Saturday, 4 May 2019

Legal Chatter

Over the past month or two, I've noticed a couple of 'blue' states which have worked up draft laws (and passing them), which would require you (as a Presidential candidate) to release your tax submissions to the IRS.  No release?  No path to the state nomination process for President.

Legal?  Well, it'll be challenged, and the chie problem I see is that they made this feature ONLY for people running for President.  If they'd said everyone (from dog-catcher to city councilman) would have to do the might withstand legal issues.  I think the big court folks will just laugh and throw this out.

But somewhere along the way, some state (maybe Alabama) will get into this game, and add blue-state-like tactics as well.

For example: mandate that you have to be five-foot six inches tall to run for President and show up to be measured by the State Attorney General.

For example: provide all social media commentary for three years, if running for President.

For example: provide evidence of a driver's license being current, if running for President.

For example: provide your shoe size, preferred breakfast menu, and a photo of your favorite teacher....if you want to run for President.

It's silly but we are evolving into a silly society.