Saturday, 7 April 2018

End of Facebook Coming?

I noticed in this morning's news that the 'number-two' of Facebook....Sheryl Sandberg....came out in a blunt way and said that if users had the expectation of 'private and personal' data....then they'd have to pay for it.

In her statement, if you read the whole thing....she basically said that Facebook isn't stealing your are intent on inputting the data into the system, and they simply store it for you. 

How much would it cost to have private data?  Well....she skips that part.

I would imagine that it'd have to be in the range of $4 a month ($50 a year roughly) to get some privilege like this.

The question would be.....would a person pay $50 a year for that private data option?  I have my doubts.  And if you did create this option.....with half of the Facebook customers using valuable would the remaining data become?

But the other side of this whether Democratic-like people would have a problem with Facebook selling their data to GOP-like organizations....or vice-versa?  I think 50-percent of the general public would get hyped up and aggravated over the mere suggestion that their data might be in the hands of some Clinton-like figure or Trump-like figure.

All of this leads me to wonder if this becomes a harsh reality for Facebook, and users start to depart or lessen their activity.