Sunday, 22 September 2019

Stranded Story

It is front-page news today in Germany and likely to remain there for the next seven days.  The Thomas Cook travel now bankrupt. What journalists say (from this weekend) is that about 150,000 Brits are stranded somewhere, and around 300,000 Germans are in some vacation situation and no way back.

Airline tickets?  Worthless.  Hotels will be asking you to check out.  One source today said that in were holding vacation folks 'hostage' and you couldn't leave the country until you provided a paid bill to the hotel. 

Coming up with alternate methods to return?  You could be talking about a whole week before seats are available on some plane to return to Germany, and this cash required comes out of your own pocket. 

NBC, Guilt, and Reality

NBC, in the past week, has started up some series on their news episodes....where they go and ask regular Americans to 'confess' and admit their own personal guilt for climate change. 

Around a decade ago, I read through two books on Martin Luther.  There are a couple of central themes to the life and accomplishments of the German Lutheran priest.  Most of these lead back to the Catholic Church and the need for Catholics to continually feel guilt.  It's not a modern thing on this guilt business....the church was built with a base of guilt. 

Letters of Indulgence?  Martin Luther came to be amazed over the Catholic Church introduction of the letters and the need of Church members to continually 'buy' the letters to avoid 'hell'.  So in period, you'd go and confess your sins to the local church, and they'd sell you letters to absolve you of your sins, and ensure you felt good, and guaranteed you a spot into heaven. 

The NBC gimmick here?  More or less the same thing.  You announce your sin, and the NBC guy gives you a verbal 'we can forgive' message, which leads you to feel better.  The fact that it's a free 'we can forgive' you message?  No one can argue about things that are free. 

How long will the news series last?  I'm guessing for a year or so.  Might it end early?  Maybe.  If you had a guy answer that he doesn't flush if he urinates, or that he urinates in his parking lot (not in the house).....that might convince the bosses to end it early. 

The problem I see in this guilt business is that bulk of Americans don't have that kind of guilt problem.  These are people worrying about their mortgage, their hot-water heater, where the $50k will come from for the daughter's college, the transmission that seems to be failing in the Buick, the neighbor is shooting heroin in the backyard, or their NCAA football team is all crapped-out.  I suspect that if you did the numbers.....climate change guilt won't be anywhere on the top hundred worries of most Americans. 

So having a show to let you admit guilt and get absolved will sell?  I have my doubts. 

The Biden Story

When you gaze over at the Hunter Biden discussion, there's three things that stand out.

First, Hunter Biden is an expert on absolutely nothing, yet some oil/gas folks in the Ukraine hired up this guy to be a 'talker' or 'face' in their organization.  One news source say $50,000 a year was part of the deal to sit on a board.  Another says that there was a regular job attached, with thousands a month involved.  All of that reported to IRS?  I would assume that he reported (as required), and took the tax credit for overseas income.  Course, maybe he was fairly stupid and only reported one of the jobs.  Are there jobs like this where regular Americans get hired to be on some foreign board.....without any expertise at all?  I'd like to get a job like that.

Second, when this came up as a topic in the Ukraine....the prosecutor wanted to understand how this occurred, and if there was anything illegal.  He was more or less 'let-go'.  Why?  No explanation is given.  Some say that pressure came from the US.  Proof?  There simply isn't any.

Third, it is kinda funny.....Trump is asking the Ukrainian government to research and provide a Hunter Biden-dossier....which is exactly what the Obama administration did to Trump four years ago.  The Trump-dossier was supposed to be embarrassing and factual.  This Hunter Biden-dossier is probably set to be embarrassing and factual.  Instead of some James Bond-type character writing the'll be some Ukrainian crew. 

Just me looking at this, but I think Hunter Biden better start looking for a new occupation, and a tax-lawyer.  I would suspect that various funds just never got reported to IRS, and someone will have to bail the guy out.