Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Amount of Time to Hype McCain?

The news media has until noon on Thursday to hype Senator McCain.  At that point, the funeral is done, and only the matter of the Governor picking the short-term successor remains. 

Does anyone care about the hype?  No.

I would take a guess that forty-percent of all Democrats saw nothing much to appreciate about Senator McCain.  And I suspect at least fifty percent of all Republicans feel the same way.  The fake hype won't really do much to change public opinion of the guy.  Most folks are locked in for respecting or disrespecting the guy.

Consulting the Right People

As a kid going up, we had a pair of brothers in the local area who were noted for 'creativity', jeopardy, and peril.  Basically, they wandered around and asked....if you did 'A' and 'B', what would really transpire?

A good example was an open field, a truck with no rear window left in it (don't ask why), and then asking could you set the truck off in first gear, climb via the window (both of them), get to the rear of the truck to touch the bumper, and return to the interior of the truck, all in the space of half a mile (before the truck plunged into a 10-foot revine)?

In the 1970s, you could do stuff and somehow survive.  Today?  I think you'd push the envelope even further, and their risk assessment would go way off the charts. 

Generally, after the summer pause, you'd return to school and get a run-down of what they'd accomplished in the summer vacation period.  School in some way, limited their activities, and probably kept them from far more dangerous stuff.  I would imagine that they could accomplish at least a hundred acts in that 40-odd day period that were worth discussing. 

Most other kids wanted to hear of the exploits of the two, but would generally condemn the behavior as risky.  Course, the two had scientifically proven various ways of handling wasps or bees, or how to handle the encounter with a disturbed bull on a rampage.  In today's world, I think they'd have three or four recipes developed for explosives.

Here's the thing though....in today's world, if you were going to step out into some crazy scenario with a high rating for danger, you'd likely prefer to go call up someone like this, and consult with them.  There's a high probability that there's some history existing and you might learn one important lesson out of epic moment from 1974 where danger was thrown to the wind.