Saturday, 20 June 2015

Charleston Shooter

Generally, if you wait five to seven days after a mass start to get to the 'real' story (usually not gun-related).  In the Charleston episode....Dylann Storm Roof....was taking medication.


You take Suboxone when you are already addicted to some opiate drugs, and you want to get off them.  If you have pain-related DON'T get any relief with Suboxone.  Once you get on Suboxone....unless you really pay attention and have a limited amount of the will become permanently addicted to it (at least the experts say this).

There's this one odd affect of Suboxone.

If you've been taking Suboxone for a while and gotten pretty accustomed to it......then you think you want to quit it, in most cases, you will become aggravated and violent.  Based on what I've have a sudden bout of physical frustration and uncontrolled reactions to real-life situations.  In effect, you are a walking-time-bomb.

As much as some people want to desperately blame guns for this particular's again....drug-abuse.  The hint usually, which I will offer as simply common sense, is that normal regular people don't walk up to a group of people and utilize a gun in a cold-hard fashion to kill a group of people.  It's a different case where you have an ex-wife or ex-husband who wants to take out the former spouse with a gun.  They have motivation and don't require any drugs to reach their intended goal.  But when you talk about strangers, and a group of just doesn't work the way that most people think.

As for a just punishment for this kid?  You have no choice.....he was stupid enough to be addicted and it's his own fault.  It may take six years, maybe even fifteen years.....but he'll eventually be put to death.