Saturday, 27 April 2019

Value of Yahoo News and Mother Jones

I noticed this got brought up today.....when the pee-dosier business needed to be broadcast out in mid-2016, where the business originally started was Yahoo News and Mother Jones.  Why those two, and not WaPo or NY Times? one has really said or talked to that issue.

I would speculate that both looked at the pee dosier story, the credibility of the sources, and then said....right now, we can't touch it because it looks so fake. So Yahoo News and Mother Jones did the big pick-up.

So you sit and ponder about this.  If the whole idea was to get voters turned OFF on Trump....with this pee dosier business being your five-star 'thug'.....would those two sources of news have value?

If you asked a normal guy over the age of thirty about reading Mother Jones, the only ones that ever touch it are typically environmentally-friendly leftists.  Republican guys don't read it....ever. 

If you asked most folks over the age of thirty if they read Yahoo News....they might see an occasional headline, but it's mostly just click-bait, and they pass. 

Then you look at how the pee-dossier was constructed....even if you got the idiot to read the first page....none of this really read like some professional document. It's like a third-world 30-page James Bond piece by a marginal 2nd year college student.

So the value of this whole pee dosier, with Yahoo News and Mother Jones carrying it? Worthless.  You could have gone to a research group, and in less than fifteen minutes....they would have laughed you out of the room with the dosier, and the two news sources.

This was all a big waste?  Yes.  That's the comical side of this now. 


I have a humble view of snowflake 'kids'.....that they've basically signed up to a mental state of being a loser.  So I'd like to offer some humble ways of recovering or de-snowflaking:

1.  Go spend thirty days in some national park in Montana, in the midst of winter....without the comforts of home.

2.  Go walk from the far west end of Memphis to the far east end....from 11 PM at night and 5 AM in the morning.

3.  Go haul hay for an entire month in Alabama, in the midst of July.

4.  Go to Wyoming ranch and be a cattle-hand for six months.

5.  Hike from the Canadian border to the Mexican border.

6.  Sit in a room...handcuffed...for four hours with fairly different people who see life different than you do, and repeat this practice every Sunday until the handcuffs are no longer required.

No one states numbers, but I would take a wild guess that at least 300,000 snowflake kids exist in America today, and pose a serious threat to the stability of the nation because of their inability to handle pressure or conflict of any type.

If You Admit that the Russians are a Threat to the 2020 Election

Here's the thing....if you are the FBI, CIA, some Senator, or big-name journalist who hypes the threat of the 2020 election and the means you have to go and do something that threatens democracy (well, it gets special Americans all disturbed).

You have to open up all fifty state poll listings, and look for people listed in dual voting situations.

You'd have to go and look at college students who are deemed 'out-of-state' but apparently listed to vote in the college district they are attending.

You'd have to create a national ID card and force everyone to show it....before registering to vote. 

You'd have to disqualify every single non-American who is listed as registered to vote. 

For some reason, I just don't believe your enthusiasm or 'gotta-get-serious' charm.  You can't make some serious allegation about the Russian threat to the 2020 election, unless you are willing to act.  And that just isn't going to happen.

The Truth About Oligarchs

For a long time, if you uttered 'oligarchy', it was a key phrase or a catch expression for Russian billionaires who interfered in the stock market, world politics, and stability of nations.  It only worked with RUSSIANs.

So, in the past month, if you follow the Trump pee dosier business, and the fake news tuff....oligarchy got brought up....with the Ukraine.  Yes, Ukrainian oligarchs. 

If you asked around about this....most journalists (at least in Europe) will say that this group of Ukrainian oligarchs have run the Ukraine since 1991 (when they exited Russia).  In fact, around twelve years ago, there was this number thrown around....that the total wealth of the top fifty Ukrainian oligarchs, was between 80 and 90 percent of the total GDP of the Ukraine.

But this funny thing happened in 2015, as the Ukraine fell apart (with around 20-percent of the country forming up a Russian-relationship, after the EU business fell apart).  The GDP dropped by 12-percent in one single year. 

In 2016 (the election year for the US), the GDP bumped up and down, from zero-percent growth on GDP, to 2-percent.

All of these Ukrainian oligarchs are looking for the 'angle' on getting business deals and trade situations, and if you have to hire up some Ukrainian Hollywood-script writer to create some fake Trump pee-stories, well, it's all part of the deal. 

The odds that some Hillary high player got his sources in the Ukraine to help out, and write some scripts to convince the news people to follow along?  That's the problem you have to focus upon.  If you had suggested this back twenty years ago.....people would have laughed and said it was physically impossible for something like this to happen. Today, it's bad enough that the CIA could linger on this story for months....thinking it has potential, and then come to realize how badly they'd been fooled, and simply didn't want to admit this in public.

But let's ask another curious question.  Are there oligarchs out of Serbia, Albania, Slovakia, Greece, Lebanon, and Turkey?  Well....yes. If you approached any of them and asked them to produce a pee dossier on Hillary Clinton and some Canadian cattle rancher from 1978.....they'd eagerly do it for some import license into the US.  Or if you need a pee-dossier on Bernie Sanders and some 1988 TV star....they'd eagerly do it for some import license. 

If you ask me....we've got a five star mess on our hands, and the CIA folks might need forty different oligarch research divisions.