Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Exorcism in Mexico

I read a fair number of news sources throughout a normal week (probably over 1,000 news items).  Occasionally, you will pick up one item which demands a bit of pondering.

Roughly a month ago....the archbishop of Guadalajara (a state in Mexico) did up an exorcism of sorts.  Cardinal Iniguez got with some other Catholic priests.....huddled quietly in a room.....and tried to drive out demons from across all of Mexico.

No one is saying much over the success and there's some thought that it was way too big of a problem for just a couple of priests (you'd probably need two-hundred priests for the Mexico problem).

So, this brings around this solution to applying for problems in the US.  Could we work up some massive 10,000 priest operation and do a big-time exorcism in the US?

Naturally, some folks in Alabama would ask questions.  Would this mess around with legit sin (gambling in casino operations, drinking two-percent beer on Saturday night, conducting relations with the Dairy Queen lady or the Piggly Wiggly clerk)?

Then they'd ask if this was mumbo-jumbo and just fake?

Somewhere down the line.....they'd eventually ask if this were permanent or just a short-term solution.

Finally, some guy would ask if Satan was really responsible or were people just blaming their stupidity and lax morals on some fake thing.....thus not taking responsibility over themselves?

For some reason, I'm not buying into the Mexico exorcism episode.  Nor do I think most Mexicans believe the story beyond just a gimmick of the Catholic Church to fake people out.