Monday, 21 May 2018

Ethical Behavior

After watching through the weekend on this 'chatter' that the Obama White House had a hired 'spy' within the Trump kinda notice this odd thing.  Nothing being said by former President Obama.  Yes, absolute quiet.

The logical answer that would come out?  Former President Obama would say that the first time he knew about such things....was this past weekend, via CNN news.

It would be OK and without much grief, except he's used this statement on at least forty occasions over the past nine years.  In some ways, he's told virtually nothing by all of his support personnel.....over and over....and it's remarkable that it's so easily accepted by the public even at this point. 

Who did sign off on the pay deal with the contracted 'spy'?  Unknown.  It'll probably take four weeks for the investigative team to come up with the individual who signed the contract deal.  The response from them will likely be that they were told that this contract was necessary, and the investigator will ask who said that?'ll take another month for the name to come out, and it'll end up being someone within the White House circle to the President. 

The problem here, is that you venture closer and closer to a level where the general public will absolutely go ballistic over the behavior level of the Obama White House.  Whatever legacy existed.....will slide off the plate and fall to the floor.  It would appear that no one was concerned about all of this ever becoming public information....which it has.....and no one cared about the damage to public confidence.  Then the really harsh reality comes up.....people end up trusting President Trump more for his brutal honesty.....than President Obama with his brutal dishonesty, which he can readily claim that he just didn't know about his people being this dishonest. 

All of this leads me to this odd scene at the end of a Peter Sellers movie.....Being There, where this guy who knows nothing and can't really comprehend anything....'Chance'....convinces the public of brilliance when he really didn't know much of anything.