Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Revision of DC's Weed Law

It was one of those things that you'd predict.  The city of Washington DC.....has more or less blessed marijuana (medical or otherwise).

As time went by....people started to smoke weed in public settings.....more and more.  There was suggestions that even in pubs and nightclubs....weed was now being smoked with no hassle from the cops.

So, this week, the city council voted 7-6 (notice how close it was) to ban smoking weed in a public area or in any club/pub.  To make it an effective passage....they have to meet back up within a period of time and vote on this a second time.  No one is sure if the same seven folks will agree on the second time around.

What this creates?  If you were a serious marijuana smoker, who liked to smoke on the street, or in some city-park....up until this point, the cops couldn't touch you.  Now?  Well, there's some possibility that you might end up with a misdemeanor.  But what cop would waste his time on something so minor?

It's probably another reason to revert 75-percent of DC back to Maryland.