Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Sleeper Cells?

There was a brief moment of analysis off one of the morning shows of yesterday, where someone had the idea that this rogue IRS crew doing the damage to the Tea Party....was likely hired during the Bush II era, and likely a Republican trap on President Obama.

I sat there for a moment thinking about this 'sleeper-cell' situation, pondering the possibility.

Then I kinda noted that if you did believe in this, then there ought to be sleeper-cell's left over from the Clinton era, the Bush I era, the Reagan era, the Carter era, the Ford era, the Nixon era, the LBJ era, the Kennedy era, and the Eisenhower era.

Each of these rogue cells could be operating within the IRS, with orders given to them five....ten....even twenty-five years ago.  At any point, they could suddenly activate and create havoc on America....by order of their boss.

The odds of this.....one in fifty billion.

But if you were some dimwit appearing on MSNBC's morning show, and wanted to really take this mess to the ninth degree, then you could suggest such a thing.

This is probably the reason why I limit myself to eight minutes a day of MSNBC.  It's kinda like the X-Files channel, with some things that just go pretty extreme.