Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My Suggestion for George

I've read over a couple of accounts of the newest experiences of George Zimmerman.  Basically, either through an accident or a misunderstanding.....George was wounded (more so by glass than a bullet).  From various statements, you get the feeling that the other guy knew George by visual recognition and had some kind of conflict with him.  Anyway, George didn't pull a gun on the guy, and cops won't be charging him with anything.

I'm one of those people who think George is mostly screwed because of the recognition factor and urban settings that he prefers.

I think George ought to pack up and move to some small town in Alabama.....grow a beard.....get a facial tatto deal (like Mike Tyson).....and simply introduce himself as a Honduran foreign national.....having recently arrived via President Obama's guest amnesty and immigration deal.  Simply introduce himself around town as "Jose" and let folks know that he's pro-Republican, anti-crime, and a "Bible-believer".

After a brief introduction....most folks...especially around Alabama, would be faked out by this personal introduction and refer to their new neighbor as "Jose" the illegal alien.

Now, I's fraud, wrong, and deceitful.  But, trying to be George Zimmerman in some urban area of Florida just won't work.

As time goes by, "Jose" can talk up anti-crime, pro-gun, and conservative politics with the locals.  After a while, the locals will be so positive with their "Jose".....that they will put him up for town council or county commission....while talking over his illegal status and how it's all 'OK' since President Obama ordered it 'OK'.  Eventually, "Jose" might even work his way up to state governor before someone woke up and realized he was actually George Zimmerman, the white Latino.

The Thing About Narrative

At some point yesterday (Tuesday)....President Obama made some personal comments and decided to lay out one of his observations.  He noted that Fox News was spreading negative sterotypes about the poor in America.

The quote:  "I think the effort to suggest that the poor are sponges, leeches, don’t want to work, are lazy, are undeserving got traction. And look, it’s still being propagated. I mean, I have to say that if you watch Fox News on a regular basis, it is a constant menu — they will find folks who make me mad. I don’t know where they find them. They’re all like, ‘I don’t want to work. I just want a free Obamaphone,’ or whatever. And that becomes an entire narrative that gets worked up and very rarely do you hear an interview of a waitress, which is much more typical, who’s raising a couple of kids and doing everything right but still can’t pay the bills."

The problem with this statement is the word "narrative".

The public over the past decade has gotten use to narrative.

Your son knows the narrative when he brings up an allowance upgrade, and you start talking about responsibility and work ethic.

Your buddies at the office know the narrative of the boss when he's talking bad numbers, crisis period, and layoffs coming up.

When the cops need to explain why they shot some old lady's know the narrative that will be used to explain the perceived threat to the cop.

When some state legislative cops start talking about closing state parks because of tax revenue know the narrative.

When some Secretary of State tries to explain why some ambassador just accidentally died in know the narrative.

When some black guy is thrown in the back of some police van and arrives at the destination with a broke the cops try to explain things....all you think of is narrative.

When the female principal was caught in a parked car out front of the school with some high school senior and the cops smile marijuana and notice that four buttons on the gal's blouse are listen to the explanation and all you think of is.....narrative.

When your state football coach wraps up the season with a 5-7 record, and explains that he just didn't have the right listen and all you think narrative.

Narrative is now a skill.  The guys at the Washington Post, NY Times, Time and Newsweak all know narrative. The folks at MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, and Fox News know narrative.  The folks who do the behind the scenes preparation for the morning religious chat shows know narrative.....talking in Moses, IRS, Adam and Eve, immigration control, Satan, and unemployment.

Poor people know narrative.  Rich people know narrative.  Liberals and Conservatives both know narrative.  Cowboys and Indians know narrative.  Farmers know narrative.  And even failed and confused NCAA football coaches know narrative.

As for the President's wisdom in pointing some finger at Fox News over narrative?  He seems awful worried over Fox it's some root-canal or hornet's nest sitting over the backdoor of the house.  For one single news source.....if you pause and look over comments from the White House.....Fox News gets mentioned at least five or six times a year.  NPR or Newsweak?  They never get mentioned.....almost like they don't exist in the mind of the White House.

The poor getting noted by Fox News?  I'm not that sure that they get mentioned much.  Maybe there is some stupid program which does little to help the poor.....which gets mentioned.  Maybe some revenue hand-out gets zero respect because it's not working.  People say things and they get noted.

I suspect most Americans would like to have a President who only gets noticed once a week.....never appears on some comedy show.....and is rarely quoted by the NY Times.  But trying to find such a mythical character is practically impossible.  That's my humble and honest......narrative.

Gambling Coming to Bama?

It is a shocker in Bama over the latest legislative business.  The Republicans in the state....having vowed over the past three decades to protect the innocence of every Bama resident by standing against lotteries, casinos and gambling.....are about to accept it with a friendly smile.

The draft bill sits presently with the state senate and most folks are believing in an acceptance.  The money generated?  Oh, that will be for education and children of least that's the coded phrase used.  It'll end up in the general fund sooner or later, and then be used for cop cars, state parks, and office furniture.

For decades, the Republican Party in Bama represented this relationship to good morale living, religious lifestyles, and principled authority.  Yeah, I was bogus....but it was good theater and folks believed it.

If you walk into a barbershop.....nine out of ten Bama guys would say this gambling thing isn't such a big deal.  They probably wouldn't even rate it in the top twenty issues of the day.  Most guys will admit that they already buy lotto tickets across the state line occasionally, and at least three of every ten Bama guys will admit to having been to a casino in the past year or two.

At least a quarter of all Bama women under the age of forty will readily admit that they've been to a casino in the past year or two as well.

The upset folks over this Republican change?  Mostly church folks who got some five-star minister character who quoted Moses and thrilled his congregation with bad-mouthing gambling.

The people who will get addicted?  Well.....yeah.....there are those who can't handle gambling.  The same can be said for those who can't handling driving a car in a safe fashion, or those who can't handle NCAA football in a safe fashion, or those who can't handle prescription pain-killers in a safe fashion, or those who can't handle a credit card in a safe fashion, or those who can't handle chainsaws in a safe fashion.  You can only protect society to a certain degree.....after's a guy's own responsibility for screwing up.

So, prepare for gambling coming to Bama.  Heck, we might even see a casino or two coming out of this state park business.  Joe Wheeler might turn itself into a fantastic gambling casino.