Saturday, 25 April 2020

Getting Lectured.....24 Hours a Day

I spend a fair amount of time each week (since in early retirement) focusing business, politics, chaos, and technology news. 

Out of this....probably one-third of what I view or more of a lecture, than practical reporting.  It doesn't matter, if you are talking Brit news, the US scene, or even here in Germany.  A lot of individuals are hyped to lecture you.....feeling it's their 'duty' (where they got this idea.....I have no idea).

The problem for these folks is that I dig into the topic area, and usually out with forty-odd facts, and the lecture for basically that of a 5th-grade kid trying to explain to me nuclear physics, but never actually touching on anything related to physics.  Their's all bad, so I shouldn't ever jump into anything nuclear-related. 

Maybe in my thirties and forties.....I might have sat for an hour to listen to the lecture, and try to grasp all of the insider information.  To be truthful about me at this point.....I don't have the patience anymore to sit for lectures. 

The lectures from the Fridays for the Future 'kid'?  Sorry, you need more life experience before you come around and try to lecture me.

The lectures on diesel cars being evil?  You were the idiot trying to lecture me forty years ago that we all needed cars which got 50 miles-per-gallon, and basically.....the diesel guys were the only ones who could deliver your expectation.

The lectures on wind-mill generator energy?  Once you said they were 'evil' because they killed all these birds.....I kinda started laughing.

The lectures on kids being stupid to borrow $100,000 to get a college education, and then being shocked at age forty that they were still owing massive debt?  I saw through all those lectures from day one on.

The lectures on intellectual folks being the only ones who you should allow to run governments?  It was a funny argument from day one on. 

The lectures simply went on and on. 

So my advice.....once you reach my stage, don't waste time....flip the channel over to reruns of Flipper, or watch the 1937 movie 'Lost Horizon', or walk the dog an extra hour today.  The lecture simply isn't worth the time or effort. 


Someone brought up a comment on 'CNN having credibility' recently, and the talk went to the 1990s.

It's hard to imagine but as you went from the late 1980s, into the mid-1990s....CNN had respect....dignity.....honor....and recognition. 

You could have turned on Larry King and gotten a decent four-star interview.  You could have viewed some ongoing situation where they actually didn't go to find experts.....they just let the camera run and let things unfold from witnesses on the scene. 

Today?  I sit and have the finger on the 'mute-button' and attempt to view CNN until they bring in the 'experts'.  The mute goes on and I wait until they reach the next story. 

The big boss of AT&T is supposed to be leaving shortly, and some suggest that as the new guy arrives....he might go and put CNN up for sale.  Profitability?  I doubt if CNN has turned any real profit for the past six to eight years.  The possibility that some Chinese unit will end up buying CNN?  It wouldn't really shock me. 

Simply Observations

1.  Should medical advice only come from a doctor, and not from the President of the United States?

Given the current situation, I think in future elections, we should only elect medical school graduates, veterinarians, dentists, and rodeo-riders.  Then we'd all be happy over their medical advice.  Note, it always seems because of injuries and horse woes, rodeo-riders seem to know a good bit on health aspects.  Course, considering all of this.....President Hillary in this case would have offered medical advice, and what would you have done with her?

2.  Did 94-percent of all New Yorkers who died from Covid-19.....have secondary conditions?

Yep.  A review was done and reported via the NY Post.   If you had lived a pretty healthy life (greens, salad, no fats, exercise, etc) would have done OK.

But the next question is many New Yorkers live unhealthy?  Might be curious to know that part of the story.

3.  Did bin Laden actually say that he wanted to kill bring a weak Joe Biden into the Presidency?

Information from the secret villa says that.  How bin Laden came to this analysis is not known.  Maybe he was watching Fox News, and it just hit him one day that Joe wasn't that capable.

4.  What kind of disinfectant should one consume, with Trump's advice?

Believe it or not.....gin is a fine disinfectant, and I'd mix it with a good sour mix.  Three shots per glass.  I'd call it Trumpfectant.

Oh, I should doesn't do much for the Coronavirus.

5. This crazy idea (voiced by Trump)....'injecting' UV/sunlight directly into your veins....crazy?

Well....probably.  But there's this thing to think about.  Bats are where this virus came from, and bats hate the the sunlight.  I can see some PhD guy standing there and just wondering....if you put some UV down into you (like the lungs)....what would happen to the virus?  Who might be that crazy, and everyone starts getting dragged into some clinic for a 30-minute procedure of UV if their test says positive.

6. Is there some crazy connection between opioids and the Wuhan situation?

You have to be amused by this....Wuhan was the center-point of production for all opioids in the world.  The various compounds and ingredients, with the right production people....all in this twenty-mile circle.  Even the LA Times is talking about this massive problem now (no production).

So fentanyl is not getting produced?  No one is saying a 100-percent work-stoppage.  But the hint here is that the gangs are now in a crazy period, and whatever was going on in Wuhan.....with the police establishing a no-exit situation....has lessened the supply around the world.  Since the no-exit business went down two weeks ago?  Not much is said. 

7.  Is there any kind of real resume for Stacey Abrams....the likely VP candidate for Joe Biden?

I usually make jokes out of losers running for office with a 7-line resume (enough to put on a 3x5 inch card).  In her case (Abrams).....she probably has a 12-line resume, which is slightly better than most losers.

After college, she did go and be a tax-lawyer for charity operations....keeping the IRS off their butt.  She also set up a legal-consulting firm. 

Back in 2002, she became a deputy-lawyer for the city of Atlanta.  Five years after that....she became state assembly representative.  From 2010 to 2017, you can find a dozen-odd things within the state assembly job that she pushed or led on. 

On qualifications to be a Vice-President....from the past twenty years of various characters....she'd at least be in the middle of the group (not at the end as the 7-line loser type).

But here's the odd factor....she's never won an office higher than state assembly representative...ever.  State prosecutor?  No.   Governor?  No.  House or Senate situation?  No.  If you lined up all of the people for the past hundred years who'd run as a VP candidate.....she's the weakest of them all.  If it were not for the news media situation that we have one outside of the state would know her.

8.  Are dead people actually getting removed from the 'dead by Coroniavirus' listing? 

Well....yeah.  At least in the state of Penn.  All that is said is that some folks came up and identified some 200-odd people....who were mostly dead from 'something else' (heart attacks, etc). 

It is a bit confusing.  Maybe the bigger question to ask....if they are dead....are they still registered to vote in some way?

9.  Are we having a problem with rudeness?

People will say that there is a 'norm', and that we've exceeded the 'norm' by a good bit in this modern time.  To be honest though.....people were disrespectful in the 1990s....the 1980s....etc. 

Maybe it's a pretender status thing where for a brief hour or so.....we pretend to be nice, when the rudeness thing is brewing heavily upon us. 

10.  Any truth to the rumor that this Brit guy....Christopher Steele, who wrote the Trump dossier....deleted all of his reference material?

This past week, Steele admitted....bluntly....that he'd deleted all reference material back in January of 2017.  Reason?  Nothing much is offered.  So anything that could explain the details, how they were found, or dates of discovery.....simply don't exist.  Value of the dossier at this point?  On a scale of one to ten.....probably a minus-10. 

There's no reason for the FBI to even maintain a copy of the dossier, or for any news organization to even bring it up at this point.  It's like it never existed.  Pretty funny in a way.  The dossier that never was....even in the first place.