Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Alternate History

George Zimmerman is edging along his gated community....looking at this kid, who he has never seen before.  The kid is dressed in a hoodie and is acting a bit suspicious.  George eventually gets out.....calls 911....lets them in on this suspicious character.  George is eventually told by disengage, and go back to his vehicle....the cops will be there shortly.

Well....George eventually does turn to leave....only after asking the kid why he was in the neighborhood.  The kid?  Trayvon Martin, the kid, has decided that someone has threatened his position in life and is going to "mark his territory".  So he moves George is turned, wallops George up side the head, and George starts to go down.

Trayvon starts to pound away on George.....who really isn't in the best of shape.  George has a pistol in his belt, but never gets that chance to pull it out.  Trayvon thumps George's head against the ground and bangs away with his fist. George eventually loses consciousness.  Trayvon gets up....a bit blooded here and there, and now decides to leave quickly.  A witness has seen part of this but it's getting dark and he'll never be able to truly recognize anyone.

The cops arrive to find George laying on the ground, in a unconscious state.  The ambulance comes and takes him off to the hospital.  There's brain swelling and a major threat to his life.  George goes into a coma.

Trayvon walks onto his dad's house, where dad notices the clothing messed up and the blood on the hoodie, but never asks any questions.  The next day....Trayvon's dad is told by a neighbor about the guy beat up down the block.  He kinda knows what happened, but he just isn't about to rat on his own son.  It's hard for a dad to reach any other conclusion.  You simply hope that this will go away and your son realizes just how much trouble he could have gotten himself into.  It's a secret you will take to your grave, in your son's best interest.

George lays in a coma for five days, and then passes away.  The cops quiz everyone in the neighborhood, but there's no possible suspect.  There's DNA collected by the cops, and they have a sample ready to compare, but no suspect.

Over the next month, this entire gated community is visibly shaken.  A local honest guy....beaten to death in their community.  They all start to carry guns in open sight.  They are prepared to shoot anyone who acts suspicious in their neighborhood.  The cops promise action, but basically can't find any suspect.  Trayon's dad?  He just kinda looks the other way, and makes sure the kid doesn't come around the neighborhood anymore.

Three years pass and Trayvon is this wannabe player guy who deals on the side a good bit, and gets into a fight with some customer one night.  There's cops on the scene who arrest and charge Trayvon with a crime.....which requires a DNA sample because of the accusations.  Trayvon realizes the implications and the very next day....has his dad bail him out.  Dad plucks down $4k and does a deal with the bail bondsman.

Within four hours, Trayvon has called an associate who has a cousin in Chicago who will take care of him.  So Trayvon boards a Greyhound bus and leaves town....quietly.  The cops show up on dad's doorstep five days later....with an arrest warrant for George's murder.  Dad knows nothing except that junior is gone.  The bail bondesman takes dad's money, and is now hunting the kid.

The parents both defend the kid and can't understand how their innocent Trayvon could ever be accused of killing some Latino guy.

Eight years pass now, while Trayvon has renamed himself Antonio and gotten himself hooked up with a Chicago hot chic.  Tempers occasionally flare up and Trayvon has admitted to the girlfriend that he got into trouble in Florida for hurting a guy.  One night, the girlfriend is angry about his behavior and calls the cops.

Chicago's finest come and arrest Trayvon.  The DNA is tested, and within twenty-four hours....the Florida cops are interested in him.

There's a problem or two now.....because there's no true witness to this murder.  Trayvon's parents have hired up this fancypants lawyer and they are working this deal.  George's family is furious....because the life sentence is now gone, and the best they can hope fifteen years.  George's family tries to get the local media involved, but it's just another case of some Latino guy killed by some black guy....nothing more.

Trayvon gets a negotiation deal now.....where he might actually walk free in thirteen years.  George's family goes to CNN, ABC, and even Fox News....but no one really will tell this terrible story of how their beloved George was violently assaulted and killed by this kid in a gated community.

Eventually, the Latino channel in America....brings the whole story out.  Trayvon's family explains how he was just a lost kid who got into the wrong neighborhood, and it was totally unfair of George causing the problem in the first place.  They can't really explain the school suspensions, the tattoos, or the drug arrests.

At some point, a professor digs into statistics after George's death.  A trend started up where more people carried weapons and started to shoot more readily.  He could actually show an extra forty to fifty people tended to be shot first, and answers provided later.....after this untimely death of George.

Trayvon eventually released from prison and ends up back living his aged mother....mostly just hanging out and talking about his wasted life.....doing an occasional drug or two.  There's a fight one night in the neighborhood....where one guy thinks that Trayvon ratted on him.  So a shooting eventually occurs, with Trayvon dead.

The local press carries his untimely death....talking about the various threats out there on the street and how Trayvon was trying to rebuild his life.  It's a positive matter how it's spun.

It's just an alternate history....that's all.  Yes, really.  Sometimes, you just can't change history as much as you'd like.

My Vote

I was sitting there on Sunday morning....reading through the local news, and suddenly came to realize that there was going to be this localized Arlington election for the city council.  One of the members had taken some position and vacated their city council position.  The election was going to be held on Tuesday (yesterday).  To be's mostly by my habit of reading the Washington Post on occasion, that I came to notice this election....otherwise, I wouldn't even have known about it.

So we had three candidates....a Republican, a Democrat, and a Green Party individual.  The only key factor I could see was that the Green Party individual was standing up against several infrastructure projects which had been rushed up and passed by the council.  So I made this decision to vote for the Green individual.  Yeah, it's a bit odd....but then it's just a city council slot.

So I walked yesterday morning....about a mile over to the recreation center in the neighborhood, and voted.  It was an odd episode because they had three desks set up to handle voters, but as far as I could one was voting.  By last night, the total number of votes cast for Arlington was around 16k votes.....which would have been around 12-percent of the registered voters of the county.  It was for all practical of the lowest turn-outs in the county's history.  The Green individual?  Well....they lost in a big sort of way, but still pulled out a 1k votes.  The Democratic candidate won, with just 900 votes to spare.

I'm guessing that of the 14k voters....probably over ten percent were like me....just accidentally finding out about the election at the last minute....which really says alot about democracy, and the fact that you can flip a coin on candidates and just pick someone without much thought about the situation.

Just Observations

The Supreme Court episode unfolding with Obamacare.  I spent around three hours this weekend....with a bunch of fancy dressed media guys speaking how Justice Kennedy was this wildcard, and could come down on the side of supporting the new law.  After yesterday's commentary by Justice Kennedy....I'd say that his support in favor of the mandatory portion of the law is virtually zero, and that whole bunch of talk this past weekend was mostly all bogus to fill up hour upon hour of news stuff (note, I do mean just plain stuff).  It's a five to four vote in June, and folks need to start thinking how this affects the election.  I just don't think it helps the President at this point, and just adds another layer of issues to deal with in September.

The Fed guys have brought in some voice expert to analyze the last phone call with Trayvon Martin in Florida.  Their hopes are that they can provide how the Latino guy uttered some racial slur, and then run up some case about a hate-crime.  In some states, this strategy might work.....but with the population of Florida and the variable possibilities of a jury.....I'd say it's a waste of time and money.  As each day goes by.....almost every single type of case appears to be more difficult to win.  The issue with the racial slur in've got half the population that utters it on a daily basis in dealing with whites, Latinos, Cubans, and blacks.  With any of them sitting on a jury.....things just don't look that good in making a federal case out of it.

Finally, Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan?  I keep trying to imagine this movie being made and how some producer comes to select Jane Fonda.  Maybe twenty-five years ago when Jane could still act....but she hasn't made any kind of decent movie since the early 1990s.  Then her playing Nancy?  This would be like asking Larry the Cable Guy to play Jimmy Carter, or John Travolta to play King Kong Bundy (the wrestler), or getting Charlie Sheen to play Winston Churchill.  For some reason, I just don't think this movie with Jane playing Nancy will amount to much.