Thursday, 21 February 2019

The Trump-Bernie-Schultz Electoral College Dilemma

Out of 535 Electoral College need 270 to win the Presidency.  Once the College meets up and casts their one and only vote?  It's done.  The situation is handed to the House of Representatives, and they are called upon early in January (with the new House), to decide....state by state....upon the the Presidency.  Here?  You need 26 states to vote.

So you can do the various dynamic scenarios.

If you have five Republicans and two Democrats....the odds are that the five will GOP guys will vote for the Republican candidate.  What happens if one Democrat and three GOP members go to Schultz?  That state's vote (even if Schultz won only 15-percent of the votes in the race) will be one single Schultz ballot.

Could Schultz come up with 26 states like this?  I have my doubts. 

Could Bernie come up with 26 states like this?  Normally, I'd say zero chance.

Could Trump come up with 26 states like this?  On the first  In fact, this could drag on for two or three weeks, with various GOP and Democratic House members promised various deliver a vote.

A bigger mess than we have today?  More than likely.

I would suggest that more than 100 Republican House members are very capable of voting for Schultz, to avoid a second Trump presidency. 

The hostility brewing if Schultz came out to win in this scenario....with only 20-million votes?  A massive amount of frustration would be directed at both the Republican and Democratic parties. 

The Word Inexorable

You've pulled out the chainsaw, and gone to work on a tree in the yard that has bothered you for years.  While it is 60 feet away from the house.....the tree is around a hundred-feet tall.  For the most part, you believe you've taken enough precautions and angled the cut to be at the right angle to either swing sideways or opposite of the house as it falls.  So in some dramatic moment....three minutes into this cutting effort, you now stop and realize that it's taking a lean that bothers you.  You stop and stand back for about sixty seconds....trying to envision a corrective action.  But by the end of the sixty now reach a INEXORABLE level. 

Yes, things are now unpreventable and unstoppable.  That's the basic definition of inexorable. 

About twenty seconds later, the tree takes a half-inch slant....toward the house.  And twelve seconds later, it crashes into the living room. 

You stand there admiring the last two seconds, the increasing lean, and inexorableness of the situation. 

Throughout life, we are drawn to these moments of inexorableness. 

The bar-fight that you probably witnessed in 1984, where some unkind words were uttered about some guy, and a reaction occurred.....with  a six-member drunken group engaging in a brawl with another six-member group....was a moment of inexorableness.  Once the insult was laid down, and it was countered with another insult....avoiding the brawl was physically impossible.

This could be the $300 truck that you bought last week, and upon reaching the peak of some hill and heading come to realize there's no real brakes, and the next sixty seconds will be a remarkable and inexorable experience. 

We tend to live for these moments....savoring them, and recollecting our thoughts later about the peak moment of inexorableness.