Friday, 11 May 2018

Trump and Seinfeld Episode 86

Episode 86 of the Seinfeld show was very unique.  At some point in the middle....George Costanza says that everything he a total failure, so Jerry says....then do the opposite of what you'd typically do.  Then George discovers that the opposite method virtually every single situation.

This got brought up to a minor degree by Jessie Watters (Fox News) in the last day or two, in describing Trump's success.

I've sat for a long while thinking over episode 86, and Trump.

When you go back to the end of 2015, with the primary heating up....there was Trump with commentary and words that would never come out of a typical GOP Presidential contenders mouth.

When you look at the last couple weeks of the primary period, there was Trump with commentary that would typically get five-star negativity via the news media, and it didn't matter.

When you look at the two months prior to the election.....constant and massive news media focus on Trump in a negative fashion, and it didn't matter.

When you look at the first year of the Trump in and day out activity by the Democrats and the news media.....all negative and bitter, and it didn't matter.

Yeah, the Constanza method is working.  Why?  There is no logic.  It shouldn't work.

So I look back at George Constanza and it occurs to me.....we all wanted George to succeed in life.  The little guy....always screwed-over.....never getting some big break, and we (deep in our hearts) wanted George to to aspire and get ahead.  I think it's the same logic with Trump.