Friday, 3 April 2020

How the 2020 Election Year May End

Counting up the impeachment deal.....the two-trillion 'golden-gift' payout, and the virus.....I expect a weird end to 2020.

I expect around a week to a month after the Kentucky primary (the last of the season)....that Joe Biden will announce that he's got a dementia issue and can't go forward. 

Then I expect the convention to settle on the only possibility.....Hillary Clinton, and her VP will be Stacey Abrams (of Georgia). 

Two weeks after the convention, Hillary will be quarantined and noted with the virus.  Two weeks after that, Hillary passes on, and Abrams is declared the Presidential candidate, with Mayor Pete as her VP. 

As the funeral is held, with thousands of Democrats showing least sixty will contract the virus....including Stacey Abrams.  She'll be out of action for near three weeks, with Mayor Pete mostly as the front-man for the whole campaign for the month of October. 

Trump will only agree to the debates....if it's a no-audience deal, and only one moderator with questions pulled out of a hat at random.

Between the Bernie-folks and the Joe-folks....almost a quarter of all Democratic voters stay home, and Trump wins near forty-five states. 

The Coronavirus 'Committee'

So it's on....House Speaker Pelosi announced that there will be a House committee just on Corona.  You can laugh, but she has fixed it to have supoena powers, and it's be another woeful part of our democracy. 

How this will all work?

They will call in the crowd that you typically see standing by the President at his daily conferences, and put them under oath.  Confusion will be attempted, or accusations of misstatements. 

The President will say that they are taking his people away from their primary job.....Nancy's crew will say that they are supposed to oversee the mission.

Drama.....drama.....drama.  Sadly, this will only persuade people that Nancy's management crew aren't capable of doing much.

Investigating Senators and House members getting insider info on stock and enriching themselves?  That would be a wonderful job for this group to handle.....but don't go expecting that to happen.