Saturday, 2 March 2019

The Problem With a One-Variable Thought Process

It generally amazes me to go and review a week of various news pieces, and note the absolute trend to keep people focused or tied to one single make a story work.

It'd be like saying McDonalds entire success, was dependent on cheap burgers.  Or you could say Microsoft's entire success was built upon no competition.  Or it could be about the traffic around Atlanta being based on the single failure of design. 

In some ways, people are desiring for single variables because once you admit that McDonald's success is dependent on sixty different turn it into a pretty complicated affair.  Or suggesting that Congress can fix a problem just a six-line text bill, when the truth is that it'd have to be thirty items written out and in a resolve some issue.

It'd be simple to say your pancakes for this morning were a failure....chiefly because the floor you used was from a container with the expiration date of January 2004.  But that one-variable type situation is fairly rare.

You got Trump as President because of a hundred different variables.  You have a dynamic business atmosphere going on now, with job-hirings 'hot'....because of a hundred different variables.  You have a rainy spring, because of a dozen variables all colliding around the same time period.  You have Ford bringing back the Bronco, for a dozen-odd reasons.  You have the NFL in a failure mode for a dozen-odd reasons (it's just kneeing).  You have fake Russian collusion going on, for a dozen-odd reasons.  You can have thousands of kids entering college this year, borrowing $100,000 to get their degree, for dozens of reasons (none of them logical). 

Just accepting one-variable success or failure doesn't exist?  I don't know if you even convince people of that dynamic.  People hate complicated affairs, and can't imagine a complex failure or success.