Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Me and Global Cooling

In the midst of the summer of 1974, going from the ninth to the tenth grade, Time magazine produced it's wonderfully graphic report on the approaching ice age.  The title?  "Another Ice Age".

I was at the book store in Florence....saw the cover....and impulsively bought the issue.  I was mostly a regular reader of Reader's Digest, Argosy and National Geographic.

I read through the article at least three times over that summer period.  As the new school year started, I used the meager and marginal library at the school to read up on the topic....discovering that this ice age business was slated to start between 2020 and 2030.  The Time piece?  It only said 'maybe' and that it might be a couple hundred years. 

Trying to discuss this?  Well....no other juvenile associates read Time, and the school librarian suggested that it might not be all that bad (she hated hot summer weather). 

Around fifteen years would pass, and I kinda noted one day via another Time article....that the glacier age thing was long gone, and 'heat' was now the worry.  Facts were facts, I was told.  It bothered me....the facts were lined up with an ice age, and then it just disappeared?  How was that possible?

Around twenty-five years ago, I came to the realization....doomsday 'chatter' sells magazines, TV news, and newspapers.  It also pays for college professors and various research foundations.

So I'm sitting back and wondering....from the kids around in the summer of 1974....how many of them were like me....hyped up on doomsday global cooling, and then let-down on the glacier period never occurring.

How I See This Biden-Trump Thing Going

Without thinking much over the landscape, there's probably a hundred Democratic House members who think they have the magical element to go onto impeachment now.  This shouldn't take more than three months to gather the evidence and issue the impeachment paperwork to the Senate.

So what's this landscape going to look like?  Trump calls the PM of the Ukraine, and asks for Hunter Biden's details on money-laundering.  US law?  It's pretty harsh on money-laundering, and yes....it's illegal. 

When the Senate gets the impeachment paperwork....once opened, it's really a discussion about Joe Biden's son and his bad behavior.....accompanied by the step-son of John Kerry.  Yes, they set up shell companies, and shifted millions into the US (clean money). 

The deeper you go into this mess....the worse-off it looks for Hunter Biden and his relationship with the IRS.  Just in legal fees to pay off the IRS and avoid jail....I'd be guessing between half-a-million and a million. 

The impeachment ending?  How can you prosecute some President for carrying out US law?  The sad thing is that Joe Biden himself....didn't have anything to do with this stupid act by Hunter Biden.  Oh....well....yeah, he did call and put pressure on the Ukraine government not to investigate his son.  I guess that would violate some ethical things.  In the end, this type of impeachment would just dissolve away, and everyone shaking their heads on how stupid Hunter Biden was, and trying to just forget about Joe Biden's moment of bad ethical judgement.  Trump clean?  Unless you can show Hunter Biden donated half-a-million in cash to the Trump-2016 election campaign....that's about the only wild suggestion that would hurt Trump. 

How to Properly Money-Launder 'Bad' Cash

It came up in the banking news about eighteen months ago....ABLV, a Latvian bank....was noted for serious money-laundering.  This involved not only Russian money-laundering, but also cash for North Korea.

The US had a serious meeting with Latvian leaders and kinda hinted in a serious way.....they needed to correct some serious problems.

The odds that ABLV was the only Latvian bank doing this?  That's a curious question.

But that wasn't the only problem....Latvian was allowing shell companies to be staged and operated, without much control.  You'd just show up....file some paperwork, and 'X-to-X' would be created.  It might amount to be strictly a mailbox where 20-million a year would flow into, and out....seemingly on paper to be legit but mostly non-existent.

So after the money was cleaned in Latvia, it'd move onto Cyprus....where another company would be created....another mail-box scheme.  Here, you could show enormous losses or business deals being made (at least on paper), and then the money could flow cleanly back to the US.

That's how Hunter Biden accomplished the whole game.  Some Ukrainians gave him money, which he shifted to Latvia....cleaning it.  Then he flipped the money to a fake shell company out of Cyprus, and then delivered it back to the US. 

So there's this curious part of the story....around a year ago (Oct-Nov of 2018)....Cyprus got all heated up and dumped 20,000 fake business accounts....to show they were 'serious'.  There is no evidence that Hunter Biden's fake account was in the 20,000.  So it's probably still existing today.

Any of this reported to IRS?  No, but they might now be interested.