Thursday, 5 March 2020

What I'd Do For Chuck

After reading over the chatter by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and his chatter toward the Supreme Court.....I'd go to three solutions:

1.  I'd treat him as if he were an employee of mine, and ask the guy to take a anger-management class (as soon as possible on starting this).

2.  I'd mark him down for a week of leave....due to stress.  I might even suggest camping out in the Smokies, or bass-fishing in Mississippi.

3.  Then I'd warn him that he'd be denied entry into the Senate for a month, if he ever repeated that type of chatter again.  If he wanted to stay around his office, or just make campaign stops in NY....fine. 

A lot of people are reaching the level where they can't be civil or courteous anymore.  If they don't like the President....tough, because it's a four-year deal, and you have to work with what the Constitution gives to you.  If you aren't made of the 'right stuff'.....maybe you ought to get into real estate, or professional rodeo riding. 

The Problem With the Second Amendment

It reads quiet simply:

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

It was written purely as a right, not as a limitation.  In fact, it literally took the city, state and federal government out of the discussion over 'arms'.   If they had stopped at the word 'State' and said that should not be infringed, then this whole gun discussion would have ended fifty to one-hundred years ago, and various weapons would have been seized already on tens of thousands of occasions.

The problem now?  The term 'militia'. 

You don't call a militia up to restock grocery shelves.

You don't call a militia up to re-sod a baseball field over at the school.

You don't call a militia up to fill sandbags for the approaching flood.

You don't call for help from a militia because of a blizzard, or hurricane.

You don't ask a militia to stop a forest fire, drain a swamp, or resolve a failing dam.

In fact, for most'd rather not be in the situation where a militia resolution is required. 

You'd rather not be standing in the midst of house where the front-door has been busted down at 1 AM.  You'd rather not be standing at a grocery where some nutcase has threaten to kill some grocery clerks or retiree customers.  You'd rather not be standing in a church where some meth-fueled nutcase has quoted John the Baptist while waving a shotgun around.  You'd prefer not to be standing in the coffee shop when some deranged nutcase has a machete and threatening to kill Rita....the gal who has served you coffee daily for the past five years. 

The sad thing is that in the late 1700s....when you needed a came to resolve problems.

For the past 200-odd years, the militia (sometimes numbering just one single guy) has been the difference in resolving a threat. 

For those with opposition to the 2nd amendment....if you wanted to make your case, all you have to do is eliminate the need for any militia to exist.  Bring world-peace to your neighborhood....erase nutcase threats in the literal sense....and make every single inch of the nation 'safe'. 

Once you've accomplished that....then perhaps the need for the militia can finally go away. 

I's a big challenge.  But if you were like the Gandhi-guy, wouldn't you desire to go out and bring peace to every inch of the country, and ensure nutcases never threaten anyone?  Just stop assaults, robberies, physical threats, and house the mentally insane who threaten people. 

And just a tip....if your peace approach on the non-peaceful people fails.....maybe you ought to remember a member or two (militia folks), and ask briefly for their help.  It's not a terrible thing to know that they are around.