Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Republican/Democrat/Republican/Democrat Party

Out of 100 Senators who sit today in DC....roughly eighty of them (both parties) are really Republican-Democrats.  This means....they really pretend to be of one party, but could flip on any given day to help some agenda group, foundation with political money, lobbyists, or special topic culture.

You'd think that they come to DC to represent their state, or the voters who sent them there.  But that's only media gossip.

The "hype"?  Thank goodness that the networks exist, and cable news have so many potential allow these guys to get their Hollywood-star-status out in front and capture the imagination of dimwitted voters.

I'd take a guess that if you viewed ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News on an average least thirty Senators will appear, and at least two hours of commentary will be offered up in bullet-like clips.  The news idiots are smart enough to ask a simple basic question, and try to limit the Senator to just forty words of commentary, cutting them off before they spill the beans that they really don't know much beyond the memorized piece they got this morning from the Party headquarters or the agenda group.

This sort of game of the media pumping up characters....plays out well, except the public probably has started to catch on, and is now more frustrated with politics.  A soap opera-like scenario....bogus guys appearing nightly on TV.....stupid commentary from both the news media and political figures.  All this adds up.

The fix?  It's not a positive deal....but maybe it's finally time for multiple parties.  Toss in two or three additional political parties with ten-to-fifteen percent of the nation behind each, and limit the Republicans and Democrats to sixty percent of the national vote.  Maybe then, we end up with less theater and better leaders.