Thursday, 9 November 2017


Back in 2006, NBC produced a TV show called 'Heroes'.  It blasted along for the first year and was among the top shows on TV.  Year number two saw a fair decrease in viewers.  Year three and four were marginal.  The hype for the show?  We intend to save the world.

The whole creativity and sales point of the script was that these special people were going out and saving the world. 

It's one of those odd things that stand out today....a decade later.  We have all these people focused on saving the world today.  There are agenda groups...individuals....hyped up on some purpose which leads to their participation and drive toward saving the world.

Since the November election a year ago....I look upon a significant number of people being in some hero-status and expecting Hillary come to arrive and help save their world.  Without Hillary, in their eyes....the world can't be saved.  I's comical in a way, but that's the fractured nature of society in 2017.  The adolescents who grew up in the past two decades were lectured over and over by peers and teachers....we are all on a mission to save the world.  Failure or having the wrong people to save the world....isn't an option.

I sat in Detroit's airport for two hours this past summer and watched some CNN 'hype'....becoming amused over the commentary of passengers in the waiting status and their negativity of CNN's 'save-the-world' theme. These were obvious people who weren't into saving-the-world and can't be brain-washed with the intellectual message anymore. Ten to twenty years ago?  They would have questioned their skeptic nature and just bought off on CNN's message.  Today?  There's a powerful amount of skeptic nature brewing in America. 

Kids freaking out in college about commentary challenging their view of the world?  Well, this gets back into the hero mentality.  Imagine Batman being told by folks not to rescue them or save them.....that he needs to just back off and leave the situation.  These adolescent kids are sitting there at age eighteen and see their mission in the next decade as to save-the-world, even if people don't want their services.

The snowflake generation?  I would actually prefer to call it the saving-the-world generation, and they can't imagine anyone turning them down.

Where this all leads onto?  I'm of the mind that a lot of these adolescent adults will wake up around age thirty and realize that there really isn't that much to save.  After they've been told x-number of times to desist on saving action....they will go into some stage of self-examination, and then realize that they've been brain-washed in various ways to believe something. 

The idea of Hillary being this hero to save-the-world? can only be special people doing this line of work.  Hillary....Batman....Bernie....Flash....Superman...Obama.....Ironman...etc.  Trump?  No, he can't be a save-the-world kind of guy. It's a silly discussion but we got here because of juvenil understanding and adolescent behavior. 

How did the Heroes TV show come to fade after the first season?  People just got tired of the theme, and that'll be what happens in real life.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Gilligan's Island: My Reboot

There are a dozen shows from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s....that I'd like to see rebooted or done again today.  One of them is Gilligan's Island.

My reboot would go this way.  'Skipper' is a one-man airline exectutive and pilot.  He's put his life and savings into one single plane, and runs people around the Hawaiian islands.  Skipper drinks too much...curses continually....lives on the fringe of society. 

Skipper has one single employee...a happy-go-lucky young twenties female with the last name of Gilligan.  She's stretched her capabilities as far as you can go.  She claims to have a flying license but it's fake.  She also claims to have graduated from Harvard, but that's fake as well.  And she claimed to have made a movie with John Travolita but that's a lie as well.

Skipper and Gilligan are hired to take some passengers out to some island 600 miles southwest of Hawaii.  A storm arises....Skipper is drunk....and Gilligan is playing some video-game.  The aircraft shifts direction and flies an extra five hours, and then crashes onto an island in the Pacific.

The passengers?

You have an MIT professor, who got fired.  He was flying out to his last chance in life....some sea-exploration project. 

You have a washed-up TV star, who readily admits that she needs some second chance.

You have a female CEO from some TV shopping network who is abusive and a terror.  She's brought her husband, a safari-hunter-survivor-gourmet cook kind of guy along, who seems to be a lot like Higgin's (Mangnum) type character.

You have a young 20-year-old guy who aspires to be a Hemmingway-type writer, and basically tells the story a great deal from his prospective.

Finally, you have an honest-to-God 'snowflake' social justice-warrior female from Evergreen College in Washington.  She freaks out over the crash, the uncivilized lifestyle, and the survivor-attitude required.  Trigger-warnings occur on an hour-by-hour basis with her. 

The group lands on an atoll which has one single fresh water spring, approximately three-hundred acres of sand and palms, and one single hill that's about three-hundred feet in height.  The radio is out.  There's a wrecked vessel on one end of the island, with indications of a survivor but they never seem to be able to find the survivor.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Gilligan's Island

Over the past month, for some odd reason, I went back and watched five or six episodes of Gilligan's Island.  As a kid, I probably watched every episode at least ten times, and over the past thirty years probably another three or four times.

There are a lot of things left in your imagination over the castaways and the island:

1.  You never notice a latrine or toilet.  So you kinda wonder....did Gilligan have to dig a new pit each week?  And what would have been used for toilet-paper?

2.  You often see mountains in the background of shots, but the opening shot is some small 100-acre-like isle.

3.  After a couple of months on the island, you would have been steadily losing weight....especially for the skipper.

4.  Clothing should have worn out after twelve months.

5.  Ginger must have brought three suitcases of make-up on the trip because she looks like some beauty queen in every shot.

6.  In the real world...Mary Ann and the Professor would have hooked up.

The thing just can't take the show that serious. 

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The Thing About This $5.6-Million

So, to the Trump dossier that Fusion GPS wrote over Trump and the Democrats paid $5.6-million.

I sat down today and came to realize that this entire dossier....which I thought was 300 to 500 pages....was basically 35 pages.  That's it.  That's $160,000 per page.

It's an unbelievable amount.....for fictional material.  And the Democrats felt it was worth not only the $5.6-million, but threw another $3-million in on top of that.

How was the money spent?  I'm guessing there was a bar tab set up, and whoever this British dude was....he stayed at five-star hotels....sipped through as much booze as he wanted....had $90-a-plate dinners....and interviewed only the best hookers in town.

How stupid is this?  If you were a working-class democrat and had sent Hillary $'d be kicking yourself right now and wondering what-the-hell-idiot would go and spend money like this on fake stuff.  Did Hillary actually approve this? 

How Stupid Can You Really Be?

So, the basic story is that the DNC (Democratic National Committee), in hopes of taking down Trump in the campaign and helping Hillary win....paid $5.6-million for the Fusion GPS dossier on Trump. 

I sat there for about thirty minutes thinking over this and reading through the various accounts.  They listed the payment as 'legal fees', and it's basically structured in this way.

Since we know that about 99-percent of the dossier is a fraud and fake....the question would lead back to the DNC....if you just wanted a fake dossier, why pay $5.6-million?  You could have done the same dossier with some creative writer for $5,000. 

Someone at Fusion GPS convinced the idiots at the DNC that they had the best people, the best writing, and the way of making the fake dossier seem truthful, and so the price-tag of $5.6-million makes sense. 

Money flushed down the toilet?  This is what amazes me.  You could have bought 224 pick-ups with that money.  You could have most of the home-ticket tickets for the University of Alabama football season, for the entire stadium.  There are dozens of things that you could have done with $5.6-million.  But with this money....all you got was a fake dossier on Trump? 

It presents this image of the leadership of the DNC as being not only corrupted, but just plain stupid. Who authorized the payment?  How was the money shifted over, via wire-transfer?  Could Trump now sue the DNC for defamation of character? 

So, I come to the last note of criticism....Hillary Clinton.  When you start back in Little Rock with decisions White Water, and then you go down the list with over a hundred significant screw-ups that should have derailed your public career (and never did) you come to the dossier story.  She likely stood there after hearing the details of the dossier and felt absolutely sure that this would convince those stupid Republicans and moderates not to vote for some sex-fiend like Trump. And now? 

This Uranium-One Story

This story of the sale of US uranium to the Russians has been brewing for months.  Bill made $500,000 from a Russian syndicate by giving a speech.  Hillary's foundation got some money after the deal was pushed through.  There's probably enough on the story to write sixty pages of material.

I've looked this in the past week and come to three observations:

1.  There's tons of uranium in Russia and it doesn't make any sense that some Russian billionaire folks would work up some deal with the Russian government to go out and buy more at inflated US-prices, and ship it to Russia. My belief?  I think the Russians baited the Democrats, and Hillary....into getting deep into this deal, and at the right time (expecting Hillary to win), they would have disclosed more to the deal and probably gotten a Senate investigation into President Hillary (assuming she would have won), and maybe triggered her resignation from the Presidency with a threat of impeachment. 

2.  In 2009, Secretary of State Clinton directed Rober Mueller (our special prosecutor now) who was the head of the fly off to Russia personally and deliver a sample of some ''captured uranium" that the US had intercepted being sold by Russians to some middle-man.  Was the FBI holding the uranium?  I kinda doubt that.  So the question....why Mueller?  Why did he have to be this delivery guy?

3.  Finally, what exactly did Bill know about this entire deal?  Did this whole thing start up because of some European meeting that Bill attended and the deal originally pitched to him....not Hillary? 

If you had come up in the 1980s and suggested that the US government would ever approve a uranium sale to the Russians....most everyone would have laughed...yet here we are, and eight years later, it's looking like bribery. 

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The Trouble with Thinking

I noticed this got brought up today.

There's a  University of Illinois math professor....Rochelle Gutierrez....who wrote up this new book....which basically says that algebra and geometry sponsor “white privilege”.

Reason?  It's a Greek creation.  A bunch of white dudes.

Her big cause?  She suggests to teachers that they ought to be aware of 'identity' politics when it comes math.

I sat there for a few minutes reading over the article and her gimmick.

You see, I enjoy history....but I also have a fascination about math.  So, you lay this out.....most all math leads back to two groups....Sumerians and Babylonians.  It's basically the same region but some will argue that the Sumerians were there before the Babylonians existed. 

The Egyptian angle?  They were hyped up on linear equations (lot of this seen in the Pyramids). So the term algebra is Arabic in nature.

If you were talking about geometric algebra...then yeah, it’d be the Greeks who developed this. They'd sit around for hours after the sun set and discuss how many pickles you could cram into a barrel, or how you might measure the volume of a container of water.  Rather than waste time talking about zombie stories, or fake politics....they were actually thinking beyond reality. 

I don’t think this professor knows much about the historical side. It doesn’t matter who developed it....just that it works. She sounds like some loser who is continually looking for something to get all angry about. She might as well suggest that tampons and bras are ‘white privilege’ because white guys from France developed them.

Why didn't some African guy go and develop algebra ahead of the Arab dudes?  That might be worth asking. 

All of this fake 'white privilege' talk gets to an amusing stage.  Are Arab guys 'white'?  Are Egyptians 'white'?  Are Greeks 'white'?    Should you get all hyped up because hamburgers, muffins, Coke, or ball-point pens were some white guy's invention?  Should we be thinking of 'white privilege' every time we open up some a box of Orellos?  Should it bother some black dude or Mexican dude if cocaine, marijuana, crack, meth, or opioids were some 'white privilege' invention and I should decline it if I were Latino or black? 

The trouble when you start pondering or thinking....a rational person would eventually ask questions that some dimwit intellectual professor can't answer.