Monday, 13 April 2015

Hillary Art or Anti-Art (depending on your view)

Within a couple of blocks of the new Hillary Clinton campaign headquarters in New York City....a number of posters have gone up.  Anti-Hillary posters.

There are three versions so far.  What they all harp the strong supporter which is quick to jump up and say the term 'sexist' whenever anyone questions the wisdom of Hillary running for office.....even if the individual was a Democrat and just questions her capability.

So the poster highlights the words or phrases that you aren't supposed to say when talking over the campaign front (secretive, ambitious, entitled).

A artsy Democratic front that isn't so pro-Hillary?  One might think that.  You don't have too many artsy Republicans or Libertarians.  If you tossed a color marker to Cruz or Walker.....they'd probably both draw 3rd-grader winged horses and a bad impressionist drawing of George Washington.

Completed Fringe Finally

This past weekend, I finished up 'Fringe'.  I admit....during the era when it aired, I probably watched five episodes of the entire series.  With Netflix, I've finally sat down and watched Fringe from start to finish....all 100 episodes.  It took me seven weeks but it's done.  So five observations.

First, Fringe is what Lost, "V",  Doctor Who, Stargate, Heroes, The X-Files and Twilight Zone all tried to be.....condensed into one single series.  To be could not afford to miss a single episode and you had to watch them all in sequence.   Skipping one or two episodes per season simply left you without vital pieces of the entire story.

Second, Fringe had four-star writers from start to finish.  With most reach a point where you know the top writer or two have left the show and the epic points have disappeared.  The script from day one worked....and you tended to admire some speech or frustration moment by a character.

Third, as bad guys go.....David Robert Jones and the Observers 'Captain' are five-star bad guys.  The camera angles....the script and text of both characters....the dialog with the primary characters.....all lead to some successful stories.

Fourth, the alternate universe Fauxlivia....once introduced....was a heavyweight for each story.

Fifth, there is a simple fault with that you really need to watch three or four episodes a week and assemble the series within a limited time so that everything makes sense.  To space it out over five years....probably make economic or business sense, but for the regular episode a week, and twenty episodes a year....simply delayed the potential effect of the series.

I would strongly recommend Fringe but you'd best plan an episode a day to make it work right.

Hillary Clinton

As of this past weekend, Hillary Clinton is now running for the 2016 Presidential election.

Generally, the news media is showing some enthusiasm and talking up the fact that we've never had a female President.  We've also never had a midget President.....a albino President....a mentally handicapped President....a bi-polar President....a Jewish President.....or a transgender President.

Hillary's one brief opportunity for a win came and went in 2007/2008.  For most of a year....she had people in Iowa and working hard to sell the message.  All she had for competition was a no-name Senator from Illinois.  She assumed the Bill Clinton-image was owned by her and she could use the same image to win.......a false assumption.

I compare this to a theory of mine.....the Buick-Chrysler Cordoba theory.

A Buick is always a somewhat dependable car with a decent appearance, and appreciated by a large segment of society. You generally know when you are in the presence of a Buick. There’s a decent ride and things tend to work.

With the Chrysler Cordoba, there’s some image of style and luxury, but as you step into it....there’s faults. The smooth ride is bumpy. Things ought to work but you keep seeing issues which worry you about dependability. You step into it at midnight in the worst possible neighborhood, and it stalls.

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama could bring the image of the Buick across to the public, with the help of the news media. Hillary, with all the help that they might provide....can only establish herself as the Cordoba character.  Sadly, the only positive things that most people remember about the Cordoba were the fine corinthian leather seats and some luxury image.....the maintenance issues and poor quality made folks forget about the Cordoba.

A no-name senator from Illinois was able to sell his image in Iowa and easily beat the machine that Hillary had an entire year in Iowa with significant funds. Whatever problem she had in still there and it’s the Cordoba image which people just won’t buy into.

I would say this.....Iowa is a make-or-break situation.  If Hillary fails to get a majority of votes (if five people are running....each will get some percentage).  She has to place number one in Iowa or I think the campaign is screwed up.