Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Simplified Views

You could spend eighteen hours a day viewing various news items and trying to grasp the significance to you....yourself.  Or you could simplify these down to a point of easy understanding.

Ebola?  It's relatively safe.  It's kinda like you getting a bag of six rattlesnakes in a canvas bag, tied by our cousin at the end, and then the bag is thrown into the car trunk for a three-hour drive.  What could happen?  Normally nothing out of ninety-nine's just that one-hundredth trip, where your cousin's knot wasn't secure, and the snakes got out of the trunk that you worry about all the heck that would occur.

The President's executive order sequence?  Well....ninety-nine percent of all executive orders over the past one-hundred years have likely had no effect on you...yourself.  That's the plain simple truth.  So the question is....could some guy be creative enough to finally invent some executive orders that affect the regular guy off the street?  And if they did.....what exactly could you do alone to halt, hinder or prevent it?  A counter executive order by you....the guy on the street?

Hillary Clinton in 2016?  When you sit back and look at 2008.....wondering how the heck anyone could screw up an Iowa primary and lose to a virtual unknown Illinois Senator with a eight-line resume and no real accomplishments in life?  The answer?  You don't know how to run a primary campaign in Iowa, or for that matter....any other state.  So, the Hillary effort in mostly bogus, unless you were some media organization looking for hype.

The IRS mess?  Week after week....the Republicans drag out a marginal effort to put illegal activities by the IRS into court.  No one really cares....either from the Republican or Democratic parties.  The likely reason?  One might suspect that the Republicans have found the golden calf, and will utilize the IRS in the same fashion in 2016, as they win the Presidency and control both the House and Senate for a brief period....meaning that dozens of Democratic agenda groups under the foundation gimmick situation....will have problems with the newly-controlled IRS.  If you were a might start shaking your head because this has opened up a big can of worms for decades ahead.