Thursday, 21 March 2013


The CVS guys (the drug pharmacy enterprise) have come out and done a woeful thing to their employees.  Basically, there's a questionnaire  and it asks some pointed questions about their height, weight, body fat measurement, personal habits, etc.

Course, from the 200,000 CVS employees....there's a bit of hostility of the company getting into their personal business.  This is all for the health insurance deal that the CVS folks offer.  If you want to avoid the questions?'s a annual $600 fee taxed onto your situation.

I sat and read over the comments.  There is a bit of anger coming out of the employees involved in this.  They just don't want to answer these personal questions.

After a while of pondering....I just sat there and thought....well...who exactly needs to tell the truth?

Yeah, I can admit my age, but after that's most how I see myself.  I'm a six foot guy and weigh 178 pounds (I might be 72 over that)....but I might suffer from some physiological problem where I forever see myself at the lean weight that I had when I finished Air Force basic training.

I might be a total advocate of no alcohol, yet suffer from a physiological problem where I consume it but never remember the occasion.

All CVS wants is fictional material to fill some database somewhere.  The idea that they'd bring you in and weigh you?  It just won't happen.  Checking you for nicotine?  Won't happen.  Checking you for alcohol consumption?  Won't happen.

You can imagine a staff of ladies at some CVS center in Nashville......all handing fake data over and just smiling.  The boss puts his fake data on top, and then everyone has least four each.

Car Trouble

Reports out of Israel indicate that President's limo, which is dragged off to every country he in the shop.

Apparently as the guys arrived and drove it off the Air Force needed to be fueled up.  The guys doing it?  Well....they fueled it with diesel and it should have been gas.

Having grown up on a farm.....I can attest to the fact that there is a distinctive smell to diesel, but after you've been out on the ramp area of a runway for a while, and sniffed enough fumes, you probably can't tell one thing from another.

Anyway, I'm guessing that Senator Harry Reid will quickly step to the podium this morning and say accurately that this is another indicator of sequestration and furlough pains.  Only by full funding the government.....could we prevent things like this from happening to the "Beast" (it's nickname).

Course, this would bring up the thought that maybe the Israel secret police might have mislabeled the nudge the President a bit.

Simply Observations

It won't be on the news or mentioned much....but as the new Pope got picked....the Argentine President got all peppy and got an entourage up to go and visit her guy in the Vatican.  They stopped in Morocco  and from there....went by commercial airlines.  The reason?  There's a bunch of investor folks who have attempted on a couple of occasions when she's used the show legal papers to take it because of state involvement in hurting their investment fund.  So in effect.... Argentina has a presidential jet, but can't fly it anywhere where some oddball legal folks would attempt to use the local courts to grab it.  In essence, it's a jet for mostly show and almost no travel.

This nutcase killer out in Colorado....has shown a new side.  Strangely enough....he's studying and developing himself as a Muslim.  Some news reports indicate that he prays five times a day.  Was he converting back when he went off to shoot the twelve folks dead and wound fifty-eight others? don't know.  It's just kinda odd, if you ask me.

Doctors in Detroit have found this older gal who did roughly a hundred bags of tea mixed up daily in one container, and drunk the stuff for at least seventeen years.  She's got all kinds of bone issues and they now believe that it's mostly all related to the tea.  My only question.....if you tossed a hundred bags of tea into a one-gallon you could even sip that strong of tea without at least fifteen spoons of sugar or twelve lemons squeezed into it?  I'd have to do that as a minimum.  What the doctors aren't suggesting is that tea is's just everything else in it in moderation.  It's like just don't want to go fishing 365 days a'd probably die eventually....from fishing (that's Bama logic for you).

Some folks did some studying and have confirmed that there are still a couple of folks getting government checks for participation or just compensation programs....for US war vets....going all the way back to the Civil War (1865).  They have found two folks who still get payments today....being sons or daughters of such vets.  They found the same issues with the Spanish-American war vets, WW I vets, etc.  The intention of this data is to show that once you start a end up paying for crap over the next fifty to a hundred years.  It's best not to start any wars, and just surrender things as quickly as possible when challenged.

Finally, experts in Bama have now admitted that poor roads around the state....are causing roughly $530-odd million dollars of damage to vehicle.  You can figure at $90 for a front-end alignment, that comes out to 5.8 million cars within the state each year.  Course, it's an oddball group.  Some are tires that wear out early.  Some are axles messed up after ten years of driving over dirt roads.  Some are just cracked windshields from stones tossed up.  Bottom line?  Mechanics in Bama are making a killing and quietly retiring to Florida by age fifty.  They really don't want road'd just kill the industry off.  Besides, you wouldn't have a chance to ever meet such nifty and unusual Bama characters down at the Lube-and-Go Shop.