Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My Stuck Story

This is a true story.

Over the last weekend....some American kid (exchange student, I presume) in Germany....got engaged in a conversation with some German associates near a statue in the local village.

It's best to describe the statue as a resemblance to a woman's certain private area....with an opening.  You can sit and imagine at your leisure.

Why a statue of such significance?  Well....no one has really said much over that.  I'd assume the city council thought they had money to blow on something....some artist suggested this....and a year later, he/she delivers this stone statue depicting....well....a woman's private area.  It's a fairly big monument.....maybe six to eight feet tall....and the opening is just big enough for a slim kid to push himself through....well...maybe.

In this episode....the kid took a dare that he could pass from the inside out....got halfway....fell....and got stuck.

His associates tried to yank him.....pull him.....and lift him....but the American kid was stuck completely in the stone cavity.....so to speak.

So, the fire department got called.  Normally, to rescue cats out of trees and such....it'd be one truck and four firemen.  In this case?  Four trucks and around twenty German firemen.  They took a while to size up the situation.  You see....in Germany....you just don't wander up to a town statue and accidentally destroy it.  So they figured out the best method to remove the kid, and the job was done.

I sat and previewed the whole thing.  If this was in the US....they'd have to put a fence around the statue because folks would claim it's dangerous for the public to be around it after one person got stuck.  Germans don't think that way.....they assume fifty years might pass before another idiot gets stuck.

The kid?  Well....he's gotten a nickname from the episode....maybe even five or six nicknames.  Later in life....he'll be interviewed for a job with the State Department and bring up the "stuck-in-a-woman's-privates" story.  He'll get the job because of the story.  In a bar in Guntersville or Aruba.....it's good enough for folks to buy you a drink or two.

As for the town council?  They might put up a warning sign, but I kinda doubt it.  It'd just draw attention.  As for future statues?  I'm guessing questions will be raised over the safe factor and how it might be abused.

Yeah, just an odd-ball story from Germany. True though.