Saturday, 7 March 2020

Could Have Been a Slut

It came out this week that Bill Clinton chatted over his womanizing to some degree and admitted that he needed 'lusty' women around to help his anxiety problems. 

I surveyed the discussion, and came to this humble thought.....what if Bill had been smart in 1974, and met up with a lusty trampy Little Rock gal, who was a absolute nutcase on bedroom affairs, and had married her rather than Hillary.

Bill would have gone onto the Little Rock political career, and probably even to the White House, with this trampy gal as the President's wife.  She would have dressed in scandalous attire, talked trashy in public, uttered harlot thoughts, and oozed lust on a hour-by-hour basis.  Bill could have sent her to Senator meetings and with low-cut blouses....she would have entertained those old Senators in various ways. 

Putin would have admired her from afar.

The slut would have been on the covers of Playboy, Newsweek, and Readers Digest.  Christian ministers would have talked over her convictions.  Women across the nation would have bought tantalizing outfits to look like the 'First Lady'.

Instead?  We are stuck with Bill in this dismal relationship with Hillary, and a long history of political intrigue with no real outcome.