Saturday, 26 October 2019

Smoke Tray Story

Several months ago, we picked up the new Audi A5 at the factory.  Four months prior to that, to make the order had to go down this list of options.

For the A5, there's roughly seven pages of options.  The wife did most of the selections on this.  Frankly, I didn't care.

So she selected this one cigarette lighter/ashtray.  Neither of us smoke, and I didn't really think much of this.   The lighter device could be used for the GPS device power 'box', or this small refrigerator unit that we carry with us on one single trip a year.

So the car arrives, and there is this hard rubberized container, with a fancy aluminum Audi-symbol top.  Really nice item, and at first I must be for soda cans or such.  This is the cigarette ashtray, which would fit in the drink holder along the center of the car.

If you finished up the could just drop the butt into the can, snap the top closed, and thats the end of the smoke business.

I shake my head each time I look at this container.  This option, with the cheapo lighter power device, and this hard rubber container....was around 45 Euro (roughly 50 dollars).