Saturday, 30 June 2018

On this Abolish Strategy

Over the past week, I've noticed the Democratic passionate position of abolishing ICE (the border control folks).  I sat and paused over this, and pondered.....coming to four observations.

1.  They just want to abolish ICE.....they have no interest in gutting the laws which ICE enforces.  This would be interesting to play out but it begs the question....if the laws continue to exist....who would enforce them?

2. Without ICE, who exactly does border control?  States by the border?

3.  If we reach this stage of absolishment sounding good....wouldn't it sound good to get rid of ATF and FBI also being on the list as well?  You might actually find a lot of conservatives all pepped up to agree with you and we could make this one single action.

4.  If all of this is done....just to recreate a new ICE, in a different form, with a new name....then what was this abolishment all about? 

It just seems to me....silly me for thinking this....that this is all fake in nature.  To be rather honest, since Democrats are pepped up for absolishing thing....I'd personally like to get rid of the Senate and 100 Senators. 

So I think the new twist or response by people ought to be.....let's abolish the Senate, and just see if things improve. 

Poem Four: Epic of Gilgamesh

A continuation of my rendition of the Epic of Gilgamesh.....a story which was told around the camp-fires from 4,000 years ago.

If you remember the basis of the story.....Gilgamesh is a young king, who is two-thirds Godly-like material, and one-third mortal man.  No one has ever sat down to explain you can be two-thirds, and I think this is told this infer that the whole story is fake to start with.

Gilgamesh has set off on some epic adventure with his buddy Enkidu.   The young men are mostly into 'saving the world' and ass-whooping on folks who need it.

The story in poem four basically starts out with the boys noting that they've traveled twenty leagues or 111 kilometer, or 69 miles.  They've reached some point for the day (I assume) where they are pretty tired out and just plain hungry.  So they stopped and ate some travel food that they had in their possession.  No one says if this were grapes, or peanut butter, but I'd assume it was a hearty dinner.  The boys continue on after this....for another ten additional leagues.

Walking-wise, it's well over 80 miles in one day, and I'd tend to question this.  If they were riding horseback?  It'd a harsh situation to think that you rode Flicker or Lil Smokey eighty miles in one single day.  So I think the boys made up this part of the story, and they probably never got more than 20 miles.

At some point on this great adventure, they finally walked into Lebanon.  No one ever explained why, but apparently they dug a well that faced off to the west.  I have my doubts about the well, but somehow, it fits into the story.

Gilgamesh then hiked up some mountain peak, and made peace with the Lord....laying out some flour.  He spoke to the Lord:  "Mountain, bring me a dream, a favorable message from Shamash."

At the bottom of this mountain....his associate....Enkidu....was busy building up a straw mattress of sorts (they didn't have proper camping gear) for the night.  Just then, a heck of a wind came up.  We aren't saying it was a tornado or hurricane, but it was enough that you'd notice it.  Enkidu then told Gilgamesh to just rest up and sleep.

The story goes that Gilgamesh just didn't sleep well.  In the midst of this evening....he woke up....real restless.  He's all hyped up and just can't sleep.  He's also chatting away, which I suspect bothers the heck out of Enkidu, but he doesn't say much.

Gilgamesh then chats on about some dream, with mountains all around, then the mountains falling down upon them.  There's rain, and some flies in this dram.

Enkidu, who is a Daniel Boone-type figure....born in the woods....tells his associate that all is fine with this dream.  Enkidu actually thinks this is a pretty good dream.  My guess is that he just wanted Gilgamesh to go back to sleep.

But Enkidu talks here a bit, and says that this mountain is Humbaba (the terrible) and it's all relative in some nature.  In the morning, says Enkidu....some message will come and make everything good again.

The boys end up repeating this whole episode again....same hike....same well dug....same climb up a hill, and a slightly different dream for Gilgamesh....this time with some vision that relates to a bull.  In this case, Enkidu says that it's still Shamash (the terrible).  But this is again a demonstration of them taking on this Shamash guy easily.

So another day passes, and they repeat the same thing again.  This is the thing about camp-fire can get them into a pretty long and drawn out episode. 

On the third dream....there's some bolt of lightning, and some fire.  Enkidu is supposed to have responded about this dream, but this tablet having the text?'s messed up, so you are missing forty lines of advice.

Enkidu might have gone on about his one long lost girlfriend, or the bull he sold off as a kid, or maybe talked up his adventures with some pirates.  You just don't know.

So there is a 4th day of walking, and things all repeat themselves yet again.  Same dream stuff, and the same advice by Enkidu to worry much about these stupid dreams.

Enkidu finally gives some real advice....let's just go and pay no attention to the threat of death.  Maybe things turn out well. 

At that point, they pick up their stuff and start off through the evergreen woods, and Enkidu assures his buddy....he's there to protect and save him.

There, poem four ends.  The problem you tend to see is that Gilgamesh is a bit fearful of the mission they've do a ass-beating on this Shamash guy.  As each day goes's more and more a problem. 

The Huey-Factor

In the mid-1920s....Huey Long found a magical path to becoming the governor of Louisiana.  What he basically did was circle himself around a concept of 'Share Our Wealth'....which was the first real Bernie-program in existence within the US.  He intended to take the oil money that the state was making and plow this into roads and hospitals.  As he got into the mid-1930s, he went onto the next program: 'Every Man a King'.  In February of 1934, this program was openly discussed, and what people were promised was: a car, a $5,000 home, and a radio.

I in the midst of the depression....he was offering an awful lot and no one could explain where this would come from.

What was being assembled in the spring of 1935, was a Huey Long presidential election campaign, which would start up in the primary season of 1936, and end with him being the official replacement to FDR with the November 1936 results.

Oddly, history doesn't get a chance to play out.

In the early fall of 1935, Long is working on dumping a long-term hated associate of his....Judge Benjamin Henry Pavy.  Few folks ever dig down into this hatred thing or how Pavy got on Long's bad side.

But this led to a conflict which would involve the son-in-law of Pavy.

So on the evening of 8 September 1935....Senator Long showed up at the state capital building and around 9:30 PM....and ran into Carl Weiss (son-in-law of Pavy).  Carl is noted as a successful doctor from Baton Rouge.

There are various accounts of the minute involved in this episode.  Some folks suggest that Carl just wasn't a gun-carrying kind of guy.  Some folks suggest that Carl just wanted to talk to Huey. 

There is some type of gun action here, and Huey is shot in the torso (figure four feet away).  He's bad off but is quickly carried off to the hospital.  Here, folks again have various accounts.  Some say that Huey got himself a marginally qualified doctor, and the guy just ended up letting Huey die.

The possibility that one of the bodyguards accidentally shot Long?  I suspect it's better than a 50-percent chance that this happened. 

Carl?  Well....Huey's bodyguards then opened up on him, firing away. Carl was dead on the spot.  Huey lived on for two days, before passing. 

For most people around Louisiana, it was the end of a 'Huey-saga'.  He was a year away from the Presidency and would have changed the whole dynamics to America, and likely avoiding WW II in some fashion.

It's figured that 200,000 folks came to Baton Rouge for the funeral.  For years, folks sat around and talked about the deal coming with Huey.....the $5,000 house, the car, and the radio.

Whether folks want to believe it or not....this was the first guy presenting the Bernie-deal and suggesting that the government could give free stuff away.

If Huey hadn't been shot?  I'm guessing that you would have gotten Huey in office in 1936, and he would have been there through 1948.  We would be a much different world today, (hint: I'm not saying this in the positive).