Friday, 19 June 2015

The $10 Bill Figure?

There's talk this week that within the next couple of years.....the Treasury Department will put out a new $10-bill....without Hamilton's face on it. Instead, it'll feature a woman's face.  Who?  Currently....undecided (at least that's what they say).  Congress will have some words over this and I'm pretty sure that they will have the final say.

My choices?

1.  Marilyn Monroe.  I know....she's a lusty gal with drug issues but she's iconic.

2.  Amelia Earhart.  I know....she's the missing gal from the 1930s.  But she's also iconic.

3.  Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii.  The last queen of the Pacific Island.

4.  Mila Hamm.  Retired American pro-soccer player.  I one much has heard of her but within the soccer field.....she's known.

5.  Annie Oakley.  Best female shooter that ever lived, period.

6.  Calamity Jane.  For a decade or two.....she was one of the best shooters of the 1800s.  Then life went into a spiral, and she drank herself to death.

7.  Clare Barton.  The Red Cross gal and a fairly genuine person (no thrills, no gossip, no pimps, no issues).

8.  Margret Mead.  Probably the most intellectural gal that the US ever produced.

9.  Pocahontas.  Basically.....she was not an American (this was way before 1776) but she was Native American and it'd count double on approval rating if you put her on the bill.

10.  Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Yeah, she's the one who wrote Little House on the Prairie.  It might be hokey but folks have some image of her, and American she's an icon.

My guess is that it'll be awful hard for the Senate to reach some conclusion and in the end.....they will pick someone like Pocahontas as the acceptable figure for everyone.

What this does open the door for changes with the $1, $20 and $100 bills.  I suspect within five years after we get this issue with the $10 bill resolved.....other suggestions will pop up and even the figures on the coins will come into a debate.  Who knows.....maybe Elvis will eventually make his way onto the 25-cent coin.