Monday, 6 January 2020

Ricky May Have a Point

Having watched bits and pieces of the Golden Globes show and the amount of jabs that Ricky Gervais dished out.....I come to this topic that pops into my head about every two weeks....getting lectured by some dimwit.

I think up until age 30....around the early 1990s....I reached the point where lectures were worthless.  Maybe one out of ten lectures had some value, and occasionally (that one out of forty)....was a five-star lecture worth listening to.

Over the past decade, I just can't think of many lectures that stand out.  I've even gotten use to using the mute-button and ensuring that some CNN dimwit, or some intellectual with a lost sense of 'worth' don't get my attention.

I kinda agreed with Ricky....I really don't need some Hollywood actor, or some stage-theater gal to give me their lecture on things.  It's the same way with ministers trying to tell me bad thoughts about SUVs.....anti-capitalists telling me about better lifestyles if I oppose capitalism....or politicians telling about the necessity to pay more taxes so they can gift the money back to me later (maybe).