Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Dimwit Politicians and Facebook

I sat this afternoon and watched fifteen minutes of Zuckerberg and the idiots at Congress talk.  So one idiot came up to ask why underage kids are allowed to 'share'.

His whole three minutes of hype was to suggest that kids from 13 to 17....can be members of Facebook, and share....with other kids.  The Congressman felt that was totally wrong, and that while as Facebook members....they could be in the club....but just not share.  The suggestion here....was to prevent kids from ever publishing, commenting, or sharing.

I looked at the idiot and it hit me.....he really didn't know what Facebook was about, or the whole thing of sharing photos, hype, articles, or info. 

I imagine that a quarter of Congress is like this.....they have no understanding of technology and what it all means.

You could tell....Zuckerberg was just sitting there and waiting for some 10-ton criticism, and this was like some fly landing on your hand. 

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