Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Gun Story

It came out this week that here....roughly four months after New Zealand enacted this 10-star gun legislation after the Christchurch mass force the hand-over of most all guns in the country....a total of roughly 1.5-million guns....that so far, only about 530 guns were handed over to the cops.

Yep....530 handed over.

It's an amazing story.  Almost every network hyped up the legislation and how this was going to resolve everything, and that virtually every single New Zealander was going to cooperate with this. 

Adding to this.....around the fall of 2020, there's a national election set for New Zealand, and I'm willing to guess that at least one or two parties will ask for the repeal of the gun law.

So all this hype?  Mostly for a failed program that the general public hasn't bought off on?  Yep.


I noticed in the news this morning that AOC (our favorite Congress-lady) came to use the expression 'sashay' in comments yesterday.

It's not a typical expression or word used in modern-day America.  In fact, you'd have to go and watch 1930s movie to hear it used a good bit.

Sashay typically means you are are out walking, and you've got some kind of weird hip and shoulder action, which might indicate you got 'lucky'.....won some poker game.....walking in some gaudy fashion to impress guys....or acting out some theatrical image.

For you older guys, this means your hip is swinging out in some funny way and your shoulder is literally throwing your elbow outwards. 

How AOC came to view and toss that word out there?  Unknown.  She must have been watching a couple of 1930s movies and caught the word.