Tuesday, 22 May 2018


My brother brought this item up today.....some Democratic strategist has been given the new top project to cover the national Democratic Party.  The idea?  To drain the swamp (throw out worthless political figures).

How this works?  Well....they say there was NO swamp prior to 2016, and that President Trump has become the 'swamp'.

Yeah, it's hard to say how they got this idea, and it probably did take several cases of cheap booze to format this strategy.

For a guy from Alabama....it'd mean that not only is Trump intending to drain the swamp.....but the Democrats also will be draining the swamp, and if all parties are successful.....well, there won't be any swamp.

Naturally, there's some disbelief in how this double-swamp-draining would work.

Could the Republicans themselves come out and confess that they have an agenda to drain the swamp....in effect....triple-draining the swamp?  Well....yes.

Could CNN come out and confess that they work to drain the swamp?  Could the Washington Post come out and confess that they'd like to drain the swamp?  Is there any limit to this?  No.

I think even my brother could confess that he'd like to drain the swamp as well....but then start to chat up on some special Auburn agricultural college method to draining swamps.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Ethical Behavior

After watching through the weekend on this 'chatter' that the Obama White House had a hired 'spy' within the Trump campaign.....you kinda notice this odd thing.  Nothing being said by former President Obama.  Yes, absolute quiet.

The logical answer that would come out?  Former President Obama would say that the first time he knew about such things....was this past weekend, via CNN news.

It would be OK and without much grief, except he's used this statement on at least forty occasions over the past nine years.  In some ways, he's told virtually nothing by all of his support personnel.....over and over....and it's remarkable that it's so easily accepted by the public even at this point. 

Who did sign off on the pay deal with the contracted 'spy'?  Unknown.  It'll probably take four weeks for the investigative team to come up with the individual who signed the contract deal.  The response from them will likely be that they were told that this contract was necessary, and the investigator will ask who said that?  Well....it'll take another month for the name to come out, and it'll end up being someone within the White House circle to the President. 

The problem here, is that you venture closer and closer to a level where the general public will absolutely go ballistic over the behavior level of the Obama White House.  Whatever legacy existed.....will slide off the plate and fall to the floor.  It would appear that no one was concerned about all of this ever becoming public information....which it has.....and no one cared about the damage to public confidence.  Then the really harsh reality comes up.....people end up trusting President Trump more for his brutal honesty.....than President Obama with his brutal dishonesty, which he can readily claim that he just didn't know about his people being this dishonest. 

All of this leads me to this odd scene at the end of a Peter Sellers movie.....Being There, where this guy who knows nothing and can't really comprehend anything....'Chance'....convinces the public of brilliance when he really didn't know much of anything.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

The Opioid Crisis in Numbers

Back in January, I noted that the suggested number of folks dying DAILY from Opioids....was nearing 175.   USA Today went to a number of one-million Americans who would die in 2020, if the trend continues on.  If you use the current trend line....63,000 per year and trend it to 1,000,000....it means that 2,739 folks need to die daily to reach this level.  The odds of this?  I have my doubts that it'll happen.

The other scenario which falls into this is the magic shot for overdoses.  I sat last month looking at a report, and the cost of the shot....$4,500 for one syringe of Nalonax. 

If you go and figure up a weekly requirement of 350,000 syringes....it adds up to 1.5-billion weekly.  Can the medical system really afford this for 'losers'?  My guess is by the end of 2018.....several states will have a rule in effect of just one single Nalonax in your life.....the second time, they just let you go.

I sat watching a news piece this morning.....some town of 10,000 in Ohio.  The cop was giving the reporter a ride.  In an average day.....he was reacting to a minimum of five overdoses.  It was eating up his legit time for crime.  He threw a ballpark number out there....figuring that 500 adults and 50 teens in the community were Opioid users.  The users were mostly focused on where to get their next 'hit', and how they were going to rob some house, or break into some car.....to get enough to pay for the hit.....then repeat that formula for the next day, and the next, and the next.

A zombie-like future?  How would you live in some town of 10,000 where 10-percent of people were looking at your car and house daily for something to steal?

That's the thing that bothers me about the million deaths a year that the USA Today article talks about.  You'd have to bring Opioids into virtually every single community and put fear into the entire nation about their neighbors.  The term 'walking dead'?  It would readily fit for the crowd.

Application for a Job

Dear Attorney General Sessions

After reading up on the hiring program of the US Attorney General's office to recruit 'observers' on US national elections, I would like to forward my resume.  I would like to apply to be a fake Democrat in the 2020 election and help to be a 'sleeper agent', 'mole', or 'plant' (you may use whatever term is appropriate).

I am willing to work sixteen-hour shifts, although I am particular about having breakfast between seven and eight AM.  Also, my limit on air-travel is six hours in a day, unless I'm flying business-class.

Having reviewed the pay schedule for your previous 'moles', I believe $7,000 per week is a fair sum (with four-star hotels approved as part of the package deal).

If you want me to pass along fake data or false assumption, I would have no problem in doing so.

I believe my background would give me the ability to pass along fake information, useless political chatter, and help to facilitate an investigative counselor for the next administration.

Yours truly,


What If Trump Doesn't Run?

Last year, I would have given this a one-percent chance of occurring.  Presently, I'd say it's about a 25-percent chance of occurring. 

First, it's obvious that Sessions and the whole collusion accusation all fit into some solution of taking down the Trump administration.  If you went into a second four-year period....the work of Sessions continues on, even if he's not there.

Second, I think most of what Trump wanted to accomplish....will be done by the fall of 2020.

Third, I think two Supreme Court seats will be nominated by Trump by the fall of 2020.

Fourth, a lot of the hype is tied to the November 2018 mid-term election.  If the GOP ends up with 58 Senate seats, and retains most all of it's House seats.....then I think Trump might stay on for a second term.

Fifth, and last.....what comes after Trump if 2020 is the last year? 

I don't think there's a grand list of GOP folks that the public would support anymore.  After seeing the Trump administration....fake GOPism, the Bush incompetence, and the McCain era would force a number of folks out of the competition.  Democrats thinking there's some need for a fresh new Democratic face?  That would be a joke, I think.

No, I don't give the Democrats much of a chance in this 2020 election if Trump doesn't run.  Although the scenario is out there....maybe Hillary will run again?  Could the Republicans rig up another loser election and help her out....like in 2016? 

Saturday, 19 May 2018

My Burger-Flipper Story

I saw this piece from a research project connected to United Way (ALICE Project).

Basically....51 million households cant make enough to afford what it costs in their town or area on housing, food, child care, health care, transportation and a cell phone.  It adds up to 43-percent of families in the nation....if you believe it.

I paused over this for a while.  It's a bit difficult to believe.

Course, if you marginally finished high school, and ten years later.....are still flipping burgers at McDonalds, cutting grass for the city parks department, or working at the school as the junior-junior janitor....then it's not that shocking.  You probably are still living in the basement of your dad's house with your girlfriend, and you have a sixteen-year old Ford for transportation.

Each time this United Way story gets told....people ought to stand up and ask them to introduce the the guy and his family that fell into this 'square peg'.  Most folks will ask questions....wanting to know what you did in high school, and how you failed to proceed on in life.  The term 'loser' might be uttered a bit.

I grew up in the 1970s in Alabama, and came to note various characters in the local area that you'd consider a loser.  Most were living in 'shacks' that had running water, a toilet, and had a 1950s pick-up.  No, they had no phone or health insurance.  No, they didn't have health care.  If you brought up the topic....you'd usually find out that most dropped out of high school around the ninth grade, and their only real job in life was cutting timber or changing tires.

The thing is that we had enough tire jobs and timber jobs to keep these people occupied and surviving. Today?  You've got thousands of these people around urbanized areas, and we've pretty well saturated the burger-flipper profession and filled just about every single timber job possible.

Yes, in some ways....we've reach a point where 'being all you can be' or getting ahead in life.....is not exactly the goal of maybe four out of every ten folks. Those four folks are aspiring to fill burger-flipper jobs and we've maxed out.  And these people can't move on.

What now?  If you can't invent more burger-flipper jobs....we are basically doomed. 

Talking Viking-DNA

There are a lot of people who live around the coast plain of France, Spain, Portugal, and regions of the Med....who believe their ancestor path is 'pure'.  Year, DNA tests are being done, and there's this minor bit of shock because....they have this northwest Europe and Denmark DNA marker that shows up.  Why?

This goes to a historical situation, between the 790 AD era to the mid 1100 era....the period of Vikings and conquest.

If the Vikings had ever been united.....most of Europe would have fallen and become some 'semi-giant' Viking-land.  But they weren't a unified type force, and their whole strategy was attack and rob.  You'd have a few vessels pull up....some Vikings jump off, and walk a few miles inland, then stage an assault on some village....where rape was common.

Nine months later, a number of these women would produce kids, who were 50-percent Viking.  Twenty-years later, the same Viking crowd might return....follow the same routine, and the 50-Viking woman would now produce a 75-percent Viking child.

So as much as people would be shocked to find a Viking 'marker' in their DNA....it's hard to avoid this unless you were Asian or Middle-Eastern.