Friday, 11 October 2019

Quitters Quit

I sat yesterday reading a business report.  Someone laid out the statistical data.....roughly 50-percent of millennials (people born between 1995 and 2005) and three-quarters of Generation 'Z'ers' (those born in the 2000 era or later) have had to quit jobs because of mental issues.

Why?  All that is really said is pressure and stress.

I sat and pondered upon it.  If you were a kid who'd grown up in the 2005 to 2010 were used to having your way....getting soft work assignments in high school and college, and probably arrived to face your first boss, and stiff schedules/deadlines.

Toss on the fact that the boss didn't really take your BS excuses, or 'blame-game' suggestions.

So the boss resorted to criticism, mandated requirements, and written expectations.  Then you retreated....quitting.  The second job?  The third job?  They likely went the same way.

Where are these winners living now?  In dad's house?  Are we saying that four years of college and $50,000 was wasted on an education where you aren't capable of taking orders or managing simple program?

I was sitting there and wondering if even Burger King and McDonalds were facing a crisis....where they couldn't get enough kids to flip burgers?  Can you imagine these kids quitting BK and going home because of stress issues at flipping burgers?

So are we talking about an entire generation of kids....who are basically quitters always on the verge of quitting?