Monday, 25 November 2019

The Problems with Bloomberg

With the notice now that Bloomberg will run on the Democratic Primary....I would offer ten observations on the issues:

1.  The guy will be 78 years old in February.  Most people will look at this, and even if they were hyped up....the VP choice matters greatly.

2.  In NY City, virtually everyone knows the guy.  In rural regions of Missouri or Arizona?  Much less so.

3.  Appeal to blacks?  Most NY City blacks have a split opinion of Bloomberg.  Beyond one says much.

4.  What's he done since 2013 and leaving the mayor job?  Mostly nothing.

5.  Go watch some of the speeches that he gave in the period of 2005 to 2013.  He comes across 'wooden' real Bill Clinton hyped up speeches.

6.  He has to take up topics that Warren, Sanders, and Biden have pumped up over the past twelve months.  Those are the type of topics that don't win independent voters.

7.  He's the question did he get rich?

8.  Politically, he's been a Democrat, a Republican, an independent, and back to being a Democrat.  Can he explain this to satisfy most voters?

9.  Great speeches to center on from the past twenty years?  No.

10. It's been reported that he's built ad's for use in March/April....which oddly target on Trump, but fail to say anything about himself or his record.  Changing the minds of Biden-voters or Warren-voters?  No.

He might be able to win a couple of states (NY is likely, and NJ).  Beyond that....this is likely to be a flat campaign with no true gains.

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