Monday, 8 June 2015

A Poll I Noticed

Sometimes....among my news areas that I review each WHNT (Channel 19) out of Huntsville.  I grew up in the region and came to have some attraction to WHNT.

There are three basic reasons why I like WHNT: (1) HD Bagley (he's been retired from the station and he passed away last year)....who happened to be the best weather guy that ever walked upon this Earth.  (2) WHNT carried wrestling for years and years in the 1960s when no one else in the region would carry it. And (3), they tend to always ask stupid questions that seem to matter to a typical guy from Alabama.

Well.....I noticed a nifty poll taken on WHNT today and was asking folks what they felt.

The question was:  If the world was ending who would you want to tell you?  (1) Brian Williams, (2) Scott Pelley, (3) Rush Limbaugh, (4) The President, or (5) Your minister.  So far, ministers are leading the other guys by 25-percent.

Naturally, if they'd listed Paul Harvey (he's been dead for six to eight years) or HD Bagley (he's also passed on).....most folks would have picked either one of them.  HD would have encapsulated the whole dialog into 44 words, said 'God Bless', and then suggested a decent tune for the last five minutes of existence.

Rush barely got 11-percent of the vote so far, and you'd have to figure that he'd want you to know this was the fault of Nancy Pelosi.

The President so barely pulling 20-odd-percent.  I'm not sure if folks would believe him.....if he indicate the world was ending.  Most Republicans would tear into the discussion and say it's a fraud and not to worry.

Why this question comes up?  I'm not sure.  About once a year, if you attend some Baptist church in Bama.....some minister will some Revelations topic and scare up a bunch of folks who look for the sign of things ending.  Few realize that for years and years after the New Testament was written....Revelations was left out.  It didn't become part of the accepted text until 419AD, and even now....some folks have particular Bible editions without Revelations.

As for who you'd want to break the news?  I'm not sure if it matters.  Matt Lauer from the Today Show might do Ok.  You might want Terry Bradshaw....the football be telling you the bad news (he's spoken up numerous times about bad news for the Cowboys and we've gotten use to that).  Oh, and you might even want some Channel 19 junior anchor gal who seems to always do well with bad stories.

Frankly, I don't see a big necessity to be telling something that might be the end of the world.  If it's that complicated or requires some hour-long's probably a waste of time.