Sunday, 10 August 2014

Black Jesus Show

I refrain from discussing much on TV options.  I've been that way for a decade....having come to realize the vast wasteland created by cable networks and enormous bucket of one and two star shows.

I've pretty much given up watching Sixty Minutes....their gimmick investigative analysis stuff has drifted off and the show has lost its appeal.  It's like a cheerleader squad....instead of the original crew's success stories taking on corporations, the federal government, and stupid political bureaucrats.

The plateau of epic series like Lost?  I've noticed around five attempts since Lost regenerate the same interest and enthusiasm for a dark and mysterious storyline.  Almost all have failed miserably.  Once Upon a Time has certain potential, but the weaker pieces weigh down a person being a regular viewer.

 This week, a new show started on the BET network....Black Jesus.  I sat down yesterday and watched it.  It's the story of a guy in a robe, who has adapted the Jesus-mentality in Compton, the "hood".

This black Jesus recites pieces from the Bible and tries to incite his associates to do the right thing.  Typically, they listen to the black Jesus....argue the counter-argument....and eventually get into some "hood" situation where things turn out OK in the end.  Yeah, there's some weed involved, booze, suggestions of illicit sex, corruption, white punks meddling in hood business, and discussions over business deals which are pretty stupid and illegal but enticing.

Christian groups rising up against the TV show Black Jesus?  Oh, my....yes.  They will ridicule the name of the show and the use of Christianity as a gimmick for the script.  They want BET to remove the show, and return to the traditional theme of bad shows with bad scripts with acceptable names.

My take on Black Jesus?  It's got potential to rival Seinfeld in three or four seasons.  If there is some character development.....a continuation of good scripts....introduction of politics tied to the hood....and a healthy discussion of religion in the real world.....I think it would be very successful.

What I noticed this morning was that viewer numbers (it was put on the air at 11PM)....were at the very beat all other programming.  That's kind of an indicator that people like this idea of a black Jesus....roaming Compton.....and trying to bring stability to a chaotic world.  Maybe it'll stick around for a while.