Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Gas versus Smoke Story

At some point last night, around the Lafayette Park area of DC....a protest crowd came up and 'gas' hit them. 

For those who aren't familiar with the location, it's about 1,000 feet north of the White House (500 x 300 ft at best).  It's mostly known for a couple of statues, and benches.

So the protest folks and the news media folks there....fell to the group, cough and wheezing.....experiencing just terrible, terrible tear-gas. 

This morning, they were blabbing all over about this, and someone wanted the Park Service security 'thugs' to admit this terrible wrong.

Well....the Park Service folks said 'no'.....we didn't use any tear gas.  They had some canister of just plain smoke.  Canned-smoke?  Yep, canned-smoke.

You'd basically compare it to a dozen fire-rockets (4th of July type) that you'd fire suddenly, and the air is just a tad smoky. 

So this rolling on the ground and hyped over eyes watering?  Well....kinda bogus.

I get the impression that a lot of journalists have never been to a real riot in their life, and never experienced tear-gas. 

From my early days in the Air Force, Sarge would have run up to them rolling on the ground, kicking them a few times, and telling them....get up.....it's damn smoke, you idiot. 

A Lame Story

From the last day or two, Joe Biden went public, and made the statement.....that it was OK to shoot protest folks or riot thugs....in the leg.

I thought it was a misquote.

Well....no, that's what he said.

He wanted the police across the nation to be trained.....to shoot folks only in the leg.

Advocating the shooting of folks?  In a black community perhaps?  I don't see how this gets him votes.  You just end up with cops very hyped up now to use guns, if trained.....to shoot folks in the legs.  You end up with 150,000 lame guys walking around, and a bunch of folks asking how we got so many lame dudes.