Friday, 20 September 2019

Trump and the Wad of Cash

Yesterday, some photographer (from Reuters) got a picture of President Trump and what appeared to be a 'wad' of cash in his back-pocket.  Later, journalists came up to ask Trump about it, and he admits....'yes', that he carries cash on himself all the time.  How much?  That's not clear.  Maybe it's ten twenties.....maybe it's forty twenties.  The purpose of the money?  Tips at the hotels that he stays at. 

Several decades ago, I worked with an Air Force NCO who carried a thousand dollars on his person....on a daily basis.  In those days, it was a significant amount of money.  It was always neatly arranged in ones, fives, tens and twenties....with a couple of hundreds toward the rear of this collection.  His 'excuse' was that he'd find some deal at a flea market or garage sale (he was a habitual shopper), and swing the deal immediately.  He would go and claim to flipping the item within days or weeks, and yearly....bragging about making several thousand dollars in profit from this habit.

If you bring up this topic today, around most one except the guys over sixty might have a habit like this.  Some younger folks will tell you that they carry on a charge-card or two, and maybe ten dollars in cash for sodas or coffee throughout a week. 

Another oddity about Trump?  Maybe, but you can also make the case that he tips well (if it's twenties that he hands the maids). 

Course, if you were anti-Trump, you'd say that people are sneaking up to him and offering him cash for 'favors'.....paying him in loose twenties.