Monday, 11 March 2013

My Neighborhood

Across the river....a good safe distance from Arlington....we had another shooting in DC last night.  Cops now say that seven people (minimum) were shoot by a drive-by guy in a BMW....around 2AM Monday morning.

Reason?  None.

The best they can say is that a group of folks were simply out front of an apartment complex....talking on the sidewalk area at 2AM, and the guy drove by to fire some rounds.  All will survive apparently.

The thing that generally gets me....almost all of these shootings (the vast majority)....end up occurring between 10PM and 3AM.  In an entire year....there might be three shootings during daylight hours.  Toss in a dozen-odd shootings from 7PM to 10PM as the sun starts to set.  The vast majority all happen in the later hours.

So you are left with this question....why the heck would you be out on the street at 2AM?  And you really can't answer that question.