to include bribes along to different elements of the political spectrum in Berlin)....came down to the end.  One was declared the winner, and one the loser.  An appeal occurred.  A judge stepped in, and found that the city really didn't do an good ethical job of deciding the winner.  No one was arrested, but the winner/loser thing was thrown out.

After this, these two groups met privately.  Neither wanted to focus on corrupted matters to do a second bid.  Instead, they did this rather odd thing.....they threw out the book on bad ethics, and simply combined the bid as one single group.  A win-win by most standards.

The city?  All shocked.  They couldn't imagine any idiot would figure out the game and cut bad ethics totally out of the bid.

The city tosses the bid process, and instead  choose to build on their own.   

No, they didn't hire competent managers for the project.  No, they didn't inspect by the book.  2011 came....the project was said to be finished.  It wasn't finished.

Literally thousands of things were screwed up.  The list went on and on.  Escalators were ordered, delivered and ready for installation.....then the team would discover that the top section went three to four feet above the actual top floor.  Or you'd have electrical cable laid out with no identifying markings for x-or-y circuits.

Ready to go in 2020 (9 years after the original date)?  Maybe.  Another two or three billion spent by then?  Probably.

But all of this bad ethics.....led onto more bad ethics, and you compromised the reputation of German skilled labor.  And for what?  

ISIS to Surge Back Up Now?


I sat and read through various idiots who wanted to hint to you that ISIS will come back in Syria, after the American military leaves.  There's a problem with this 'hint'.

First, they would need money from their former capitalists who were funneling them the money before.  For some odd reason, I don't think these people exist anymore. 

Second, the funny support that they got from various Saudis in the background?  I would suggest that this war in Yemen, and the problems with consume their interests.

Third, for ISIS to make a comeback....they need manpower.  Between what Assad, the Russians, the Syrian Army, and the US did....there's a whole bunch of them buried six feet down or sitting in Syrian prison camps.  Getting folks all hyped-up in Europe for another round of recruitment?  No, I wouldn't count on that.

Finally, for good need some success story out of the past five years in Iraq and Syria.  Is there anything that you can openly brag about? 

So no, I don't see ISIS making much of a comeback.  They'd need to retire the 'brand', and open up a whole new vision of their sales job. 

Saturday, 12 October 2019

A Short Thirty Year Story

Back in 1992, some business folks analyzed things in the Americas, and noted that Venezuela was now classified as the third-richest nation (out of 35).  Oil, natural gas, tourism....were all booming.

Five years later, an amazing thing happens.....the Ford F150 pick-up picks up purchase steam, and is the number two vehicle purchased in Venezuela. 

You could have sat there and grinned...being a resident of Venezuela, and felt that life was getting a lot better.  The middle-class was growing, and things looked great.

Around 2001/2002, the word 'inequality' starts to be used by various political groups.  There's unfairness being discussed by the public.

Around twelve years would pass, and now you have opposition political leaders arrested or detained on a weekly basis.  The country is in turmoil.  The economy is wrecked, and just getting enough toilet paper for daily a big deal. 

Within three years of that point, the Constitution is suspended, and elections, while discussed, are a forbidden action.

'Equality' now?  It's a pretty sure thing.....everyone is now equal, and living in a third-world country....suffering economic woes, and everyone agrees that they made it as equal as possible.  No one wants equality now, but they can't find the way back out of this maze. 

Kinda funny to think how it was in 1992, and how far things have fallen. 

Me and the Pronoun Crowd

First, let me be honest and just admit up front, there are a hundred pronouns that tend to be accepted in the English language.  Even 'whoever' and 'whom' fit within the pronoun listing of the hundred.  To quickly assemble a thought for a stranger, you go to that hundred....assemble your sentence structure, and prepare to receive their comeback, which hopefully will make sense and resolve your problem or question.

But then you walk into a room with a gender-maxed group....say seven of them.  Each different from the other.  Basically, I don't know them, and in my case....dealing with strangers....I really don't want to get into some hour-long introduction phase where I need to know their personal issues and emotional woes. 

In this case, I need to convey a comment and resolve a issue.  I'm going to the standard hundred pronoun list.  The minute you stop or hinder me on my problem or question....I'm discarding you as an effective answer-person.  I'm going to the next person.  And I'll repeat that if necessary.

For me, it's simple....I divide people into three categories.  First, there's strangers and I really don't need to waste time on knowing strangers.  Second, there's associates (typically people I work with, or people that I have to deal with once a day).  For associates, it's nice to know their hobbies, their passions, and their general background.  For emotional woes or sexual interests? aren't in that category.  So finally, I come to friends....where some personal woes or great personal battles in life can be explained in detail. 

It's safe to say I don't have a thousand friends, or for that matter....even a hundred friends. 

For the pronoun crowd, I'm a problem because I really just want simple communication to occur.  For their agenda to work, I need to be on a friend-to-friend level, and that's just not going to happen.

To be honest, looking around.....I kinda suspect that the vast majority of people operate with the system I've described.  So selling another 300-odd pronouns is not going to be easy or simple.  If I choose not to get into your personal's my own personal choice.  I don't need to waste 30 minutes learning your pronoun path to reach the point of asking about information on buying a vacuum cleaner or a dishwasher. 

I'm sorry if that seems harsh. 

Friday, 11 October 2019

Quitters Quit

I sat yesterday reading a business report.  Someone laid out the statistical data.....roughly 50-percent of millennials (people born between 1995 and 2005) and three-quarters of Generation 'Z'ers' (those born in the 2000 era or later) have had to quit jobs because of mental issues.

Why?  All that is really said is pressure and stress.

I sat and pondered upon it.  If you were a kid who'd grown up in the 2005 to 2010 were used to having your way....getting soft work assignments in high school and college, and probably arrived to face your first boss, and stiff schedules/deadlines.

Toss on the fact that the boss didn't really take your BS excuses, or 'blame-game' suggestions.

So the boss resorted to criticism, mandated requirements, and written expectations.  Then you retreated....quitting.  The second job?  The third job?  They likely went the same way.

Where are these winners living now?  In dad's house?  Are we saying that four years of college and $50,000 was wasted on an education where you aren't capable of taking orders or managing simple program?

I was sitting there and wondering if even Burger King and McDonalds were facing a crisis....where they couldn't get enough kids to flip burgers?  Can you imagine these kids quitting BK and going home because of stress issues at flipping burgers?

So are we talking about an entire generation of kids....who are basically quitters always on the verge of quitting? 

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Hunter Biden and His Ukrainian income Tax Rate

While it never comes up.....the top level for income in the Ukraine is 18-percent.  Hunter Biden....with 50,000 dollars a month coming to him as a board member...would have had 9,000 a month going back to the Ukraine.

Did Hunter pay that?  I would assume so.  If the company provided an apartment for Hunter?  Well....that's compensation and there would have to be something on paper for the IRS in the US.

If Hunter didn't pay the 9,000 a month?  Well....he has a problem brewing with Ukraine.

Added note: After Hunter paid his Ukraine taxes....he's done....right?  Well, no.  The first $103k of income overseas would be 'free' from the IRS.  After that, even if he paid Ukrainian taxes....he'd still have to face state and federal tax back in the US.  So it's hard to say if he really made much money from this deal after everyone got finished screwing him over. 

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Seats Flipping in the 2020 Senate?

It's 13 months out but I'm going to make the following four predictions:

1.  Alabama's Democratic Senator will lose in this election. 

2.  Michigan's Democratic Senator (Peters) will likely lose.

3.  New Hampshire's Democratic Senator (Shaheen) will likely lose.

4.  Virginia's Democratic Democratic Senator (Warner) will require an awful weak Republican in order to win.

Republican losses?  At this point, the points appear more in their favor to retain all seats.  Odds here?  At least three gains....maybe four. 

Monday, 7 October 2019

Should the US Leave Syria?

The plan put out today is that the US troops would leave rather quickly out of Syria, and Turkey would be taking the ISIS prisoners, with the likely plan for Turkey to exercise control over this extreme northern region of Syria (the Kurds operate this zone). 

Anger by the Kurds?  They kinda want their own independent area, without Assad or the Turks, and the US 'protection' was the only way to achieve that. 

How many US troops?  No one really says.  It might just be in the 1,000 to 2,000 range. 

So what happens now?  First, you have to wonder about these ISIS prisoners, of which around a thousand are European prisoners, and Trump wanted all of them returned to their native lands.....which most European countries said 'NO'.

What will Turkey say?  I'm guessing here, but I think they will put them on a raft with clean clothing and drop them as refugees on some Greek isle, and a month or two down the line.....some Greeks piece together that these are all former ISIS folks....getting highly upset.  The Turks offering to take them back?  Maybe, but for a price.

As for this Kurd influence continuing in northern Syria?  No....that will end. 

It wasn't the war for the US to be in, or change dynamics.  Go back to Senator McCain's visit in 2013, and ask about his connection to the ISIS players at that meeting.  A bunch of people felt they were bringing civil war to Syria.  In the end, they just made it more miserable for everyone in Syria.

Reforger 2020?

Back in 1969, the US went and held a major military exercise in Germany...which was coined 'Reforger'.  The key to the 1969 exercise was that it would involve all of the US Army troops in Germany, and transport ships/aircraft would bring thousands more. 

Through the years, all the way to May of 1993, there was a Reforger exercise (there are a couple of exceptions in this period, but it was almost yearly).  Most Army guys would describe it as three to four weeks on the go....either to get to the play area, to participate in the 'gaming', and then to return to home station. 

At the conclusion of 1993 exercise, that was generally it.  No one felt an urgent need to do some massive exercise of that size.  Well, up until now. 

What the exercise was mostly about?  That's an amusing part of the story....typically there's no bullets fired or cannon rounds involved.  The 'teams' move from point 'A' to point 'B', then move to point 'C', and onto 'D'....with some end-of-exercise announcement.  It's mostly to say that you could move thousands of troops in a matter of days across the Atlantic, and be prepared for some conflict. 

Today, the US and Germany announced that in the spring of 2020.....37,000 US Army troops will participate in another massive exercise.  They will gather in Germany (via transport ships and aircraft, along with present-day assigned US troops in Germany) and make their way to Poland and the Baltic region.   Both countries kinda admit....they haven't done anything like this in at least 25 year.  I would go and suggest that it's the most massive exercise since 1993. 

Just the US and Germany involved?  No....19 members of NATO will participate. 


Well, let's start with the general hub for the US tank and APC vehicles will be in Luneburg.  That's the hub point.  It's roughly 30 miles SE of Hamburg....the capital of radicals, extremists, and revolutionaries.  Every single group in Hamburg will be focused on Luneburg, and thousands of German police will be required to 'keep the peace'. 

Anger by the Green and Linke Party membership?  Yes, they will voice some concern, and likely call for Germany to leave NATO.  I expect half of the SPD Party membership to agree with that topic.

Harsh journalistic criticism.....that Germany doesn't need these type of exercises?  Probably so.  Public TV networks will do forums over the topic.

The potential failures of the German Bundeswehr to cease movement or operations because of maintenance issues?  That's guaranteed, and I'll even wager that a quarter of all German tanks are red-lined by the 10th day. 

The Greta-kids and XR-kids demonstrating against the military exercise?  More than likely.

So if this ends up as a massive 'goat-rope' (the US term for a 9th-degree mess) can look across the German spectrum and identify all of the problems and suggest that Germany is unable to participate in NATO because of maintenance issues, money woes, and public frustration with radicals.  Politically, it would be a thorn for the 2021 national election in Germany. 

The Gate and Security

In early August of 1977....late into the evening, our bus from the San Antonio airport had pulled up to Lackland AFB for boot-camp.  It was one of those moments that you kinda remember.  SPs at the gate getting the Ok by the military guy escorting us (forty of us on the bus) to enter.  The gate-guards?  All armed with a pistol.  There was a sign or two, but you couldn't make that out (too small of font).

As the months and years went by, you got use to the gate procedure, and eventually one day....I stood close enough to the stupid signs to read them.  You actually need to be within eight feet to read the small font.  It basically says there's significant security on this military reservation, and either 'force' or 'deadly force' is then uttered.

It's hard to say if there's any difference between 'force' and 'deadly force'.  Either way, Airman Cindy has a pistol. 

After 9-11, all that 'deadly force' stuff ramped-up and the guards all started to hold M-16s and if you did something really were going to be shot dead.  Along the way, they installed the flip-barriers, which take around two seconds to come up enough to stop all vehicles.

So this 'accident' at Warner-Robins AFB, Georgia on Friday evening interests me.  Some car speeds through.....never showing an ID, and the SP guard hits the button for the barrier to pop-up. With the high speed of the car, and impact....two guys are immediately dead and the third will die at the hospital.  Oddly, all three lacked an ID, and two days after the one apparently knows the ID of the three.  Teenagers on the run?  Maybe, just a bit odd.

Failure to read that stupid sign business at the front-gate?  Well....maybe if they'd read the sign and realized that Airman Jimmy wouldn't hesitate to hit the button, or shoot-out the car, all three would be alive today. 

Sunday, 6 October 2019

The 'Joker' Worry

This week, there's been a lot of hype over people worrying about the new movie 'Joker' and the violent content related to the storyline.

Lets be honest here....the Joker is a fictionalized character, who has been around for more than sixty years.  It's just that someone finally asked the did the mortal human eventually turn into the Joker.

You could see over the past three years, this twist and turn with the Gotham series, and how Jerome Valeski transformed himself....week by week....into crazy nut-case with an agenda to 'fix' society.  Except the movie version has gone to the ninth degree, and this Joker is crazy serious about resolving the woes of society.

Worrying about fictional character hype?

Should this crowd have said something when Breaking Bad came out and you were introduced to Walter White and Gus Fring?  Most of us came to respect both guys. 

What about Hannibal Lecter?

What about Saruman the White from Lord of the Rings?

What about Lord Voldemont from the Harry Potter series?

What about that Annie Wilkes nutcase gal from Misery?

There are a thousand bad-guy fictional characters out there.  Some of them are just plain that Alex character from Fatal Attraction, the psycho nutcase  who probably has damaged over 10,000 American guys after they watched the movie and got permanent damage from it.  Those guys will never marry or have a true relationship.

So I don't see what the heck these idiots are warped-up about.  Fake worry?  More or less.  Like fake news. 

"Romney Never Knew How to Win"

Trump made the Twitter comment today, and I sat and reflected upon it.

The 2012 election cycle was one of the more comical episodes in Republican history. 

You basically had Mitt Romney (who marginally had public appeal), Ron Paul (for the oddball Republicans), Buddy Roemer (for southern Republicans), Jon Huntsman (for the intellectual Republicans), Rick Santorum (for the church-going Republicans), Rick Perry (for Texas Republicans), Herman Cain (for the Republicans just wanting a wild card in the election, and Michele Bachmann (for northern crowd who just want something really crazy to happen).

I think most Republicans out of the south just laughed over the convention win by Romney, and marginally felt compelled to vote for the guy.  He was for all purposes, the convenient 'loser'. 

Could Mitt have won?  He would have had to go aggressive and really say a lot of criticism over President Obama.   It wasn't going to happen.  Trump?  He didn't hesitate President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and just about anyone who dumped on him (include some Republicans).  He pushes back....something that you haven't seen a Republican do in fifty years.

'Nice guy' status for Romney?  Well....that's the odd thing.  He was always cut-throat on buying cheap companies and cutting them up to resell later, with no heart for the employees.  But he couldn't bring that same cut-throat attitude to the political scene. 

On this, Trump is right. 

Crimes, Misdemeanors, or Bad Moral Judgement?

As all this Ukraine business unfolds, it's worth standing back to admire what happened, and if anyone really committed a crime.

Is Hunter Biden guilty of any real crime?  If he walked in and told Dad (then the VP and chief of handling Ukraine special projects) about his company being formed and getting an inside to the Ukraine natural gas industry?  That's not a crime. 

If Hunter Biden's team was successful and part of the reason that the Ukraine folks had a $1.8-billion 'gift' from the US to do exploratory drilling?  That's not a crime.

If Hunter Biden got a seat on the board of this company, while being unqualified for the role?  That's not a crime.  I is stupid on business practices. 

If Hunter Biden was paid $50k a month to be on the board?  That's not a crime.

As long as Hunter Biden paid US taxes on that and any substance-allowance while in the Ukraine....that was not a crime.

If none of the money was really used for gas exploration?  That's not a crime, unless the Ukraine itself wants to say something about the lack of progress.

If Hunter Biden did 'wash'  any funding before transferring it back into the US?  That might be a crime. 

For Joe Biden to arrange the $1.8-billion and his son got awarded the board job as part of this?  Unless there's an email to say he knew the son would get the job if they paid the money, that's not a crime.....but it very poor moral behavior on Joe's part.

If the Ukraine Attorney General tried to look at the company, Hunter's role in it, and got fired because of Joe Biden's pressure?  That's not a crime, but it's serious poor judgement and bad moral bearing.

If Nancy Pelosi's son had a business, and he got into the Ukraine natural gas business....that's not a crime.  If Nancy helped in some fashion to get him that role?  That's not a crime, but it's bad judgement.

So here's the thing....if this all get dragged into some impeachment process....unless these 'kids' did something stupid and conducted money-laundering or never reported their income correctly.....they will all skate free.  For the parents?  It's poor judgement, but I doubt if anyone can be called into court.

Onto the $10-million given to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.  The money actually came from a Ukrainian Oligarch.  Anything illegal about this money?  No.  It does suggest some funny connection and beg questions, but the guy was free to donate to the Foundation. 

The final question left....was it a crime to ask the Ukrainian government to investigate how this all occurred?  There is no law that says you can only talk/discuss x-matters between a President and some other international figure.  If Trump wanted to call and discuss his favorite Lego 'gift', the shape of women's boobs, or the Mexican Wall with the Pope....he's free to do so.  Bad moral judgement?  Maybe, but then you'd open up a can of worms on a dozen things that President Obama did, with bad judgement as well.

Friday, 4 October 2019

Bernie, Health, and the Question Over Replacement

First, Bernie isn't in dire health condition.  Bernie has a blockage, and had two stents 'installed'.

Doctors will say that stents are a simple procedure now, and you might walk out of the hospital on the same day of the procedure.  Generally, most people then get this lecture by a doctor that they are either eating in a way that is not healthy, smoking, drinking too much, or living a lifestyle with too much stress.  It doesn't mean the lecture is BS or's just how doctors treat this.

The fact that Bernie is 78 years old?'s the harsh reality.  Bernie doesn't smoke, and I would assume that he's mostly a coffee or soda guy.  So the suggestion here is that this presidential election stuff is triggering stress that he really doesn't need. 

Him retire?  Zero chance of that. 

The stents simply telling you of a future problem with more chest pains?  Maybe.

If he were to have a heart attack and resign or be unable to act as a Senator?  The Governor does not have the authority to appoint someone.  He has the authority to call an election....within 90 days of the seat being empty.  The current Governor?  A Republican. 

The odds of this scenario playing out?  In a normal political year, I'd say less than 10-percent chance.  However, the last twelve months have been weird in the US, and it wouldn't shock me if suddenly you had Senator with a heart attack, and some race on to replace the guy. 

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Priorities That Changed

Having grown up in the South during the 1960s and's an odd thing to admit today that you never thought much about a defensive posture for your farm or home. 

Among my top ten worries in 1975 (being 16)?

1.  Snakes
2.  Lightning storms causing a tree to fall upon the house
3.  Another 1973 gas crisis
4.  A hailstorm destroying the crop of soy-beans
5.  Ministers going beyond noon on some hyped-up sermon
6.  Tornado watches
7.  Tornado warnings
8.  Wild dogs
9.  Mad bulls
10. Brakes going out on the 20-year-old farm truck

Nowhere in that list, do you see a reason for anyone to worry about meth-heads, home break-in's, home invasions, paranoid schizophrenic folks, or physical violence (other than the mad bull thing). 

After the 1990s, when I'd come to visit or just look at news reports from the'd notice this unusual event, or this meth-head attacking someone.  Murders started to be noted for crazy reasons. 

So in this past decade, people evaluate their situation (even in a rural setting) and they go to be armed.

Cops like the AR-15.  Private citizens also like the AR-15.  Chief reasons?  It's light, effective, easily to reload, and doesn't fail.  I emphasize the 'doesn't fail' term....because if awakened at 2 AM....if confronted, you just don't want a weapon to fail.

Shotguns?  We've gone in the past thirty years way beyond the standard double-barreled shotgun.  Eight shotgun rounds in a pump-action shotgun?  More than enough.

You look at the crazy story from central Georgia from August....three young gentlemen at 4 AM, on a mission to do a home-invasion routine.   All three dead now.  The story on helps to sell more weapons.

Whether the political agenda folks grasp it or not....the landscape is simply not the 1960s or 1970s.  It's a rough world, and some people are living on the last twenty-four hours of their life, whether they like to admit that or not.  If you had a juvenile or two in the house and running a bit on the wild might want to have a last prayer for the kid each morning.  Things have changed. 

Subtracting Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders From the Race

Based on Bernie's health stuff and Joe Biden's Ukraine problem....I would suggest that both are 'gone'. 

We are four months out from the Iowa caucus, which has some impact on the whole race.  If you remove those's really a different race.  It's mostly all Warren. 

Robert Francis (Beto) is spinning his wheels, as is Mayor Pete (forget about blacks voting for him).  Booker is running out of money, and Senator Harris hasn't really thrilled that many Democrats. 

So what started out in the spring of 2019 with almost 20 candidates....we are basically down to just one single serious candidate?   Yeah.

It's bad enough that some strategists are putting the idea out there that former NY mayor Bloomberg....might announce something in November, and suddenly get into the race.  The fact that he'll be 78 years old in Feb 2020?  Well, that is another minor issue.

Unless something happens to split the vote up....I think by the 3rd of March....Super-Tuesday, it's finished.  If Warren wins all of these, there's not much need to get excited or thrilled over the primary season.  Fewer voters turning out after 3 March?  That's my prediction.  This will hurt in states like Ohio and Florida. 

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

The Numbers Matter

I like statistics because they often tell a story. 

If your neighbor was brutally killed in 2018.....he was five times more likely to die from knife attack, than a rifle bullet.

The FBI put the statistics for 2018 in the last couple of days, and it's an amazing story.

1,515 people died from knives in America....while only 297 died from a rifle round, for all of 2018.

In fact, if you use 2017 data.....almost a quarter of rifle round victims were carved off the 2017 situation compared to 2018. 

So here's the real shocker.....more than a hundred more people died by baseball bats/blunt objects in 2018, than by a rifle round.

But let's dig deeper.  If you collect data and look purely at metropolitan or urbanized areas....there were 14,428 murders or manslaughter episodes out of the total across the entire US of 16,214.  Wanna look at the two other areas (small towns, or rural areas)?  711 murders were in small towns, and 899 in rural areas.  So if you live inside the beltway of some urbanized area.....your odds of murder go up.

Murders in Alabama for 2018?  Just two qualified for outright murder....both by pistols.

Murders in Idaho total for 2018?  32.  But only 16 were by rifle or pistol.  Four died by knife, and one by fist or kicking of feet.

From California?  24 died by rifle, but here's the shocker....252 were by knives.  Ten times the number as rifles. 

So all this anti-gun chatter focused? lacks focus to a great extent.  It'd be more effective to prevent murders in highly urbanized areas by having stop-and-check police blockages, and ask people to step out of the car while we examine the contents.  Confiscation of knives in public places?  Why not? 

Our total focus, based on the numbers....ought to anti-murder. 

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

The Red Matters

I sat and looked this afternoon at the new Trump 'ad'.

Here's the thing which few journalists ever chat on.  Of the 3,007 counties in America....Trump won roughly 95-percent of them in 2016. Hillary, on the county map....less than 5-percent.

So what Trump is basically saying....with RED making the statement...he's not running against Warren, or Sanders, or Joe Biden.  He intends to run in 3,007 counties and 435 districts.  He's playing the game to take a massive win in the House.

The added issue for Democrats?  You see those blue counties?  They generally have two unique and Latino voters. 

If Trump were to take 50-percent of black male voters (now possible), and half of Latino votes....half of those counties that went to Hillary.....would flip. 

A billion dollars in money, and plenty of impeachment chatter to talk about?  He's got a bigger and more bold plan than people imagine. 

'James Bond' Brennan

It's an odd five-line story that popped up today.  During the Obama period....2016...the CIA chief...John Brennan, goes and travels to the Ukraine.

Normally, it wouldn't really matter.

But he did this with a fake passport....fake name.  All provided by the State Department.

Why?  Unknown.

Who he met?  Unknown.

Reimbursement for the hotel and expenses?  Probably so, but if you asked the CIA to dig this's going to be confidential, and under the fake name. 

Secret-agent guy?  American-style James Bond? 

Well, you don't know.  This is all reading like some Hunter S. Thompson 'James Bond' epic....written while on a booze and weed period while vacationing in Cuba. 

What happens if impeachment occurs, and Brennan gets dragged to the stand under oath.  I think he has a story, but what he has to worry's possible that the Ukraine secret police, or some Russian KGB group....taped his conversation and they've decided to hand the tape to Rudy G, and Rudy has Brennan sitting there and listening after telling his fake story. 

You just have to shake your head....a lot of people made decisions that were unwise, and just kept one will ever dig this stuff up.  Yet, here we are. 

The Thing About the Source and Reliability

One of the ten-thousand little things that I gained out of my two decades in the intelligence field....was this reliability scoring of intelligence. 

Years ago, some smart guys sat down and surveyed the human intelligence collection business, and they came up with two categories that you had to view....when you wrote a report.

The first category was source.  The levels went from A (highly reliable), to E (highly unreliable) and F for source unknown.  This meant that you had to have some kind of record with the guy telling you the story.  Maybe he was a guy that you'd known for five years.....maybe he was the coffee shop clerk that had told you five stories over the last year, with only one single story being reliable. 

The second category was information reliability.  The levels here went from 1 (confirmed by other sources), to 5 (improbable, meaning you had other sources who told you something different), and 6 being no valid trust (you could prove anything). 

Here's the always hoped on having a 'A' or 'B' rating on the source, and a minimum of '3' (possible true) on the information.  Things that were 'D4'....were in simple terms....crap. It was worth keeping in a folder because one might lead to a better source and maybe improving this intelligence to B2.

So I look back at this dossier by the CIA guy on Trump.  He's basically telling you something that comes from a dozen-odd sources.  He fails to validate or assign a score to any of them.  Curiously, they all work in the same work environment as you'd think that he'd say they were all 'A' or 'B' on trust. He didn't do that.

So I look at the second part of this....information reliability.  He should be able to note this as a minimum of '2' or '3'.  But he skips that and hints that it's all a '1'. 

Why not score this in some fashion?  My gut feeling is that this is some rookie CIA guy....maybe less than seven years in the service, and probably has never scored HUMINT in any way or shape.

Value of the dossier?  Well, you'd have to out and assign a number of FBI and CIA folks to score the stories, and how reliable they were.  The fact that you were willing to accept second-hand information?  Man, that opens up a whole can of worms, and promises to tie down people for a year or two.  In the end, most of these dossier items are probably going to be a D3 or D4....meaning they might be useless in a court or impeachment process. 

Pretty Crazy

This is simply something to sit and ponder upon.

Folks in San Francisco's Mission Dolores neighborhood.....on the NE part of SF....finally got fed up with homeless drug addicts camping out in their neighborhood.  So they put their money up into a bundle and bought these rocks to place along the street and sidewalk....basically to keep tents from being placed. 

If you go and look at the rocks....they are fairly big 'chunks'....maybe two to three feet long, and at least one to two feet thick.  On the 'big-rock' scale....I'd give them a '3'  to '4' at best. 

In the beginning....this worked well in the first couple of days of placement. 

So, as you might imagine....the city steps in.  No....the residents didn't ask the city for permission.  Public Works stepped in....upon a city remove the rocks this week.  Why? inspector looked at the rocks and said....'they weren't big enough'.  He kinda noted that some of the rocks had been pushed out into the street (yep, they were small enough for several homeless guys to push them around).

What the city says now?  They will do a review and come to two decisions....either 'bigger' rocks or some type of landscaping that prevents tent placement.

So you look at this and shake your head.  The amount of time to review this?  I'll bet on this taking a minimum of one year.  Residents will be shaking their heads because this ought to take less than five days to plan out, purchase the rocks, and place them. 

These city planner people will hire some special 'rock-expert' (probably in the $60-per-hour range), who will list out the size and type of rocks to use.  I would imagine that these will all be non-California rocks (coming out of some Minnesota rock quarry and shipped by truck to SF).  Each truckload will probably cost in the $150,000 range to be delivered.  People will be amazed to watch this convoy of forty trucks going across the US....loaded with SF boulders.  Then it'll take a specially-trained team ($40-an-hour for work and members of the boulder-union) to place the rocks, with a rock-certified guy ($90-an-hour for his expertise) to sign off that it was safely placed and secure. 

Then as the initial special rocks get put in place....more neighborhoods will demand that they have the same rock placement, and eventually....some rock-department will be created, and bean-count each rock.  Around 2038, someone will discover that over 144,000 boulders now exist in San Francisco.  At that point, the anti-boulder agenda will be cease the boulder epidemic. 

Monday, 30 September 2019

That CIA Dude

In a normal country (like the UK, or France)....if it came up that their version of the CIA or NSA was spying on the President or his actions....there would be the chief guy for the agency brought in, and fired.  Then the federal cops would fan out and locate the people involved.  You could expect to get twenty years in prison.

So you turn and look at this CIA guy, and his 'dossier', and you start to wonder how he can continue to roam free at work, or perform his regular 'duties'. 

If I were his boss....there would be a full-time supervisor over the guy, and every minute of his day documented.  I'd make sure he was kept busy and lacking any idle-time. 

Punishment?  No....but you can't have some guy walking around in the CIA with the attitude that he can spy on the President. 

Omar Speaks

I sat this afternoon, and was reading through commentary by Rep. Ilhan Omar.  She has this new idea.....she would like to fix all the public/private student debt in America.....with a $1.6 tax on Wall Street transactions.

Who would end up paying this?  Well, after you think about it.....the consumer himself....not Wall Street.  Which consumer?  Some with college debt....some without any college debt.....some without any college at all.

Selling this as resolving the issue?  Once you lay the whole thing out.....most people will start laughing and asking why limit it to college debt?  You ought to include free housing and mortgage assistance for millions of Americans with the same gimmick.  You could make a college tax where kids attending college should pay $88 a month to support mortgage debt. 

Then we could make another tax, on top of another tax, on top of another tax.

There is a college debt issue, but if you'd just limit a kid to $10k of a loan per'd resolve this fairly quickly, and downsize the number of kids attending four-year universities. 

The Ukraine Question

Is there anything illegal with the whole Hunter Biden episode? far, no.

The 1.8-billion dollars of a US 'gift' to this Ukraine company?  It's the ONLY company in the Ukraine which does natural gas development.  The fact that it's run by a oligarch?  Nothing illegal.

The fact that this company quickly turned (within one day) to hire Hunter Biden, and an associate to be on the board?  Nothing illegal.

The $50k a month salary for Hunter Biden?  Nothing illegal.  The guy lacks any background or experience, but we can admit that the company could hire four blind Thai barbers if they wanted to be on the board.

Movement of money via two banking systems in Europe known for money-laundering?  Nothing illegal proven yet.

Hunter Biden declared all income for taxes? One assumes that, so nothing illegal proven yet.

Unethical behavior?  Well, that's the problem here.  Between the Obama/Biden White House, the handling of the money, hiring some guy with zero background, and maybe all looks pretty unethical.  But stuff like this happens on a minute-by-minute basis in Washington, and there's probably 200 billion tossed away into some unethical pit each year. 

How many kids of Senators are sitting on boards because of 'daddy' or 'mother'?  It's best not to ask that.

That's the curious story with no end.  Just a lot of bad ethical behavior. 

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Corruption Story

Over the weekend, I read through this corruption article out of China (Danzhou).....where cops arrived and did a search warrant on the former mayor of the city.

So there's this secret vault area in his basement, and what they found was this.....almost 14 tons of gold (you can figure that it adds up around 700 million dollars). 

On top of that....268 billion Yuan.  That comes out into the range of 37-billion dollars.  Cash? cash.

What'll happen to the guy?  He'll be dragged into court...lectured....and a week later executed.  In this case, you have to wonder....why keep the money in China?  He should have shipped it out and quietly left the country one day, with some luxury condo in Cyprus. 

The Senators Who Were At Clinton's Impeachment

This is an interesting topic.  You have to go back to 19 December 1998, when the impeachment hearing ended.....with it being a pretty long time ago. 

The Senators who are here now and can remember the episode?

Enzi of Wyoming (R), Murray of Washington (D), Leahy of Vermont (D),  Reed of Rhode Island (D), Wyden of Oregon (D), Inhofe of Oklahoma (R), Collins of Maine (R), McConnell of Kentucky (R), Roberts of Kansas (R), Grassley of Iowa (R), Durbin of Illinois (D), Feinstein of California (D), and Shelby of Alabama (R, note he flipped from Democrat to Republican four years prior to the impeachment). 

These thirteen remember the episode, and how dramatic things became.  The pressure compared to 1998?  I think it's intensified more than triple of what happened in 1998. 

An added question that I saw in the past week....if you had any of the Senators pass away in this impeachment period....what would happen?  Well....the impeachment rules have no features to cover that.  Logic would dictate that they'd suspend the impeachment for roughly ten days, during which....the funeral would occur.  The replacement Senator?  No one says if they'd allow the guy to be seated, or if they'd delay his entry until after the impeachment ended.  This might be left to McConnell to direct or make a decision over. 

If some Senator had a heart attack or stroke?  No rule covers that either.  Could a Senator vote from his bed?  No rule.  Could the Senator miss the entire hearing while in bed, and still vote?  No rule. 

This Hillary-Runs Scenario

This past week, it's been brought on a couple of fronts that this whole impeachment business may lead to Hillary Clinton coming out of the shadows, and ending up as the Presidential candidate after the Democratic convention.  So let's examine the scenario.

First, take into consideration that most all Democrats in DC are existing in a bubble at this point....watching CNN and MSNBC and attending parties with like-minded people, believing they will impeach's just a question of the timing.

So you come to Pence being President (in this Democratic fantasy).  With no one organized to run a campaign in the start of the primary season....Pence would be it, and without any real funding.  In this fantasy....Pence can't do much and would be a 2-star candidate against the Democrats.

Then you come to the vote being divided enough for the Democrats....that no clear winner exists at the beginning of the convention.  Hillary would walk in, and declare herself. 

Hillary would be fresh, and able to quickly assemble cash-flow for campaign funds.  Hillary would only have to campaign for two months, and then get elected in November.


1.  Hillary turns 72 in October of 2020.  Whatever health issues she had in 2016....are still there and likely intensified.

2.  Trump would be standing there at the end of the impeachment, out of office, and likely sitting on 1-billion dollars of campaign funds.  He can pick any replacement person and bump them up in a matter of 24 hours.

3.  There is potential that in this impeachment hearing, Hillary's name might come up and some connections back to the Ukraine might occur. 

4.  Finally, CNN's value to the Democratic message will be firmly dissolved by the end of the impeachment hearing.  If you think viewership numbers are bad now....just wait.

It's a lousy scenario and only works if you can find 20-odd Republicans in the Senate who'd be crazy enough to cross the line.  Frankly, I suspect that Hillary would be unable to get the same number of votes that she got in 2016. 

Saturday, 28 September 2019

How Many Hours of TV Action for the Impeachment?

You go and do the math.

You need House hearings, with analysis by the go figure that six hours a day of House hearings for at least six to eight weeks, with analytical time each evening to tell a story via one network.....adding up to 300 hours possible.  Then you add up CNN, and the other dozen there's another 200 hours out there.

Then it goes to the Senate.  Some people think this would conclude in ten days.  I tend to disagree and think it will go up to around six to eight weeks.  You figure six hours a day, with analytical time by the's up around 1,000 hours of time between the House, the Senate, and networks. 

People tired of this impeachment chatter?  It's a safe bet, by the'll be a tremendous let-down for the pro-Hillary people. 

The 'Free' Deal

Sometimes, people say things, and I'll sit there for twenty minutes trying grasp how they meant this.

Today, Bernie Sanders said something to the effect, that his $16-trillion dollar Green 'climate-change' plan....would basically pay for itself. 

I tried to imagine this.

It'd be like me talking to the wife and suggesting that a $4,000 gas grill unit.....would basically pay for itself. 

It'd be like my brother buying a $250,000 Lamborghini and saying over and'd basically pay for itself.

It'd be like the New York Yankees signing four of the best pitchers in the major leagues, for a price of $33-million each for a five-year contract, and suggesting that it'd basically pay for itself. 

So I'm not really sure if Bernie knows what it means....'to pay for itself'.  If this was all 'free'....just say it and blink once or twice.  Write down in ink.....'free of charge'.  But I got this feeling....he's just never done any financial planning. 

What You Ought to Know About the Senate in an Impeachment

There's not a lot of rules on the handling of an impeachment once the House hands the paperwork/charges over to the Senate, but you might want to brush up on how this episode will go.

The head of impeachment (the judge) is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (Roberts).  During this 10-to-30 day period....there's probably not going to be any business conducted at the Supreme Court (shocker?).  If Roberts disallows anything....where it goes?  That's not entirely could go to the Supreme Court, but with only individuals to decide upon'd be split.

The House will designate members to be a prosecution-team and present the case.

The President, or his lawyers, and Senate members can present opposing evidence, and pose questions upon the prosecution-team.

Will the prosecution-team be made of House members?  The law doesn't say it has to be that way, and there's some suggestion that it may be non-House members in this case (professional lawyers).

Conviction?  You need a supermajority.....two-thirds of the Senate.  67 Senators.

Odds of getting 67?  There are 45 Democrats and 2 independents.  From the two independents, one is Angus King (professional lawyer) who has leaned on occasion to the right.  So you might be able to count 46 guaranteed votes, and you'd need 21 Republicans to slide over.  It's anyone's guess but I would imagine five will flip, and those five are probably going receive enough heat that their Republican membership might be finished at the end.

Could the President's 'team' take up three weeks to counter the charges?  That's a real possibility.  You can figure with the opening day, and the prosecution summary....around eight to twelve work-days will be wasted.

The wild-card in this Senate meeting?  I would suggest three characters to watch: Graham, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.....all lawyers.  I expect all three to be correcting Roberts on a daily basis, and make his job miserable.

Handing this over to the Senate in late October, and running it to Thanksgiving week, and then starting back up the week after?  Well, that's the significant problem in this timing.  It would have been smarter to start this in mid-January.

The odds that the President might be in non-Americans and present a broader case against former VP Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and members of the Obama White House?  There's nothing hindering that and making this into a massive-firing line.  The Ukrainian former AG giving testimony?  Yes.  Money-laundering experts talking about how Hunter Biden did his business?  Possibility.  You might even have foreign operatives come in and lay out their relationships with the DNC in 2016.   In terms of messy politics, this would dissolve a lot of trust in the current system.

So Trump wins?  More than likely.

The losers?  CNN will broadcast this live, and probably carry three hours prior to each day with hype, and conclude the day with another three hours of hype.  Most viewers will be burned out after a week of this.

Joe Biden?  I don't see him being active much after this event.

Hunter Biden?  It's hard to see him avoiding some legal challenge to drag him back to the Ukraine to face charges.

Voter frustration?  That's really the central theme to one will be happy over politics in general, for the next ten years.

Friday, 27 September 2019

'Gone Rogue'

It's an expression that most people have never heard used....except on TV news or in some Rambo movie.

So I'll define 'gone rogue' for you.

It's like some farmer who has been told that normal farming is X, Y and Z....but you show up one day and they got a book on Japanese farming techniques, and various neighbors are stopping to remark that 'Walter has gone rogue'.  It means he's not following tradition, normal rules, established procedures, or public doctrine. 

It'd be like you buying and sipping corn whiskey all your life, and one day....the neighbor shows up and you've gone and mixed the moonshine with strawberry syrup, and put a cherry into the glass....doing 'gone moonshine rogue'.

Or it'd be like you being a single guy all your life....up to age 60....suddenly getting into a relationship with the Dairy Dip gal (Wendy, age 18). 

Or it'd be like you smoking unfiltered cigarettes for forty years, and just stopping all the sudden one day.

Or it'd be like you to attend a local Methodist Church each week for twenty-five years, and join up with some South Korean Baptist group.

Or it'd be like you to wear Red Wing boots to work daily, then suddenly you start wearing Italian-made sandals to work each day. 

It's not that 'gone rogue' is's just a sign that maybe you lost your way, or got knocked in the head. 

2020 and Senator Jones

I spent nearly an hour this morning, gazing over the 2020 election period, and looking particularly at one single election that will come up.....from my home-state of Alabama....Senator Jones (D) has to run again.

It's an odd polling listing when you go out and examine this.  Two of the polls that you'd typically use....say it's a toss-up.  One poll would suggest a lean-to-the-right-slightly (Jones losing).

Here's the thing....there are presently eight individuals from the Republican Party declared for that Senate seat.  Yes, our 'loser' (Roy Moore) does say he intends to campaign and run again. 

But on top of that.....there are another eight individuals (including the Governor herself (Ivey)).....who are gazing at the idea of running.  Yes, sixteen folks.

Out of this group, there are five household names, that a majority of Alabama voters have heard of and would consider.  At the top of this list?  Tommy Tuberville (former head coach of the Auburn football team). 

So is the polling a 'dud'?  More or less.  I admit....if the 'loser' were the one to face Jones....Jones wins.  There is no doubt.  If you picked from any of the five others with name-appeal beyond the 'loser'?  It's probably a 60-to-62 percent win for the Republican (even the football coach-turned-politician).  How I base that number?  Trump took 62-percent in 2016, and most of the elections that Sessions took were in the 790,000-plus range within the state, and with Jones's past election of 673,000's just not enough unless you put a true 'loser' up.

This senate seat flipping in January 2021?  No doubt. 

The Necessity of Nancy Pelosi's Health for the Next 75 Days

Basically, it's a fairly stressful period for the House Speaker for the next 75 days.  If at any point, she has a stroke or heart attack.....the whole impeachment process goes into a tail-spin, and the Democrats in the House would have to go and find the replacement Speaker. 

Questions would come up and you'd have to wonder....can Nancy come back?  Is she out for six weeks?  Who could do a stand-in job?  Could the Democrats come to agree on someone that easily? 

So I think the Speaker is under a fair amount of pressure and stress.  If you wanted to make this whole impeachment process into a bigger mess than what it is....having Pelosi wheeled out of the Hall from a sudden stroke would be it.

Thursday, 26 September 2019

What Is Accomplished Over the Next 120 Days?

Looking forward to October, November, December and January.....what exactly will Congress be able to achieve?  More or less nothing?

For the bulk of 2019, and then adding this 120 day period onto it......if this impeachment thing fails, then the record for the House members going home in summer of 2020 to campaign looks like crap. 

If they fail on this impeachment, will they go and find something else to impeach upon?  My guess is that you might actually see a second impeachment (if round one fails in January) by October. 

All of this will lead voters to question working ethics and achievements....then likely vote a hundred Democrats out of the House. 

Can you blame this upon Pelosi?  No, she's stuck with the players in the House, and it's their agenda....for better or worse. 

After Reading the Whistle-blower Complaint

Basically nine pages.....highly organized, and in a manner of a PhD thesis (something I found odd).  To write in this manner?  Well, something like this would have taken a minimum of forty hours, with proof-reading required. 

So, three basic observations:

1.  Almost all (I'd say near 98-percent) is second-hand information.  He heard it from so-and-so.  He heard this from another so-and-so.  So to me, as the IG over this....I'd just be shaking my head.  It's basically worthless, unless you forced each single first-hand individual to come in and give testimony.  The IG won't go to that extent unless there was something of value stolen or someone threatened. 

2.  The guy writes this a great deal.....'these events happened, but I don't know why'.  Again, that takes away any value to the complaint itself.  Maybe he should be President, and let others second-guess him?

3.  He has classification authority, which most mid-range or lower-ranking folks would not have.  But you have to ask the question.....the info that he took....he seemed to spend a lot of time on research.  I would be guessing over the period in question....he must have invested a minimum of eighty man-hours in writing and researching the entire 'event'.  So it begs the question....what exactly is this guy's full-time job?  I certainly (when working in the Pentagon) would never have had so much free time to do something like this. 

Value? sounds politically biased, and I have to wonder if he's capable of working for the President.  Maybe he's one of those folks who should just get a job with Google, write code, or run a car-rental shop at the airport. 

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

What Do Polar Bears Eat?

It's an unusual topic and I spent around 90 minutes today reading up on Polar Bears and their 'dinners'.

So lets start with an odd fact which few people grasp....Polar Bears don't eat Penguins.  Why?  You'd think some type of relationship thing?  Penguins only frequent the South Pole region.  Polar Bears only frequent the North Pole region (to include the US, Canada, Iceland, Greenland, Russia, Norway, Sweden, and Finland).  So they never meet up.  However if a couple of Penguins did meet up Pete, the Polar Bear....they'd likely be a mid-day snack.

Polar Bears do like the taste of Seals, along with various Whales and Walruses.  Geese and bird eggs?  Yes....that's on the list as well.  Fish?  Yep, and various types.  Rabbits and mice?  That's on the menu as well.  The various berries that might grow in the northern 'circle'?  Polar Bears will go for that, but it's not worth the low calorie count.

So here's the thing, if you go and read summaries by guys who spend weeks out in the wild and observe Polar Bears....their primary source of food is Seals (adults and pups).  If you subtract Seals or hunt them out of existence....then you got a problem.  Whales and Walruses, down on the list?  You are mostly talking about the caucus of Whales, that might accidentally end up on some beach.  The Walrus thing is a good number two source of food for Polar Bears. 

So if you have a Polar Bear standing in front of you and looking 'sickly'?'s fairly good odds that he's in the same age group as those old sickly lions that you occasionally see on Mutual of Omaha shows, and toward the last year of his life. 

If you wanted to wipe the Polar Bears out?  You'd have to go and hunt the Seals and Walrus populations down to nothing.  Presently, no one seems to have that agenda on their list. 

Bernie and His Registry

I tried to make sense out of this....Bernie Sanders came out yesterday and said that America needs is a “national wealth registry.”  You make over'd be on this registry.

What's the purpose of the IRS? matter what amount you make, you kinda have to fill out paperwork and let them know how things are. 

Is Bernie even aware that the IRS exists?  I don't know.

But after thinking over this....I have this better idea.....a national nutcase registry.

When the cops or some judge says you are a certified nutcase....your name goes on this registry.  No matter where you move, or live.....folks could look you up and feel good that you aren't on the list, or bad if you are on the list.

But I guess that my registry idea won't take off. 

Greta and Evangelist 'Kids'

After watching the UN clips of Greta Thunberg, I turned off the sound and watched the animation of the speaker.

If you've ever been in the south of the US for an extended period....particularly in the 1960s and 1970s.....especially in the heat of the summer, there are revivals.  Around one-percent of these will include Evangelist 'Jimmy Joe' who was typically 12 to 14 years old, and some teenage kid who'd gotten all Jesus-energized, and started quoting scripture (mostly all from the New Testament). 

After he'd impressed his parents and relatives....some minister would hear about 'Jimmy Joe' and come over.....getting some hyped-up feeling over this kid's minister actions.  Then he'd convince 'Jimmy Joe' to come to a revival one evening to preach.

They'd put out the word in the community, dozens of extra folks would drive five to ten miles out of their way, to hear this 13-year-old evangelist to preach to them.  Maybe a two or three dozen young teens would show up....who typically wouldn't be at some revival. 

'Jimmy Joe' would put the emphasis into his speech....slaming the Bible down, talking trash on Satan, praising John the Baptist as if he were a uncle, describing angels as if they were from the Dallas Cowboys, and trying to touch people (usually the adult minister would try to correct him and avoid that fakeness) to rid them of demons. 

A dozen folks would come forward at the end of the 'show'....confessing their sins, and they'd all hustle on Sunday to be baptized. 

Most 'Jimmy Joes' would last around five years, and half the time....they'd get burned out or emotionally strung up to such a degree that they needed to be sent off to a rehab unit in Bessemer or Ozark Springs.

I look at Greta and I basically see the same behavior, and the same 'saving' at work.  'Jimmy Joe' characters always believed they were doing God's work, and Greta believes she's saving the Earth. 

At some point, she'll go over the line, and say something that will bother the social folks of Sweden, and they will come to suggest to the parents that she's either burned-out, or emotionally unstable.  My guess is that they will swiftly remove her from Sweden and find some country where they don't grab folks for forced rehab. 

But I'll say this.  There's nothing wrong with 'Jimmy Joe' people being evangelists and carrying on this 'save-your-soul' business.  If it makes them happy.....fine.  I generally believe the same for Greta, and her save-the-Earth business.  If it makes her happy, fine.  But there is this fine line where you are burned-out, and I would suggest Greta is about half-way there. 

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Me and Global Cooling

In the midst of the summer of 1974, going from the ninth to the tenth grade, Time magazine produced it's wonderfully graphic report on the approaching ice age.  The title?  "Another Ice Age".

I was at the book store in Florence....saw the cover....and impulsively bought the issue.  I was mostly a regular reader of Reader's Digest, Argosy and National Geographic.

I read through the article at least three times over that summer period.  As the new school year started, I used the meager and marginal library at the school to read up on the topic....discovering that this ice age business was slated to start between 2020 and 2030.  The Time piece?  It only said 'maybe' and that it might be a couple hundred years. 

Trying to discuss this? other juvenile associates read Time, and the school librarian suggested that it might not be all that bad (she hated hot summer weather). 

Around fifteen years would pass, and I kinda noted one day via another Time article....that the glacier age thing was long gone, and 'heat' was now the worry.  Facts were facts, I was told.  It bothered me....the facts were lined up with an ice age, and then it just disappeared?  How was that possible?

Around twenty-five years ago, I came to the realization....doomsday 'chatter' sells magazines, TV news, and newspapers.  It also pays for college professors and various research foundations.

So I'm sitting back and wondering....from the kids around in the summer of many of them were like me....hyped up on doomsday global cooling, and then let-down on the glacier period never occurring.

How I See This Biden-Trump Thing Going

Without thinking much over the landscape, there's probably a hundred Democratic House members who think they have the magical element to go onto impeachment now.  This shouldn't take more than three months to gather the evidence and issue the impeachment paperwork to the Senate.

So what's this landscape going to look like?  Trump calls the PM of the Ukraine, and asks for Hunter Biden's details on money-laundering.  US law?  It's pretty harsh on money-laundering, and's illegal. 

When the Senate gets the impeachment paperwork....once opened, it's really a discussion about Joe Biden's son and his bad behavior.....accompanied by the step-son of John Kerry.  Yes, they set up shell companies, and shifted millions into the US (clean money). 

The deeper you go into this mess....the worse-off it looks for Hunter Biden and his relationship with the IRS.  Just in legal fees to pay off the IRS and avoid jail....I'd be guessing between half-a-million and a million. 

The impeachment ending?  How can you prosecute some President for carrying out US law?  The sad thing is that Joe Biden himself....didn't have anything to do with this stupid act by Hunter Biden.  Oh....well....yeah, he did call and put pressure on the Ukraine government not to investigate his son.  I guess that would violate some ethical things.  In the end, this type of impeachment would just dissolve away, and everyone shaking their heads on how stupid Hunter Biden was, and trying to just forget about Joe Biden's moment of bad ethical judgement.  Trump clean?  Unless you can show Hunter Biden donated half-a-million in cash to the Trump-2016 election campaign....that's about the only wild suggestion that would hurt Trump. 

How to Properly Money-Launder 'Bad' Cash

It came up in the banking news about eighteen months ago....ABLV, a Latvian bank....was noted for serious money-laundering.  This involved not only Russian money-laundering, but also cash for North Korea.

The US had a serious meeting with Latvian leaders and kinda hinted in a serious way.....they needed to correct some serious problems.

The odds that ABLV was the only Latvian bank doing this?  That's a curious question.

But that wasn't the only problem....Latvian was allowing shell companies to be staged and operated, without much control.  You'd just show up....file some paperwork, and 'X-to-X' would be created.  It might amount to be strictly a mailbox where 20-million a year would flow into, and out....seemingly on paper to be legit but mostly non-existent.

So after the money was cleaned in Latvia, it'd move onto Cyprus....where another company would be created....another mail-box scheme.  Here, you could show enormous losses or business deals being made (at least on paper), and then the money could flow cleanly back to the US.

That's how Hunter Biden accomplished the whole game.  Some Ukrainians gave him money, which he shifted to it.  Then he flipped the money to a fake shell company out of Cyprus, and then delivered it back to the US. 

So there's this curious part of the story....around a year ago (Oct-Nov of 2018)....Cyprus got all heated up and dumped 20,000 fake business show they were 'serious'.  There is no evidence that Hunter Biden's fake account was in the 20,000.  So it's probably still existing today.

Any of this reported to IRS?  No, but they might now be interested.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Stranded Story

It is front-page news today in Germany and likely to remain there for the next seven days.  The Thomas Cook travel now bankrupt. What journalists say (from this weekend) is that about 150,000 Brits are stranded somewhere, and around 300,000 Germans are in some vacation situation and no way back.

Airline tickets?  Worthless.  Hotels will be asking you to check out.  One source today said that in were holding vacation folks 'hostage' and you couldn't leave the country until you provided a paid bill to the hotel. 

Coming up with alternate methods to return?  You could be talking about a whole week before seats are available on some plane to return to Germany, and this cash required comes out of your own pocket. 

NBC, Guilt, and Reality

NBC, in the past week, has started up some series on their news episodes....where they go and ask regular Americans to 'confess' and admit their own personal guilt for climate change. 

Around a decade ago, I read through two books on Martin Luther.  There are a couple of central themes to the life and accomplishments of the German Lutheran priest.  Most of these lead back to the Catholic Church and the need for Catholics to continually feel guilt.  It's not a modern thing on this guilt business....the church was built with a base of guilt. 

Letters of Indulgence?  Martin Luther came to be amazed over the Catholic Church introduction of the letters and the need of Church members to continually 'buy' the letters to avoid 'hell'.  So in period, you'd go and confess your sins to the local church, and they'd sell you letters to absolve you of your sins, and ensure you felt good, and guaranteed you a spot into heaven. 

The NBC gimmick here?  More or less the same thing.  You announce your sin, and the NBC guy gives you a verbal 'we can forgive' message, which leads you to feel better.  The fact that it's a free 'we can forgive' you message?  No one can argue about things that are free. 

How long will the news series last?  I'm guessing for a year or so.  Might it end early?  Maybe.  If you had a guy answer that he doesn't flush if he urinates, or that he urinates in his parking lot (not in the house).....that might convince the bosses to end it early. 

The problem I see in this guilt business is that bulk of Americans don't have that kind of guilt problem.  These are people worrying about their mortgage, their hot-water heater, where the $50k will come from for the daughter's college, the transmission that seems to be failing in the Buick, the neighbor is shooting heroin in the backyard, or their NCAA football team is all crapped-out.  I suspect that if you did the numbers.....climate change guilt won't be anywhere on the top hundred worries of most Americans. 

So having a show to let you admit guilt and get absolved will sell?  I have my doubts. 

The Biden Story

When you gaze over at the Hunter Biden discussion, there's three things that stand out.

First, Hunter Biden is an expert on absolutely nothing, yet some oil/gas folks in the Ukraine hired up this guy to be a 'talker' or 'face' in their organization.  One news source say $50,000 a year was part of the deal to sit on a board.  Another says that there was a regular job attached, with thousands a month involved.  All of that reported to IRS?  I would assume that he reported (as required), and took the tax credit for overseas income.  Course, maybe he was fairly stupid and only reported one of the jobs.  Are there jobs like this where regular Americans get hired to be on some foreign board.....without any expertise at all?  I'd like to get a job like that.

Second, when this came up as a topic in the Ukraine....the prosecutor wanted to understand how this occurred, and if there was anything illegal.  He was more or less 'let-go'.  Why?  No explanation is given.  Some say that pressure came from the US.  Proof?  There simply isn't any.

Third, it is kinda funny.....Trump is asking the Ukrainian government to research and provide a Hunter Biden-dossier....which is exactly what the Obama administration did to Trump four years ago.  The Trump-dossier was supposed to be embarrassing and factual.  This Hunter Biden-dossier is probably set to be embarrassing and factual.  Instead of some James Bond-type character writing the'll be some Ukrainian crew. 

Just me looking at this, but I think Hunter Biden better start looking for a new occupation, and a tax-lawyer.  I would suspect that various funds just never got reported to IRS, and someone will have to bail the guy out. 

Friday, 20 September 2019

Trump and the Wad of Cash

Yesterday, some photographer (from Reuters) got a picture of President Trump and what appeared to be a 'wad' of cash in his back-pocket.  Later, journalists came up to ask Trump about it, and he admits....'yes', that he carries cash on himself all the time.  How much?  That's not clear.  Maybe it's ten twenties.....maybe it's forty twenties.  The purpose of the money?  Tips at the hotels that he stays at. 

Several decades ago, I worked with an Air Force NCO who carried a thousand dollars on his person....on a daily basis.  In those days, it was a significant amount of money.  It was always neatly arranged in ones, fives, tens and twenties....with a couple of hundreds toward the rear of this collection.  His 'excuse' was that he'd find some deal at a flea market or garage sale (he was a habitual shopper), and swing the deal immediately.  He would go and claim to flipping the item within days or weeks, and yearly....bragging about making several thousand dollars in profit from this habit.

If you bring up this topic today, around most one except the guys over sixty might have a habit like this.  Some younger folks will tell you that they carry on a charge-card or two, and maybe ten dollars in cash for sodas or coffee throughout a week. 

Another oddity about Trump?  Maybe, but you can also make the case that he tips well (if it's twenties that he hands the maids). 

Course, if you were anti-Trump, you'd say that people are sneaking up to him and offering him cash for 'favors'.....paying him in loose twenties. 

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Five Examples of Doomsday Predictions (That Never Happened)

One of my five off-off-the-top discussion topics (besides phobias, political corruption, Andy Griffith show characters, bad hotels, drunken behavior, and German customs) doomsday predictions that simply were great to hear, and never occurred.

I think people in general....want to badly believe in something, even if it is bad news, a hoax, or just crazy. 

So onto the first example.  Way back....roughly 2,050 years the 'Holyland'....there was this group of characters who lived in solitude.  Their lead character...a guy by the name of Simon ben Giora, came up with this great doomsday prediction for the group.  He said that this great battle was going to occur in Judea....with the Romans being wiped out.  Shortly after that....the Messah would arrive.  Naturally, to celebrate this upcoming doomsday, he had the group stamp coins to commemorate the upcoming battle and victory.  For the record, the people of Judea, did end up with two campaigns against the people of Rome, and Rome won both of them.   The coins?  No one ever brings up this topic.

Second, Hans Hut.  Hans grew up in Germany in the late 1400s, and became this traveling book-dealer of sorts.  At some point around 1526 (36 years old)....Hans got extremely active  in ministering to people. In southern Germany, he made a name for himself....mostly for hard doses of Christianity.  In the early part of 1527, he predicted the end of the world would occur on 28 May 1528.  Naturally, this got around, and triggered a lot of aggravation and anxiety among the public.  Toward the fall of 1527, Hans got picked up by some folks and accused of various crimes....which led to interrogations and torture.  He would die on 7 December 1527.  As you might imagine, the 28th of May came the next year, without much of a problem.

Third, in the early 1960s.....Jim Jones told his folks of a nuclear war coming in 1967.  In preparation for it.....he moved the family to Brazil (based on a news article that said it'd be a safe place in a nuke war).  At some point, he dropped the nuke war prediction, and moved the family to California.  This was the same Jim Jones who moved the family out of California, and helped to kill every member of his sect.

Fourth, Charles Manson...upon hearing the Beatles record.....spoke of a great race war coming in 1969.  It never came.

Finally, you come to Stephen Nelson.  who works in the science department of Tulane University....officially a fairly smart guy.  He's come out with his own prediction, with some factual background.  He points out that roughly every 100 million years....a significant 'rock' (asteroid) hits the Earth of a noticeable size.  The last event?  Around 66-million years ago, so by his about 34-million years....the next asteroid of significant size ought to hit. 

On four of these predictions, it was simply a hoax.  But with Nelson....he has a doomsday prediction with some slight evidence. 

The Jimmy Carter Presidential Age Limits Idea

Why he brought this a big unknown.  But former President Jimmy Carter made public news by suggesting that you need a age limit rule established for Presidents.  He kinda suggested '80' ought to be the limit.

It's one of those thought-provoking things. 

If '80' is good enough for Presidential limits....why not the same for Senators and House members?  Oh....well....that might be interesting to watch.  Presently, five US Senators are over the age of eighty.

But why limit this to eighty?  Why not seventy? 

Are there differing factors for folks, where age and mental-thinking are shot by age sixty?  I've worked with some folks who were already showing age problems at sixty, and couldn't handle complicated matters or stressful moments. 

I'll admit that health concerns for political folks over the age of sixty ought to be a big factor in electing them.  I saw John McCain being in that way, and he should have been retired a full decade before his death.  The former Mississippi Senator, Thad Cochran, was in very fragile shape for the final five years in the Senate, with his chief of staff working hard to hide that issue. 

Maybe this will provoke some thought and trigger something in DC....but I doubt it. 

The Bernie Plan

This morning, I picked up the Bernie Sanders plan on housing.

The basic idea?  $2.5 trillion would be spent along two paths.  One path would be around $400 billion....which would involve two-million mixed-income social housing units.  He doesn't say the time period, but it's probably over ten years.

The second path?  $1.5-trillion (yes, with a T), over ten years, to build 7.4 million houses that he says in some way....will eliminate the gap in affordable housing for low-income folks.

So then he said the magic words....that Americans ought to have the fundamental right to "safe, decent, accessible, and affordable homes".

How this would be paid?  A new tax.....called the 'wealth tax'.  After looking at'd likely only affect billionaires in the US....aiming at the top one-tenth of one-percent of folks. 

The problems with this idea?  I is a noble idea, and would appeal to low-wage people in a big way.  But lets be honest to ourselves in analyzing this.

First, this fundamental right for housing doesn't exist.  If you deem that it does exist, then why doesn't a fundamental right for affordable, safe, and nice cars exist?  Or how about a fundamental right to cheap and well-packaged cable TV?  Or how about a fundamental right for reasonably priced groceries?  Some druggies would say that meth ought to be a fundamental right, and it should be priced cheaper. 

Second, state by state, the landscape differs on low-wage people and their housing issues.  If you live in a highly urbanized area like Dallas or Portland, it's likely that you'd have these 'Bernie-units' built.  If you lived in Pulaski, Tennessee?  You probably don't have a need for the units.  So this would be a urban plan for the most part, and miss around 70-percent of the rest of the nation.

Third, if you built all of these, and within five years....then you had drug or crime elements in these Bernie-neighborhoods, so they were unsafe.....would you dump them and go build more elsewhere?  It's not really explained how you would make them 'safe'. 

Fourth, would some cities put up a fight and demand certain characteristics of the Bernie-housing, inflating the price by 30-to-50 percent?  This might be a federal program pushed 'downward', but one could see states and counties making rules which push the unit price upward in the end.

Fifth, on this wealth tax.....what if Congress 'accidentally' created little ripple-credits which brought some billionaires chances to save $20 million here and there, and suddenly it wasn't the ultra-wealthy paying for this, but the secondary group which weren't originally affected?  How would they react, and would they go to Congress and arrange tax rules to be altered for them as well?  It's been done in the there's no reason to think it wouldn't be done now.

Sixth....why the round number cited by Bernie in the speech of $2.5 trillion total?  It would be curious how he arrived at the numbers, and if it relates to something. 

Seventh and final....if you lived in Omaha, Nebraska and word came out that forty acres next to your house was going to be a Bernie-neighborhood.....would your attitude be positive or negative?  Would you assume it was a potential slum-neighborhood? 

I could see something like this working on a much smaller scale, and relating more to tax credits for low-income earners.  It does bother me that some people are designing their lives that at age eighteen....they are flipping burgers and making minimum wage.....while at age thirty, they are still in the burger flipping business, and around age forty-eight, they are still flipping burgers.  This attitude now is something that didn't exist in the 1960s and 1970s.....that you could be minimum wage for your entire life, and never progress beyond that point. 

Maybe Bernie ought to be packaging up one year of free community college, and jump-start people to improve their lives and avoid the low-income route for the bulk of their lives. 

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

This Drone Threat

When you go and analyze the attack on Saudi starts to bring up an unusual scenario which might scare some Americans.

So you go and imagine 25 Iranian-made drones being sent in pallets and Columbia. 

You mix the pieces and parts in different shipping crates, and forward them onto California's port.

Then you arrange for six Iranian technicians to hike over the Canadian border where they'd be taken by van over to a eastern state....where their twenty-five drones lay in pieces. 

They spend three months assembling the drones, and then prepare for X-day.

Each of these drones can carry four RPGs.  So you have a hundred RPGs to use on various targets.

On X-day.....within 500 miles of DC, you arrange the drones on an old runway, and they take off at daybreak.  By lunch, they've launched their RPGs on targets in DC, and all hell breaks loose. 

Even with minor damage, and less than a thousand do you react to ensure the safety and security of the nation?  And the threat of drones?  It's way more than people think.  Dams, electrical plants, bridges?  They could all be on some stupid target list.  Even Yankee Stadium could be on a list. 

So, we've kinda crossed a boundary today, with this drone attack in Saudi Arabia.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

The Stein-McMuffin-Johnson Factor

In 2016, the number three, four and five candidates in the election took home nationwide....6.7-million votes. 

Compared to 2012?  1.85-million...more or less.

Compared to 2008? 1.4-million....more or less.

Compared to 2004?  1.0-million....more or less.

The last time, you had a serious run with other 'candidates'?  1968, with George Wallace (alone) who had 9.9-million votes.

So I'm going out on the limb and predict that number three, four and five candidates in 2020.....will not be able to pull more than 1.5-million votes.  So this 5.2-million standing there?  Depending on what state they are attached to....I think you could see more than two-thirds of the group align with Donald Trump. 

This is what the Democrats really have to worry about.....this optional 'other' candidates not affecting the 2020 elections for other individuals. 

States like New Mexico, Minnesota, and New Hampshire that were marginally won by Hillary Clinton?  Now easily within range of Trump. 

Just something to think about. 

Sunday, 15 September 2019

My Humble View of the Felicity Huffman Episode

Basically, you had a parent with tons of money in their pocket and a non-productive kid who just wasn't that remarkable in high school.  You went to the folks in the middle, laid out the cash, and did what probably 10,000 parents across America do each bought a 'chair' in some educational enterprise, and gave the unremarkable kid a free degree. 

You can look around today at literally thousands who've passed through this system, and become a noted personality or political figure....who are not really gifted or bright, or remarkable. 

The system caught up with Huffman, judged her....and passed a hefty fine with two weeks in some jail.  So in 2019, you caught and judged one parent of the ten-thousand.  No big deal.  The system continues on. 

Drones, Oil and Saudi Conflict

If you go and follow the latest, there was a drone used to 'bomb' a Saudi oil processing facility.  Damage?  The Saudis say that 50-percent of production is temporarily shut off for a while.  Location?  It's about 50 miles west of Bahrain, and fairly deep into the landscape of Saudi Arabia. 

Accusations?  Well....Saudi Arabia has been on an aggressive front with Yemen (to the south) for a full year.  The rebels down in Yemen have had serious Iranian backing, and there's some belief that this drone.....was a Iranian drone.  If true, it's likely the Shahed 129-model.  A one-way mission for the drone?  It's believed that once in flight, and on a one-way could cover just over 1,000 miles. 

You can go and measure the range from Yemen to Buqayq and it's easily within the range. 

So what happens now?  I'm guessing a number of Saudi executives and VIPs are fairly angry.  This reduction in oil production comes at a bad time.  The Saudis are in desperate need to sell, and it hinders their production....maybe for three or four months.  Blame shifting to Iran?  If they prove it was a Iranian-made drone, there's going to be thought-process do you pay back Iran.

The Iranian Abadan Refinery site?  It's likely to be the response target....easily within range of the Saudis. 

The problem with this business....once you start retaliation, they counter-retaliate, and then you get a counter-counter-retaliation situation.  You could see a whole bunch of oil facilities shut down within a sixty-day period, and gas suddenly going up to $7 a gallon. 

Drawing the US into this?  If this were George Bush, it's virtually guaranteed.  But with Trump?  I have my doubts that the US really wants to get involved.  But you have to ask this question....if the Saudis got peeved enough and blasted the limited gas production capability of Iran....where the Iran-consumers simply didn't have gas for any car quick would this whole Iran-Mullah business unravel?  A civil war created in a matter of two months?  That's how this could fall apart and make things into a bigger mess.

So settle back and watch the 'show'. 

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Seattle Idea

So I noticed today that Seattle has a politician who is now pushing the idea of setting up a city-fund....where you'd go to a homeless guy, and offer a one-way bus-ticket.  You agree to leave....we pay for your ticket.  I'm guessing you might get a box-lunch deal out of this too, but that would just add $7 on top of the $50 one-way ticket.

The odds of this affecting people living on the street in Seattle?  I would take a guess that fewer than 200 people might take the deal.  Why?  Well....if you are homeless in isn't that much better to be homeless in Salt Lake City, or Dayton, or Birmingham, or Chicago.

In fact, if you figure weather and pro-drug attitude....Seattle, Portland, LA and San Francisco win easily over the next 300 cities beyond the west coast.

But what would prevent some small group with an agenda from placing two or three fake homeless guys into the Seattle community, and just having them talk continually to forty homeless folks on a daily basis....promoting and selling them on the idea of leaving Seattle for LA?

Propagandists?  Yes.  Imagine these three guys just selling five people a day into moving to San Francisco or LA, and in a've decreased the homeless population in Seattle by 1,600 people.

Unethical?  Well....yeah, that's a possibility that the accusation might come up.

But let's be honest, nothing else seems to really lessen the number.  And that cost-factor of roughly half-a-million seems to be very reasonable if you consider you'd need to spend ten times that amount if you just kept the 1,600 in the city.