Wednesday, 22 August 2012

TV: Go On

From NBC....the new season has officially started.  I sat and watched Go On tonight.  I don't normally chat much on TV shows....because the vast majority are losers (remember The River?).  Go On is a tidy comedy that really isn't a pure offers a bit of a dramatic curve about every five minutes.

I will admit that the other characters on the show do make it rise above what you'd expect, and there are an abundance of them.  So Mathew Perry isn't really carrying the show to a huge degree.

My advice?  If you have half-an-hour....sit and watch the show.  It ought to make it five years, but these's hard to tell.  It is worth watching.

My Neighborhood

This actually happened up the street from my place....about six blocks away, here in Arlington, VA.  Around 3AM the other guy walks into a 7-11, and intends to rob the place.  We don't have many robberies around Arlington....especially like this.  There's maybe one every three or four weeks for the whole country area.

About a minute into this robbery....a second guy (an associate of guy number one) enters the 7-11 with a fire cracker (maybe a Roman Candle-type situation), with a lit item.  My guess is that guy number one was supposed to have the money in his hands by this point and then guy number two would light the fire cracker in the store, and quickly exit. the idiot entered with the firecracker and a lit item.....the firecracker is lit up and actually blows up in the hand of guy number two.

At this point, all hell has broke loose, and both guys get pretty peppy, and exit the store without any loot.   Cops have not found them, but I'm guessing the second guy has some injuries to his hand and it ain't pretty.

With my vast experience of fireworks in Bama....I'd offer up this advice.  It's best not to hold any firecracker and attempt to light it with the second hand.  Nothing good of this can come.

Our Sea of Galilee Guy

This is a story that you have to put some prospective into it before it becomes clear.  Some weeks ago...this Republican Representative from Kansas....Kevin Yoder....went off on a trip with other Republicans to the Promised Land.  Note, that's to mean Israel.  Somewhere in the midst of this trip....the "boys" end up around the Sea of Galilee, and likely had some beverages.  One thing led to another.  A bunch of guys jumped into the Sea of Galilee.  Kevin jumped in, without any basic form of skinny dipping.

Word got out.  Some media folks noted the trip and this terrible skinny dippyness into the Sea of Galilee.  The House asked for an get to some facts.  Everything is kinda include the fact that not one single federal dollar financed the trip.  It was all privately financed (note, there is a great shock to Rep Pelosi because it just isn't right that Representatives conduct private trips without any tax-payer efforts.  Congressman Yoder came back after all this mess and said he was sorry.

So I reviewed this mess, and pondered.

Around two thousand years ago....some guys named Mathew, Mark, and Luke had some rather hot days out on the coast of the Sea of Galilee, and likely jumped off in the water in the form of skinny dipping.  I'm pretty sure no one said much.  Days were hot and a guy needed some relief.  Heck, that Jesus kid in his youth....probably jumped off in the Sea of Galilee as well.

Should we be worried about this behavior?  Well....skinny dipping is conducted in all fifty states.  I might agree that no one skinny dips in the Disrict of Columbia....not unless you do the Potomac thing at 5AM on a Sunday when nobody is much around.  But in the other states, there's probably 300k Americans who skinny dip at least once a year.

Maybe there should be laws against it, but one cares.

So this Yoder kid isn't a corrupted individual in my book.  In fact, most folks from Kansas will think about this a while and come to agree that they all know forty or fifty folks who have skinny dipped in their life. The only difference here is that they all did it in Kansas.  Kevin Yoder did it in the Sea of Galilee. That's a status symbol to a degree, but it just ain't worth getting worried about.   In fact, if I was worried about'd be jobs in America, and I'd just let this skinny dipping business just pass.