Friday, 17 April 2020

Simply Observations

1.  Is it possible that Joe Biden had a mild stroke back in December/January, and his dementia-like condition goes back to that?

Generally, I've started to believe this is possible.  You'd have to line up off-time, and video tapes of his appearances.  The one thing I would agree upon....he's getting worse as each week goes by.

2.  What should we be doing during self-quarantine?

I would follow five rules: (1) Don't do anything illegal. (2) Reserve your drinking to after 12-noon. (3) Don't overdose on CNN.  (4) Ensure your gas-grill is clean and operational.  (5) Avoid temptation.

3.  Whats the statistical relationship between virus deaths and higher use of testing?

Well....the more you test, the more likely the infection rate rises (maybe double or triple) but that number also lessens the death statistical averages....meaning more people infected but a lot less dead.  If you are a mass hysterical news'd prefer as few tests as possible (in case you were curious).

4.  Does the bump up on unemployment checks mean anything?

No.  You could be in a company doing a two-week furlough (no pay) and sign up for state benefits.....only to reactivate yourself in two weeks....leaving the furlough side and working once again.  The system wasn't made to really handle these kind of conditions.

5.  Are dead people getting the Trump-checks?

Yes.  It's not a problem, unless dead people are spending the for hookers or booze.

6.  Is Hunter Biden still working for that Chinese company?

Well....technically, his name is still listed with them.  Maybe he sent them a note to resign, and they just haven't received it yet.  Lets be honest, without that pay-check....he might be California-dirt-poor (better than Alabama-dirt-poor).

7.  Is it true that Ford is making a wrist gadget that will warn you if you are within 1.5 meters of another person?

Yes.  The problem a town of 20,'d need twenty-thousand of these, and force each person to wear them.  It just ain't going to happen.

8. Have we hit the peak of the virus-chatter in DC, between Trump and the Democrats?


At some point in the next sixty days, I expect several Senators and Representatives to fall ill from the virus, and this 'rotating circus' will disappear from the public stage.  After a dozen or so are buried.....things will quiet down in DC for the remainder of the year, with the exception of campaign chatter. 

9.  What's the path of new movies for 2020?

You better prepare yourself for virtually all movies scheduled for the summer to be pushed to spring of 2021.  There's even talk that a bunch of theaters will never re-open, and that down-streaming of new movies will be cooked-up in some fashion.  Even the Marvel productions are likely to get pushed back a year or two on their schedules. 

10.  Is it possible that a bunch of the 'old-guys' from Middle-Eastern countries that run things.....will die off, and trigger some massive stability problems?

Well....there's talk over a minimum of five countries getting into stability problems (Iran for example is a prime target).  Things might get a bit interesting. 

Why 21 January Matters in Virus History

This is the day that the WHO started a daily 'report' that tracked the numbers of the COVID-19 virus. 

What's interesting about this that you already had the virus showing up on the west coast of the US, and in Italy (Lombardy/Milan region).

In simple terms....on this day of 21 was too late to control or isolate the virus.

The announcement of the Pandemic?  Well....11 March.  Yes, almost 7 weeks after daily WHO reports started up. 

Just curious things that you ought to keep in your mind.