Monday, 20 May 2019

Bernie's Call for $60k Minimum Salary for Teachers

It's a curious statement that Bernie made over the weekend.....that we need to establish $60k as the minimum starting point for teachers.

The current rate in Montana?  Around $31k a year.  Alabama?  Just a notch above the $31k a year. 

Average pay (meaning ten plus years) as a teacher in Kentucky?  $52,000.  For Arizona, it's around $47,000. 

The problem I see is that you'd have to go to almost all of the fifty states, and raise levels up.  Into the billions?  Yes.

So naturally, you'd ask the question....are some of these teachers (fresh out of college) even worth $60,000 a year?  Are some of these teachers, even at age 38....worth $60,000 a year. 

If you got around to them....why not the road department employees for the state of Texas?  Shouldn't they be all making $45,000 a year minimum salary? 

Where would all this fresh new money for teachers come from?  Well.....more taxation. 

Fake Parents Story

The border patrol folks....ICE....started up a brief test program to DNA-test kids and parents that they pick up....ONLY in the McAllen and El Paso, Texas region.  Statistical comeback.....30-percent of parents don't match up.  In fact, some parents (fake parents) when told of the impending test....went ahead and admitted that they weren't the real parents, and thus cancelled out the family situation.

If they did this in all cases?  My humble guess is that 30-to-40 percent of family situations would fall apart.  But this kinda begs did the guy find the kids to do this....and what exactly was the plan after settlement into the US? 

Well, you don't know. 

All of this begs questions, but you really don't know how to stack the consequences.  Do you automatically send kids and the fake dad back?  Are these fake women with fake kids?  Do the kids even care about the fake parent?