Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Ryan and the 'Script'

After Rep Ryan announced he was out of the running in Nov's election....I sat and paused over the likely reasons here.

1.  I think Ryan anticipates that a Democratic win will occur this fall, with slight edge to the Democrats in the House.  The Senate will remain at 52 to 54 GOP members.

2.  I think Ryan anticipates that the Democratic House will draw up impeachment papers.  The question will be if five or more GOP Senators cross the line and accept on the charges.

3.  I think Ryan anticipates an impeachment process for 2019, and he likely jumps into the Presidential primary by the end of 2019.

Maybe I'm wrong. 

Dimwit Politicians and Facebook

I sat this afternoon and watched fifteen minutes of Zuckerberg and the idiots at Congress talk.  So one idiot came up to ask why underage kids are allowed to 'share'.

His whole three minutes of hype was to suggest that kids from 13 to 17....can be members of Facebook, and share....with other kids.  The Congressman felt that was totally wrong, and that while as Facebook members....they could be in the club....but just not share.  The suggestion here....was to prevent kids from ever publishing, commenting, or sharing.

I looked at the idiot and it hit me.....he really didn't know what Facebook was about, or the whole thing of sharing photos, hype, articles, or info. 

I imagine that a quarter of Congress is like this.....they have no understanding of technology and what it all means.

You could tell....Zuckerberg was just sitting there and waiting for some 10-ton criticism, and this was like some fly landing on your hand. 

Defining Hate Speech

Generally, I hate NASCAR.  I also hate Bitburger beer, and most American-made beers.  I also hate revivals (particuliary in the summertime when they purposely turn the AC off).  I also hate flights taking longer than six hours.  I also hate young somewhat educated college punks trying to talk or hype socialism or anti-capitalism.  I also hate freaked-out psychotic strangers who are trying to talk to me over being controlled by satellites.  I also hate driving a Ford Mustang and having to refuel the car every 150 miles.  I also hate bad movies with no real script and bad acting.  I also hate politicians giving a 3x5 card explanation for something they won't support, but they can't really talk much beyond the 3x5 card excuse they were given.  I also hate fake political agendas.  I hate college professors who've lost their enthusiasm and drive, and just stand there to deliver a lackluster one-hour talk.  I also hate the NCAA bowl selection business, but frankly I've given up watching the bowls, so it doesn't matter.

I sat today....looking over the hype from yesterday where some Senator tried to ask Zuckerberg of Facebook to define Hate Speech, and he kinda begged off.

He's sat through these fake talks with the Germans, and they preached hours of Hate Speech stuff to his people with the threats of what the saviors of mankind (the German people) would do to Facebook in terms of a financial penalty if Hate Speech appeared on line in Germany.

No one can really say when Hate Speech started to exist as some 'crime'....some suggest the early 1990s.....some suggest about fifteen years ago.

What most go and say is that once you establish any kind of hate toward race, religion, sex or such.....that could incite violence or a conducted hate speech.

The fact that you hate fake religion? have to step around it and just say that it doesn't interest you.  The fact that you hate Republicans?'d have to step around and just say they are 'stupid'. 

To be honest, back before the could have been hateful in dozens of ways and it would have been acceptable.  Today, you need to control this urge to talk about your feelings, and just hold back until you get home.....smoke some weed.....pull out a six-pack of PBR beer.....or get the chainsaw out to cut down a tree in the backyard.
So here's the thing.....Hate Speech can't be defined.  If you did attempt to define'd wake up tomorrow to be told they are now onto Hate Speech version number 601, and next week, you'd be on version 602. 

Zuckerberg's Day

I've probably wasted 90 minutes of my time this morning looking over video clips of Zuckerberg's dramatic time in front of the senators yesterday.  I've come to three observations:

1.  Any belief on Zuckerberg's part that he's prime material for the 2024 national election for a joke.  He did a marginal job of defending the company, and recent events.  I do agree....geek-wise, he probably knows his stuff.  But in terms of being a true CEO?  No.....he's just not that kind of guy, and it'd be a joke for him to think in eight years.....he could run for President.

2.  The defense of a liberal slant on management decisions because they are located in Silicon Valley?  It was fairly amusing.  A real CEO would have to realize the effect, and immediately reorganize the group, with the management folks being moved off to Wisconsin, or Michigan.  Instead, they will just keep going forward with liberal-slant values and management practices. 

3.  Facebook is ultimately a 'tool' which can be used politically.  Social not really social's simply a mass-movement tool, to focus people on the newest problem, the newest hype, the newest frustration, and set the 'herd' upon the next problem.  I think those people who look upon the Zuckerberg testimony from a distance.....will come to view Facebook as 'unsafe'.