Thursday, 27 June 2019

My View of the First Democratic Debate

I sat and watched about 75 minutes of the two-hour debate.  I'll make these nine comments:

1.  At some point early on (maybe 8 minutes into it), Beto responds at first in English, then flips over to Spanish.  I have no idea what he said.....but he was appealing to Latino voters.  I thought it was stupid, but obviously he felt otherwise.

2  Moderator-wise?  Too many.  But having ten folks up there....was way too many as well.

3.  Boring.  Along about minute 45....I started to lose interest.

4.  Lot of free stuff.  Tax increase to pay for this?  Into the trillions.

5.  The weakest of the evening?  Klobuchar, Castro, and de Blasio.  They should stand down and quit at this point.

6.  Surprise of the evening?  This John Delaney guy.  His comment on Medicare-For-All?  Absolutely correct.

7.  Did ten folks up on the stage screw up the debate?  YES.  I would limit it to four max.

8.  From this group, the only three that I see advancing with potential are Warren, Beto, and Delaney.  None of the remainder were even decent VP candidates.

9.  The chief topic of the evening.....over and that the system is 'broke'.  After hearing this for the 20th time in the first hour....I sat and thought over the chatter.  If it's's been broke longer than 2.5 years, and maybe longer than 20 years.  This triggered me to wonder.....who broke it and how did they break it?

It pains me consider that in 24 hours.....I have to watch a minimum of another hour of a marginal debate.  At least I'll get a chance to see Mayor Pete once more.