Friday, 19 April 2019

The Militia Story

If you go and read through New Mexico news today, there was a detention episode that occurred where a militia (yes, a group of regular civilians) who found and held 300 illegals who entered the country, and handed the illegals over to the Border Patrol.

The governor?  She's all peeved (a Democrat), and the Border Patrol basically said they don't encourage this type of behavior. 

If you read through other statements in the press, the same militia folks are talking about road-blocks and asking for an ID.  The governor was peeved over that suggestion as well.  Illegal?  Well, if the county sheriff were to deputize and use the militia folks in conjunction with a group of deputies, it would be legal.  My humble guess is that the governor will go and try to throw up some law that says road-blocks can only be authorized by some judge or state authority, but getting it passed at this point?  I have doubts. 

All of this is leading to other states and militia groups looking at what can or cannot be done.  If you were to have sixty roadblocks over a Saturday afternoon in ten states?  You might actually create an apprehended group of 2,000 people.  It's hard to say what the Border Patrol would say or do, in this matter.  It would throw up a fear factor for those in the US, and probably push them into settling only for sanctuary states (something that mayors/city council members don't want to hear).

Outlawing the militias?  Constitutionally?  The federal and state governments would have a rough time.  If you thought gun control could be impacted.....go try to outlaw militia groups. 

It just seems like the bigger you blow the illegal or border control business.....the more massive the overall problem becomes. 

My View on the National Enquirer Demise

Somewhere along the 2008 economic episode, a lot of working-class people had to go and make decisions about purchase priorities, and magazines-in-general....all saw a drop in purchases at the grocery shelves. 

A year down the line, when some better economic numbers begin to appear, it didn't matter because people had gotten 'out' of the habit of buying things at the check-out line. 

It wasn't just the Enquirer that went 'south'....most all of these gossip magazines suffered the same fate. 

So it doesn't surprise me this week, when the National Enquirer sold for roughly $100 million.  The odds of the magazine going to an anti-Trump slant?  One might go and suggest that it'll happen, and readers/subscriptions will drop another third over the next two years.  Someone might have the pockets to waste the publication, and just go for broke.  But the thing is....who now reads it?  It's lost it's thrills, and it might be worthless in four years. 

I Tried to Make Sense Out of This

Apparently, some kind of dinner or reception occurred at the White House.  A couple of reporters were in the attendee group.  There in the background....the WH staff were playing the song "Edelweiss".  The New York Times WH reporter....Maggie Haberman....went into some type of reactionary state, then blazed away on Twitter that the WH was playing Nazi songs. 

Did the song Edelweiss even exist in the 1930s and 1940s?  No.  It came around in 1959. 

Did the song come out of Germany?  No.  It was a piece from Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, from their musical production....'The Sound of Music'.

Was the song sung by Nazis in the movie?  No.  On the evening when the von Trapp family are about to leave Austria because of the (Captain von Trapp) plays out the tune.  So it's kinda a anti-Nazi song in the midst of a anti-Nazi musical. 

This brings me back to Haberman and the New York Times.  I tried to imagine how Haberman would be this weak on entertainment history, or just plain regular history.....but that pondering came up empty.  I tried to imagine if Haberman had ever even watched The Sound of Music, but I have serious doubts that she has ever done so.  In fact, I have doubts that she's watched or attended any Rodgers and Hammerstein production. 

So here  we are, in some meltdown stage with marginal reporters interpreting things with the eyes and understanding of a 12-year-old kid.  We deserve better.