Wednesday, 7 March 2018

This Oscar Thing

Personally, I haven't watched the Oscars show.....since around 1992.  Yeah, it's well over twenty years....going on thirty years.  I just don't care.  In an entire year, I might go to three total movies and frankly....the award means very little to me in terms of getting me to watch the movie.

As for the viewer count going down?  The show over the past decade (you can look over comments made by people) is mostly a political forum and folks don't care if they lose viewers or not.

So where does the lowly rated show go now?

I'm of the mind that the producers and Academy will meet in three months and discuss this whole matter and opt for some non-political type guy to moderate it.  Six weeks will pass, and they will admit that they can't find such a person existing who would give them the dynamics required.  So a female will be found to moderate, and the 2019 show will be another full-blast political show....which has even fewer viewers than this year's show.

All of this will lead onto a trend where the major networks finally opt around 2021....NOT to carry it, and one of the cable networks buy into this....for a much-lesser price. 

The viewer count will continue to a lesser spiral, and by'll quietly disappear as a nationally-viewed show.  Maybe it'll still be data-streamed and sent live to Europe....but I think you are within ten years of seeing the Oscars amount to something of zero importance to more than seventy-percent of the American population.

A Loser TV Show Idea

One of the networks has gone out and scheduled up production of this hour-long drama.

The layout?  Well....."Joe" is married to this black dude (yep...a gay marriage).  And the black dude husband has come up and gotten shot/ the cops.  So begins....'Red Line'.  No one says if Joe was a drugged up thug....a PhD scientist....a fighter pilot.....or a community organizer.  Maybe that part doesn't really matter. 

I sat there reading the two-line description to this.

Basically, this is supposed to draw a bunch of black and gay viewers.  That's the logic.

Most of the general black community?  The minute you suggest that "George' (the black dude) has gotten killed....yeah....maybe fifty-percent of the black viewer community would get hyped up and watch the show.  But then you say that the person not "Tonya" but a white husband?  Well....about 90-percent of the black community will just start laughing and saying....'the hell you say'.

The gay crowd?  Well, they will look over the idea and then ask....yeah, but isn't this Noah Wyle guy 'regular' (non-gay) in real life?  Couldn't they find a real gay actor?   So they might go and watch two episodes of this, and along about the 3rd show....just shake their head because there is little there to be interested in.

A sort of fake political trend for some TV production?  To be honest, they've run out of good ideas, and this is what we are stuck with now.

Fixing this?  Maybe if you'd had "Joe" (the black dude shot), and his wife (Tonya) was ex-Army and Green Beret....sworn to kill the cop eventually for doing her husband wrong, then it might make for one good season.  But the black dead dude and the white model-looking dude script?  It just ain't going to work.