Sunday, 27 July 2014

Lost in Ethics

Somewhere around 1.5 million American teenagers run away each year.  The majority return in some fashion....either hours later....days later....and sometimes they never return home.

So you ask yourself.....100,000 foreign teenagers....non-Americans....lost in essence in America right now....maybe another 200,000 by spring of 2015.  If we aren't mounting some national campaign for our own teenagers or taking care of them.....why would we waste time or resources for these other "punks"?

Not that I'm heartless.....but after you sit there and ponder over the current mess....where exactly is this fine line where one group is really important and the other group isn't?

If we discovered 400 "lost" teenagers sitting in Portland....would we put them on buses and send them to Chicago or some Air Force base in Mississippi?  Would we hire folks for Homeland Security to manage these American lost teenagers?  What would we give them for pocket money?  How about their education?  If half of the 400 American "lost" teens from Portland admitted they were from Nevada....and you forced them to move to Georgia....are you doing something unethical?

Some rumors abound this weekend from the White House that the President will just 'executive-order' something.  If it involves money....he's screwed without Congress agreeing.  If he gives away free residency....he'll be taken into court within seven days and probably be told to find some legal standing for his order or cease it.  If he fights it....then this impeachment talk just gets louder....which makes a guy question just how bad we'd really want VP Joe Biden to be President (our worst fantasy possible).

The solution?  There isn't any.

You might want to take notes here.  If this initial group gets through.....there's another 200,000 likely to come by spring of 2015.  Somewhere in Africa....there's various groups studying the mess and planning the acquisition of old freighters and just make a one-way trip over with 5,000 people sitting on a rusted boat for two beach it in Florida and get that "free-deal".  If they make it.....another two or three million in Africa will study the same idea.

It's a can of worms, and we basically have no method of controlling this, or inventing a solution that leads to a permanent deal.