Friday, 5 April 2019

The Potential for 2020?

Twelve states have undone the normal rules for the Electoral College, and their 'gimmick' is set for the highest national get their votes, whether the voters of that state voted that way or not.

Challenges in court?  Some people are suggesting that no matter what happens....judges will be attempting to get into the mix of things, delay the Electoral College vote in December of 2020 (after the election) and thus throw this to the House to determine the President. 

Will the House reset back toward the GOP, and prevent this gimmick?  Well, it won't matter.

You see, how the House votes in this no-Electoral College episode, is state by state.  Presently, Trump still has a GOP lead on the states, meaning more than 25.  With that scenario in their favor, unless some freak of nature occurs, and another 20 seats flip to the Democrats in critical states.....this challenge idea really doesn't work.